VIDEO: Between the Lines with Paul Ricci and Annie Zelm

Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 19, 2012


This week on Between the Lines, managing editor Matt Westerhold interviews Sandusky fire Chief Paul Ricci and Cedar Point spokeswoman Annie Zelm about the Firefighter Combat Challenge at the end of this month at Cedar Point.


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  The video starts out I’m Matt Westerhold, Managing Editor of the SR sitting at “My Desk”.   The two “guests” sit in chairs facing the King holding court.   IMO:   Ditch the desk setting, put the three chairs in a semicircle and all people are on a level playing field.   How about, “Hi I’m M W and today’s guests are A Z and P R”   In any setting, seating arrangements can create the illusion of superiority and can be counterproductive.   If you look back at some of the greatest interviews, the people were sitting in chairs facing each other.   Just my opinion from where I sit……  

Kimo, that is a good idea   Its a very small spot and getting rid of that desk is a good idea. 

Jason Werling


I think the office was built around that desk. It's not going anywhere. :)