VIDEO: Between the Lines with Eugene Sanders

Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 23, 2012


This week on Between the Lines, Managing Editor Matt Westerhold interviews new Sandusky schools Superintendent Eugene Sanders.

Answers to the Cedar Point question can be posted below.



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Horace Mann

southern yellow pine

OK, now that we have that out of the way -

It was an excellent interview, Matt. Feel like I've gotten to know Dr. Sanders a bit. Big challenges, but he seems to have the experience and the insights. We should be optimistic, and we should support the levy.





Northern white pine.

Only because there's no point being second.

I think Horace Mann may be correct with Southern Yellow Pine, which BTW is not a species of wood, per se, but rather a forestry classification that comprises several species. It's often used  for wood roller coasters.


Southern Yellow pine


The Board should give this man what he wants to keep him here even after this year.  What a positive, uplifiing force he really is.

He is a nice, wonderful man with a great attitude and obviously has some splendid ideas.  I hope they can convince him to stay. 

This is what Sandusky needs.  He gives credit to the TEAM, not just takes it for himself.  What a guy. 


The winner should be Pulp Fiction......

he had the right answer first and stated it on the air.  Everyone sort of "copied' it after that.  I saw him on the air put the answer online.

By rights he deserves those tickets. 


Thanks, but that's Pulp Friction.

I was just throwing everyone off. I think it's Northern White Cedar.