Rokakis talks blighted properties on BTL on Thursday

Matt Westerhold
Aug 7, 2012


Former Cuyahoga County Treasurer Jim Rokakis is the guest this week on "Between the Lines Live* at 1 p.m. Thursday. 

Rokakis currently serves as director of Thriving Communities Institute, which supports land bank programs across the state, including in Erie County. The state recently awarded Erie County almost $473,000 to demolish abandoned structures on blighted properties.  

"Vacant properties discourage virtually every Ohio community, drag down property values and make neighborhoods less safe," Rokakis told the Register for a story earlier this year. 

There are an estimated 1,600 properties in Erie County that are considered tax delinquent and past efforts at bringing property owners current on back taxes have fallen short of the goal. The Erie County land bank program seeks to partner with other similar efforts in the county and also is seeking reforms of delinquent tax collection efforts to support an ongoing revitalization effort.

Thursday's program will be shown live and interested viewers are encouraged to ask specific questions about the program to eradicate abandoned properties.

Also, Morgan Addinton-Hodge, the new Magazine editor, makes her debut of BTL. 

"Between the Lines" is the area's only public affairs talk program and all prior segments of BTL are available for on-demand viewing anytime at




Who goes first????


Boy, Julie R. will have a field day with this. As soon as Cuyahoga County is mentioned. Some fault will be directed at him for the alleged Probate Problems that she/he had, but seems to never to persue through the proper channels. May you need she/he on BTL.

car 54

   Matt, find out about the new city hall council members for Sandusky have met about?


@ car you know for sure they have met about this?  How do you know?

Julie R.

Cityslicker: As long as you brought it up.........I believe I did go through the proper channels. After getting bilked out of money by the 1st attorney from a well-known Sandusky law firm (would you like the name?) ........... only to get told 2 months later: "If you think I'm getting my attorney brothers in trouble for what they did to your mother, you're crazy" .......... and then finding out that the 2nd attorney, who bilked me out of twice the money, filed and dismissed a bogus sham lawsuit in the jurisdiction of Cuyhahoga County without my knowledge (would you like the number? --- you can view it online) ...... I then filed my own complaints in the Erie County Probate Court, where they should have been filed to begin with. After all, what did Cuyahoga County have to do with the probate estates of life-long Erie County residents, right?

I then filed all the proof I had of the criminal acts committed by attorneys and those dirt-bags from two financial insitutions. Once again, I have so many fraud documents that those crooks prepared when my mother was in the end stages of Alzheimers, I could wallpaper my living room with those ugly fraud documents. I even filed a 20-page Forensic Document Examiners Report that stated with scientific certainty that every document they examined was a forgery. This included, but  was not limited to, the Power of Attorney prepared by one of my mother's Huron attorneys that I found concealed in the Lorain County Recorder's office. It was falsely stated to be on file in the Erie County Recorder on a QuitClaims Deed (20020236) prepared by some Lorain County attorney I never heard of before from the Lorain County law firm of Baumgartner & O'Toole.

The Probate Court then sat on the complaints for over 2 years and then dismissed them without ever addressing them.  

So instead of saying that I didn't go through the proper channels, why not say the Eeerie County Probate Court sure didn't!    


Julie, what City Slicker means....and perhaps I shouldn't be answering for him is.....YOU filed all this on your own.  Why not take it to a lawyer and let THEM do the legal work FOR you. 

Its pretty obvious you are getting no where on your own.  Maybe you need a lawyer who is capable of handling this for you. 

Don't be mad because he said something.  You are the one who keeps bringing it up all the time.  We all read the posts about it.  Most of us are just trying to help when we say go get a lawyer. 

And not from around here, either.  . 

Julie R.

Hey, wasn't that Lorain County law firm of Baumgartner & O'Toole also the attorneys for MetroParks right up until the Supreme Court ruled that MetroParks stole the River Road residents property? If so, that sure is one expensive law firm. Records I have show they charged those disgruntled idiots from Huron --- disgruntled over who was in their mother's Trust --- $800.00 for one appointment and $507.00 for another!  

Julie R.

Wonder if the big Lorain County law firm of Baumgartner & O'Toole ~ now known as Stumphauzer & O'Toole ~ were involved in Baxter's "inheritance" from his parents plus the "inheritance" of their property?