VIDEO: Between the Lines with Kevin Baxter

Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 16, 2012


This week on Between the Lines, Managing Editor Matt Westerhold hosted Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter for a conversation about pending criminal cases, including the murder of 3-year-old Owen Barker.

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Julie R.

No comments to toot the horn of your honest and respectable Eeeeerie County prosecutor?


As I thought, especially with a "gag" order in place, you cannot talk about pending cases.   I am wonding if the case DOES go to court with Randleman is it going to be on court TV?


Kevin Baxter in Ohio of the United States Of America? If you open up a can of sardines, you would need a 10X jewellers loupe to see Kevin Baxter.


I have a really silly question about Randelman?  Why is it that he has to have an Atkins hearing for THIS case but he didn't need it in his murder case the last time?  A murder case is a murder case, right?  So why no Adkins hearing last time?  Is it just because of the death penalty? 


What's up with everyone in this town refers to it as 'The North Coast'. We are in fact the south shore of Lake Erie. A coast infers an ocean or sea. Any other body of water has a shore. Northern Ohio is the South shore if Lake Erie.

Julie R.

I'm curious to know who Cedar Fair LP is listed on the auditor's website that bought the properties of the deceased Dr. Baxter and his wife on Cedar Point Road in 2000. I noticed they also bought a condo on Elizabeth Drive in Huron quite a few years back. Is Cedar Fair LP the former Cedar Fair CEO Dick Kinzel?  


How in the world is it fair for the prosecuting attorney to even mention a case that hs not been presented, prosecuted or convicted.  Isnt this an unfair advantage,  Oh, I forgot it is election year isnt it.   The truth will come out  and people will pay for their rush to judgement.,  Just becaus 1 or 2 people say something happened that way, doesnt mean it happened that way.  The facts are not out yet, and how dare someone say that they know more than I.