Strickland goes where no man dared

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010


Just how Gov. Ted Strickland will pay for the funding hike he’s proposed for Ohio’s public schools remains to be seen. At least he had the guts to put it on the table, however, and keep with the timeframe he established when he took office in January 2007.

One item that might be included in Strickland’s budget is a reduction in the Local Government Fund tax distribution from the state to counties and local municipalities. It won’t be nearly enough �” this rob Peter to pay Paul approach �” but it will be a hurt-smacking on local governments.

There’s been talk for years about reducing or even eliminating the Local Government Fund, but in some parts of the state this revenue represents 10 percent of general fund money. Driving it down will mean even more layoffs on the county and local government level.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better.



ahh, I can put my bills on MY table anytime...doesn't mean I will be able to pay them, does it?...but I had the guts to put them on the table...this statement makes about as much sense as the above!

Free Speaker

Just like I commented two weeks ago concerning the doubling of the dog license fees by the County Commissioners, Governor Stickland announces that most of the fees that this State charges are going up, way up. Just another form of taxation. Not to adjust for inflation, which is less than 2%, but to sock it to us little people. These fees add up big time over the course of a year. The Dems are well at work and you will see more and more of it at County, State and the Federal government level.


At least Strickland cares about educating our children by increasing the school year by 20 days per year. Our children need to be prepared for the future. But many of the locals(Cedar Point Bigwigs) only care about tourism. It is a sad day when tourism means more than our children receiving a proper education to compete in this everchanging world. I cannot believe the local schools caved in to Cedar Point and other tourist traps, to change the school year to accomodate tourism. Three months is way too long to be out of school. Studies have been done that show the first month is simply review when the children return. I personally want more for my children than to work in an amusement park.


CM you've got a constant dark cloud over your head. Our gov does make some effort. It was nice that he froze as promised, all cabinet appointed members pay.In this country it takes work to get things done. Not many want to do that.


What this article could say, if spun slightly, is that with two years in office, Strickland has only talked the talk of reforming public school funding, like every other Gov. before him. The difference is that other Govs. have made usually within their first two years made a priority to get SOMETHING important done. Teddy's resume is now even slimmer than the current President's:

1.) Ordered the termination of Sandusky-area OSHP officers AFTER they had completed the mandated punishment and counseling as per their union agreement. Stuck foot in mouth when arbitration ruled the officers' firings were in violation of a legal contract (2008)

2.) Write a quaint little letter to one of the most (and one of the only) successful local corporations gone GLOBAL (Cedar Fair, LP) and ask them pretty please not to dismantle and sell off some crappy old rollercoaster that they acquired when they bought a crappy, underperforming park in an admittedly crappy part of the state. Fail to save aforementioned junk heap. (2008, I believe)


You bet I have a constant cloud over my head..I call it my thinking cap...Ok..he froze the you know how many positions (czars)he actually added to his administration?? Democrats are known to believe in BIG goverment...


Zero? Tell us please. Names & facts also. Thank you very much!