Your 5 Minutes is Up

Matt Westerhold
Aug 2, 2012


Be sure to be at at 1 p.m. Thursday to meet the Register's newest blogger when she is the special guest on "Between the Lines." You'll also get to hear me rant about the Sandusky city commission's ability to do nothing about ...  just about everything.  

Sharon Johnson, a longtime city activist and waterfront watchdog, will debut her new blog, "Your 5 Minutes is up," next week in this pre-recorded segment of BTL. The title comes from the response Johnson some times gets from city commissioners when she attempts to prod them to answer questions during public meetings. Johnson talks on the program about that, and her most current mission: Restore the Surf's Up waterfront city property to something worthy of the phrase Sandusky Proud. 

"Between the Lines" is the area's only public affairs talk program and all prior segments of BTL are available for on-demand viewing anytime at


car 54

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car 54

   Matt, you got to be kidding. This commission is rocking.


Sharon, Best of luck with this gig but....why haven't you ran for commission? Monday morning quarterback is something you and Tim have already proven your good at !  Again, best of luck with this.  


who proof reads these stories? Matt, your five minutes ARE up, not is!


again with a "pre recorded" segment?   WHY?????  I think these pre recorded segments are a waste of time and rather self serving.  They give do not give the audience ANY chance to ask questions and deprive the people watching the ability to ask pertinent items AS they come up, instead of later.

That really is a disservice to the people who might be watching at the time of BTL.  It is pointless to have a person talk about something if the people listening cannot ask things about the "plans". 

Sorry,Mr. Westerhold,, but when we discussed this, I brought that up. At the time you agreed that pre recording segments such as this WAS probably not a good idea for just that reason. 



@car54......the commission is NOT rocking, but in their rocking chairs.  They are not doing as much as they should.  Tabling things and not discussing items that need discussing is not "rocking". 


Matt, if you're into pre recorded programming why doesn't the Register record and make available on demand the Sandusky city commission meetings ?  

That would be a real public service.


Wiredmama has it right. The commission is just passing legislation and not allowing us to observe their job performance in public when it comes to other business.  No one knows what the commission is thinking or doing these days in our best interest. There is way too much being discussed behind closed doors. 

Julie R.

I'll be sure to watch that. I like Sharon Johnson. Nobody gets anything over on her ---- but they sure do try!


@ Julie R...she may be blogging, but she sure won't be answering as this is pre recorded. So I doubt anyone will be getting anything over on her as she can't answer anyway.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for all the comments.

Reader's suggestion we obtain the videotapes of city commission meetings and make them available for on-demand vieweing at is a good one. We sought in the past to livestream the meetings as they happen, but techinical difficulties made that difficult to accomplish previously. We also considered the approach reader has suggested. That got sidetracked, a bit, earlier this year, when there was some suggestion that some city officials were considering eliminating videotaping of the meetings altogether.

I will ask Register multimedia director Jason Werling where all this stands and whether we can get a livestream working or obtain the videotapes of meetings in a timely manner so they can be posted for on-demand viewing.   

Also, I understand wiredmama's disappointment the program with Sharon Johnson is a pre-recorded segement of BTL. I did say we would seek to keep the programs live so readers could interact. In this instance, we met with Sharon simply to work out some details regarding her new blog at After we worked througfh those details I asked her if she would agree to be this week's guest, and the only time we could schedule to do the program was right then and there. Since we had not given it any pre-publicity, we opted in this instance to pre-record the program. Had we done it live we likely would have been criticised for not telling anyone it was going to be live and available prior to showing it live. I know that's a bit convoluted, but it's what happened.

Rest assured, I will always prefer a live show over a pre-recorded one. A primary goal of BTL is reader interaction. 

Again, thanks for all the coments. 



"I know it's a bit conveluted......" sounds like "it's my story, not a very good one,  but it's my story" 

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the comment Fireside. I think you are referring to former Sandusky finance director Ed Widman's explanation why the $100,000 check from the Marina District developer never got deposited in a city account. That's eaxactly what I was recalling when I wrote, "it's a bit convoluted." That's my story. I wish it were a better story, but that's my story. 


Right on !!