Sandusky Schools open house Thursday; Sanders on 'BTL'

Matt Westerhold
Aug 22, 2012


In a first, the Sandusky school district's school buildings will be open for students an parents from 6 to 7:45 p.m. Thursday.

Dr. Eugene Sanders called the change an "opportunity for parents and students to meet their teachers prior to the start of school.  We anticipate this will make our first day of school a lot smoother; especially for our very young students.”

Sanders also is the guest this week at 1 pm. Thursday on "Between the Lines Live." The chatroom's open and Dr. Sanders will take questions from viewers.


The Cedar Point trivia free tickets contest continues this week, with at least two clues given during Thursday’s hour-long BTL program. You can enter the contest only once. When you hear the question, post your best answer in the comments section below the BTL program after it is posted. Guesses must be posted 3-7 p.m. Thursday.

The first person to get the exact correct answer, or closest without going over, wins two Cedar Point admission tickets.


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That is a great idea for smaller, beginning students. What a nice idea for those who are just beginning school to MEET AND GREAT so the first day isn't so "scary" for them. They won't be so afraid to attend and it will make transition a lot better.

It should also be better for the transition of the new junior high students attending classes at Sandusky high this year. 

Great idea all around.  Nice work for someone who just arrived.  Not a bad job.  Good thinking. 


I think it's a great idea, but isn't this just an OPEN HOUSE??   Sandusky Schools hadn't done this before?  


Truth or Dare

Question;  Has notification been sent out to all parents of children in the SCS system regarding this open house?  Or are they only learning of it now, through word-of-mouth,  or through something in the paper at a last minutes notice? And that's only if the receive the SR! 

I only ask, because I just spoke w/the Mother of a 1st. grade child who knew nothing of this  and has received no notification, other than at the end of last school year, a  possible date as to  when something would be posted on the front door of Osborne School, listing her child's classroom and Teacher. 


Truth or Dare... I received an email from Sandusky City Schools. Its easy to register.


Just the beginning of good things in store for SCS from Dr. Sanders.

Common Sense

As stated in the article, this is a first.  I believe "this refers to the first Open House held at the school buildings prior to the start of the first official school day.

Truth or Dare

Hey Katelih;   There is a saying that holds great weight, "Communication is the key to success."  Believe it or not, everyone doesn't have a home computer.   How are they being contacted, by mail, by phone?    I will give credit when it is due thank you  Dr. Sanders for initiating this! 

Our children are done and out of school, the last graduating in 08.  If there was a concern or a problem, email wasn't the way to contact myself or my spouse, we wouldn't allow it.  We prefer communicating face-to-face, or by phone.  Much more personal and direct!