Kevin Baxter on 'Between The Lines' this Thursday

Matt Westerhold
Aug 14, 2012


Be sure to be in the audience in the intewractive chatroom at 1 p.m. Thursday when Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter is the guest on "Between the Lines Live."

The program will be live and Baxter will take questions from viewers.

The Cedar Point trivia free tickets contest also continues this week, and there will be at least two clues given during the hour-long program. This week's question might be "googable," so it will not be announced until Thursday.

The same rules apply. You may enter the contest only once with your best guess by posting the answer below this blog entry between the hours of 2 and 7 p.m. on Thursday. The first person to get the exact correct answer will win two Cedar Point tickets.


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God Of Thunder



Is he going to swear to "tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth"?

Home Boy

Thought this was going to be an "interview", not a trail.


OK, so how about "anything you say can be held against you in a court of law" or "you have the right to remain silent"?  That would make for an interesting talk show, wouldn't it?


You should have his brothers come on with him.  That would be worth watching.

Julie R.

For somebody that sure goes to great unlawful lengths to avoid returning phone calls, why would Baxter ~ of all people ~ agree to be a guest on Between The Lines Live? Now this should be very interesting to say the least. So may I ask what kind of questions are going to be allowed? 

Good 2 B Me

Just a guess, probably none from you, Julie.

Although, it could make for some interesting quotes from Baxter and You both!! :D


Julie R.

So what exactly is the point behind Baxter being on Between the Lines? There HAS to be a point. Does it pertain to his planned retirement, the Randleman case, or what? 

Julie R.

Hey SR, can I ask Kevin Baxter how McGookey and Cirigliano could seal the records in the probate estates of his parents when probate court records ~ with the exception of a decedent's medical records ~ are required by law to be a matter of public record? Even better, can I ask WHY they sealed the records?


I bet it is about his retirement and still working?   He can't discuss a current or pending case like Randleman, come on now. 


Hey, Julie R, ten bucks says Baxter won't TAKE questions from the chatroom, or if he does, he won't take any from YOU. Not that I'd blame him either way, mind you. You're not the ONLY one in Erie County who's got questions I'm pretty sure he's not gonna wanna answser!

God Of Thunder

Hey Julie..  Why is everything a conspiracy with you.. Everytime you open your mouth, you weaken the nation... 


Julie R.

@ God of Thunder: What makes you think everything is a conspiracy with me? Because I questioned how the Erie County Probate Court could seal the records in the probate estates of Baxter's parents? So why is that a conspiracy? Once again, records in probate estates, just like all acts upon property, are required by law to be a matter of public record. If they were NOT a matter of public record how would title companies do title searches for the banks that give out the loans for property?

The following is a partial list of the 21 Hidden Title Defects that not only show that title companies search records in ALL public offices ~ including the probate court ~ it also shows what they look for:

Forgery Fraud in connection with the execution of documents Deeds executed under expired or false power of attorneys Mental incompetence of grantors Clerical errors in recording legal documents False personation by those purporting to be the owners of the property Wills not properly probated Mistaken interpretation of wills and trusts Undisclosed or missing heirs Non-delivery of deeds after the death of grantor Unsatisfied or unresolved claims not shown on the record
God Of Thunder

@Julie R... I guess I just don't understand why you are worried about seeing the records, unless you are a relative, and you always seem to mention something about that, on almost every comment section, on almost every article.

So I guess what I'm saying is I'm sick of hearing you whine and cry about it


Could Mr. Westerhold do a Between The Lines segment with Julie R are you ever going to get a life segment.


How did this happen.  Did Matt and Baxter make up? 

Julie R.

@ God of Thunder: What part of English don't you understand, anyway? I'm not worried about seeing records. I'm just questioning how the Erie County Probate Court could change the law and seal records in the probate estates of your prosecutor's parents when the law in every state around requires probate court records to be a matter of public record. I'm also curious for another reason, as I'm sure you know. I would be curious to know if the same thing went on there as it did when attorneys and financial institutions criminally assisted those disgruntled morons from Huron in stealing the inheritance intended for others by criminally defrauding my elderly mother at the end of her life. 

Julie R.

I was wondering the same thing ---- did Mr. Westerhold and Baxter make up?


I don't think so Julie!!


Wouldn't it be nice if Krista Harris, Ejay Baxter, and Shawn Baxter showed up for the interview?


Julie R.

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Julie R.

To the SR: What do you mean it contains personal information?? For your information, that "personal information" is a matter of PUBLIC RECORD. It's right on the Erie County auditor and recorder's websites!  And besides, I made a mistake. I thought somebody said the house that your prosecutor lived in was the house once owned by his parents but that information isn't true. The property that Dr. Baxter and his wife once owned was 2109 Cedar Point Road. If I'm reading the recorder's online records correctly it says it was sold in July of 2000 by Kevin Baxter and Doris A. Baxter (listed as the Grantors) to Cedar Fair LP (the Grantee) for one million three hundred and ten thousand --- but that information on the recorder's website can't be correct because Mrs. Doris Baxter died in 1997.  

Julie R.

But then on the other hand the auditor's website gives out no information at all as to WHO the previous owners were to the property (LAND ONLY)  on Willow Drive. It states instead that the Seller is UNKNOWN. Yeah, right.