Opinion: So who cares, anyway?

Jul 23, 2012


Excerpt from Westerhold's Between the Lines column in the Sunday Register:

Sandusky County Prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt did have a sense of urgency; he seems to have decided it was urgently necessary to make the matter go away.

It was one hot potato, and Stierwalt tossed the whole mess to the Ohio Attorney General’s office for review, rather than make any determination about anything that might have happened.

Stierwalt must have been too busy, or maybe he didn’t want to dirty his hands wading through yet another mess created under Sandusky County sheriff Kyle Overmyer’s stellar leadership. And, after all, boys will be boys.

The staff at Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office must be real busy, too. More than six months after it allegedly occurred, it’s not clear whether DeWine has even been made aware of the incident. His staff of attorneys have spent months trying to determine whether the office has any jurisdiction, and whether to even look at the reports of the incident.

Perhaps the Ohio AG’s staff of lawyers and the investigators at state Bureau of Criminal Investigation are still too busy fighting the corruption in Cuyahoga County that was rampant and went unaddressed for more than 30 years. No, that’s not it. It was the U.S. Department of Justice — not the Ohio AG’s office — that finally swooped in, arrested and later convicted dozens of corrupt government employees and the private contractors who did business with them, and forced reform in that county’s government.

No sense of urgency on that one, either, for the pre-DeWine Ohio AG office and its staff, or for Cuyahoga County prosecutor Bill Mason’s office. The corruption in the county went on for years and years right under Mason’s nose. But don’t blame Mason. At one time he provided a plausible explanation for the oversight: Nobody ever told him about any corruption, or stuff like that, and he and his staff of lawyers never saw anything amiss.

Boys will be boys.

But here’s the good news: The 21-year-oldschizophrenic inmate who was allegedly sexually exploited by two jail guards for more than six hours isn’t your daughter, or your sister, your aunt, or your cousin.

So who cares?


Julie R.

An injustice to one is an injustice to all ...... but most people are too stupid to see it that way. 


Paying those guards to say nothing bad about the sheriff........with taxpayer money.  

Now that's brass.

Julie R.

That snake Cuyahoga County prosecutor Bill Mason knew what was going on just like the prosecutor before him, Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, knew. Even back as the Cuyahoga County Recorder, Russo was taking cash bribes to give people jobs and raises and Tubbs-Jones let him get away with it.


Russo also testified that there were 8 other judges besides the 2 the FEDS got that were fixing cases for them but haven't heard another word about it since. You can bet that's already been swept under the rug.  


Good hard hitting article, Matt.  This whole thing stinks.  It is sickening to know these things are going on by people sworn to uphold the law.


Matt, GREAT ARTICLE.....REALLY GREAT.....as everyone on here knows, I am not a cheerleader for the AG.  It would be safe to say that the AG lawyers are probably divided right now among many of his pet projects. 

Cleveland is only one of them.  Is biggest projects at the moment involve the health movement and not crime. 

He is deeply involved in making sure that people and health care are separated as are the war on health care and drugs.  Talk to any doctor and you will find that they are under fire right now from the AG's office.  Hospitals are telling anyone who comes into the hosptial more than three times in any one given year that the cannot return.  Doctors who write any more than 90 pills for pain are under the gun for being pill pushers.  That is what the AG attorney's are working on mostly. 

Some of them are in Cleveland working on this corruption trial although it is almost finished and the 'bad guys' have been found guilty.  When they are carted off the the Federal prison, that will end and the next trial will begin 

Then the AG will have time for smaller cases on a first come first serve basis so do not count on ours around here getting on the list any time soon. Although steps have been taken to see that it does get recognized. That and other things around here. 


would you expect any of  the people who didn't care BEFORE to honestly show any caring NOW?  These people cannot show caring about things they helped to create.  That would be just too far off the reservation.  NO, NO, they cannot do that.