3 Bickleys this week on BTL

Matt Westerhold
Jul 24, 2012


The second of two summer Sandusky Bay Barge parties is scheduled for this Saturday, and the promoter of the boatfest at the sandbar, Shaun Bickley, returns as a guest this week on "Between the Lines" at 1 p.m. Thursday. 

Joining Shaun on the program will be his father, Joel, 67, and his son, Colt, 16.

All three Bickleys ran aground during the first barge party. Shaun and Colt both received citations from state liquor control agents, although the agency has refused to release any information regarding the citations. Joel Bickley was cited by the U.S. Coast Guard, but a report of that incident also has been withheld from the public.

The Ohio public records law requires government agencies to release incident reports promptly after taking official action, but the agencies have not complied with the requirement. The state's action at the June 30 barge party threatened to shut down the second one. But Shaun Bickley announced last week the event would happen as scheduled, and be expanded to two stages.

The three Bickleys program will be shown live and the audience is encouraged to ask questions from the interactive chatroom.  

Also this week, Funcoast.com Magazine editor Ashley Bethard makes her last appearance on the program. 



Most everyone says this is a great time.Who is behind the harrasement that happens each year.If alcahol is such an issue the police can just anchor at the mouth of any marina on anyday and write citations all day.If this party has a mature nature leave the kids ashore.Fun on the FUNCOAST should not always have a price tag.


the lizzzard

Sit n Spin

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Swamp Fox

The last good time resulted in grounding the barge on a sand bar and alcohol violations, surprise, surprise.


It seems Mr. Westerhold is  in the Bickley corner, last time he did this was Kim Nueese, how did that work out for her?

Sit n Spin

Exactly...remove my comments because it does not fit in with YOUR agenda ! Can't wait to see who get's blamed for this weekends debacle !  Wait, I already know ! Have fun !  Lmao !

Julie R.

"It seems Mr. Westerhold is in the Bickley corner, last time he did this was Kim Nuesse, how did that work out for her?"

@ Swamp Fox: Same way Baxter & Co. work out everything in corrupt Erie County ---- they bring in their infamous hit-list of retired old rent-a-judges and pay for it with taxpayer dollars!


I have about HAD it with the government telling everyone what they can and cannot do.  If the Bickleys are violating some obsure law, then fine.  But if it is just a law that requires a license then get one.  I dont' see the big deal. 

People having fun isn't a problem.  Why make it one.  The Bickleys cannot be responsible for what everyone else does.  If the others bring KIDS, that is THEIR mess.  As for Matt being on their side, that is his business.  Why do you all constantly pick on him.  He has the right to side with whoever he wants.  Just because he is the managing editor, he has a boss too.  I met him.  He is called the PUBLISHER.  Did you know that.?   So Mr. Westerhold is NOT the final word. 


And yes, Julie.....the corruption of EC makes me sick as well.  You want to know where some of your tax dollars go, try paying these retired judges for their opinions so the guys down at city hall don't have to work so hard to get what they want.  I suggest the next time they come up for election we get new blood.  I am sick of seeing the good old boys get theirs.  Let's get some pure, honest people in that office and get rid of the rest.  We could use it. 


Julie R says "Same way Baxter & Co. work out everything in corrupt Erie County ---- they bring in their infamous hit-list of retired old rent-a-judges and pay for it with taxpayer dollars"

Sorry hard to blame Kevin Baxter, Kim Nuisance lost at the state level and gave up at the Federal level, for one very simple reason, she had nothing, zip, easy to blame others for personal shortcomings, sound familiar.....

Julie R.

The state level ~  i.e. the Toledo 6th District Court of Appeals ~ isn't that much different then the corrupt county level.  In fact, isn't there a retired rent-a-judge named Steven Yarbrough one of the judges for the 6th District Court of Appeals?    




Fact she still LOST at two different levels both not connected to Kevin Baxter, blame others for personal shortcomings, again sound familiar......

Julie R.

Sam: For a county that fired a Sandusky police chief and brought in their hit list of retired rent-a-judges to make sure she stay fired ......... not to mention a county that sent a black lady Krista Harris to a harsh 5 year prison sentence claiming she stole from her elderly aunt using a LEGAL power of attorney ...... not to mention the disbarred attorney that was sentenced to an 8-year prison term for calling a corrupt old rent-a-judge corrupt .......... not to mention the used-car salesman that went to jail for causing defects in the title to used cars ......

your stinking county otherwise sure is into fraud. They sure pulled off enough fraud on my mother's property not only before her death but after. They sure made enough money off of the fraud, too, including, but not limited to, your courts and your sheriff's department when they sold my deceased mother and stepfather's property with serious defects in the title caused by fraud at a scam sheriff sale under a fraud preliminary judicial report and took right off the top of the scam sheriff sale the sheriff sale fees and the clerk of court's fees not to mention the attorney fees for the fraud preliminary judicial report and what was left of a flat-out fraud Home Equity Loan that a dirty Huron bank allowed.