VIDEO: Between the Lines with Sharon Johnson

Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 2, 2012


This week on Between the Lines, Matt Westerhold hosts Sharon Johnson, a life-long city resident who is outspoken on Sandusky issues. She's starting a weekly blog at called "Your Five Minutes Are Up."


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While I'm sure Mrs. Johnson is a lovely lady...I have NO interest in reading her blog.  Seriously Sandusky Register...why do you keep giving these negative people a platform?  Until one of them actually runs for office, they have no credibility in my opinion.  People like Sharon Johnson, Tim Schwanger and their negative group waste our commissioners' time.  Why doesn't the Register look for something positive to write about instead of constantly allowing these people to tear down our City and our leaders?


car 54

  I don't always agree with Sharon Johnson, but the current city leaders need to look hard in the mirror.

Woody Hayes

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I am a firm believer that ANY city must live within the framework of its budget.  You cannot spend more than you take in.  Going beyond that point is futile.

Living a pipe dream is great but this town is in serious trouble.  If there is going to be serious tax devaluation then we are in even MORE trouble.  Face it, we cannot pay the bills. 

You need to pay attention and pay CAREFUL attention to that.  You cannot go off on a tangent and try to reopen something that will not be sustain itself. 



Let's take your comment one step further about living within one's budget.   One reason so many people today are unable or unwilling to stand up to their financial obligations is because they have chosen to live beyond the framework of their individual household budget.   We as a society wouldn't have near the problems we have if only people would learn to live within their budget.   If you choose to spend more than you take in, you're doomed to financial failure.   When property owners fail to meet their annual financial obligations, it's easy to see how quickly many agencies and municipalties begin to fail as a direct result of the loss of that funding.  

My thoughts

It appears this woman really cares about the City of Sandusky. I suggest she run for the city commission when the next seat becomes available. Good luck future commissioner.

The Answer Person

This always goes back to "SOMEBODY OUGHTTA DO SOMETHING"!

Whiners are not winners!


Woody Hayes

 The mother ship is a personal attack? What a piece of crap.