Warning: Former Erie County auditor uses profanity

Matt Westerhold
Jul 17, 2012


Warning: The attached audio includes profanity that some might find offensive. 

Former Erie County auditor Tom Paul was downright nasty when he called the Register this past weekend to complain about a story in the Saturday Register about property evaluations. Judge it for yourself. Listen to the message he left for reporter Andy Ouriel. 

Paul asks why he wasn't contacted for the story headlined "Property taxes could decline." Here's the answer: Because when he was the county auditor he frequently did not return phone calls, or, if he did, did not answer the questions reporters asked.

In his message, Paul suggests there was an inaccuracy in the story, but I'm simply not sure that's the case. In fact, I'm pretty sure Paul is rewriting history to serve his own purposes without regard to any accurate account of history.  

Listen to the message in the player below

With that said, I did contact Paul after listening to his profane message early on Monday. He did not answer his phone or return the message I left. In my message to him, I asked Paul to send an email directly to me specifying exactly what he found to be inaccurate in the story. I told him if he sent that email the Register staff would review it to determine whether a correction is necessary.

Nobody deserves to be talked to in the profane manner that Paul spoke in the message he left for Ouriel. Private citizens and even reporters and editors don't deserve that kind of abuse. But some in the "entitled wing" of the local Democratic Party believe they should never be questioned or held to the decisions they make, in any way, before an election, or after losing an election. Tom Paul is one of those Democrats.



Concerned For A...

And..........ACTION!!!!! Let the comments roll, lol!


People who can't talk without swearing have nothing to say. He just showed everyone his true colors and genuine lack of class!

Taxed Enough Already

 well for the record Paul is right, if I had been in his place I would have been just as angry.  If this newpaper would just print the truth, it's a shame they have to go to these lengths to try to smear someone and build Bill and Pat up.  What because Shenigo has a little money..come SR get a grip and do the right thing for once.


Disclaimer:  The Sandusky Register will more than likely delete this post as something controversial...and they should know controversy first hand.


How is the Register trying to smear anyone? Did they force him to talk like that? NO, they did not and if the man was stupid enough to talk like that on an answering machine, he deserves what he is getting. In this electronic age, everyone is on camera somewhere, sooner or later and Mr. Paul has no right to verbally attack anyone, no matter what! Right or wrong isn't the issue, stupid is as stupid does!

Darwin's choice

+1 for Paul.....

Concerned For A...

I find it funny that he got put on blast for his disrespectful tone and his UN-Professional choice of words. Obviously he was angry when this call was made, but really? Compose yourself!! The paper is going to report on what facts they have in front of them at the time the article is written. It isn't their fault that a person don't answer their calls or return messages. I know if I was someone in this position and I had a news station or paper contacting me about a story they were doing, I would make darn sure to return or answer a phone call to make sure that the facts are straight! Not just get angry after the fact.


No big deal.  I've had many occasions to leave these kind of messages for that scum paper and their writers!


I guess nothing surprises anyone any more on how people act.  This guy just made more trouble for himself by leaving such an unprofessional message like that.  It was uncalled for.


I've complained about my taxes being too high for over 4 yrs. When I questioned a clerk at the Auditor's office she was of no help. That was over 2 yrs. ago. Then I noticed on their website that many properties taxes were lowered in 2009. Mine weren't - and these were my neighbors. Mine haven't been evaluated in 6 yrs.Of course the taxes are wrong. But this is the same man who wouldn't concede the election. He should be ashamed of himself for talking like that. Wasn't he smart enough to know that he was talking on a machine?


Really????  Why does he have to be labeled as far as poltical affiliation.  I think labeling him as a potty mouth would be quite enough.


Thats to funny.  I thought I heard a few hiccups.  Dont leave messages when you have had a few adult beverages in you.

The New World Czar

If it really offends the SR staff that much, then call the authorities over the phone...and then play that piece of audio for us all.


That's soooo funny lifetime resident. That's exactly what I was thinking. This was at 11:00 pm. also. Maybe more than a few too many adult beverages. LOL

Most Wanted

That was funny!  And...............he did apologize to the shi$head!  I guess someone at the Register isn't big enough to accept an apology!


 hahahaha!!!!!!!!  Oh my oh my!!  Although I can't figure out why th SR would post this-I think its HILARIOUS!  

Scott Templeton

this is the same kind of reporting I use to do at the Baltimore Sun!


Swamp Fox

how is big dog going to spin this when the dems are infighting, I know this is Bush's fault....

Good 2 B Me

I had to deal with him a few years ago. He was a total @ss in his office. Rude and continually interupted me. Corrected me until I told him to read the paper in his hand and tell me that I am wrong. He read it and said "I will take care of it" to me. Never admitted to being wrong. He was a jerk to me though. Glad to see him lose his job.


Listen again at the 50 to 55 seconds mark.  He burped or hiccuped.   Were rolling at work listening to this.  God bless his soul.  In this heat we finally found something to distract us.  2 thumbs up.


Even more funny, he got in the garbage and stole his neighbors news paper.

Erie Countian

I agree that profanity in this case is uncalled for, especially from public officials. Everyone should try to be civil when expressing an opinion or a disagreement. However, it's beginning to seem like Matt and others at the Register are turning into a bunch of whiny tattletales whenever some person or organization disagrees with them, or when a person or organization acts in a manner that the Register doesn't approve of! For example, the Register and Matt Westerhold got their feathers SO ruffled that they actually reported more on WHO was included in the 300 ticketed guests at President Obama's visit than they did on the actual historic visit to Sandusky by a sitting president! In years to come, no one will care or even remember WHO was at this visit, only that it was a historic day for the city. But it seems the main focus was on Amy Grubbe and how unfair she was! Poor Matt didn't get to sit where he wanted to, (even though HE was one of the priveleged 300!) and THAT seemed to be the main focus of the Register's coverage of President's visit that week...that Amy Grubbe is abusing her power as chairman of the Erie Co. Democratic Party... and NOT the fact that the leader of the free world stopped in our town! Then there was the quoting of Sam Artino's F-word remarks when The Register called him to get an opinion on Ms. Grubbe.  "Ohhh, that bad Sam Artino used a bad word when we called him!" I'm not defending any of the Democrats I've mentioned, or Tom Paul. I'm just saying the Register doesn't seem very professional, just whiny and overly defensive when someone professes an opinion against them, or gets angry with them!  I'm not saying the Register should not report the facts or not  question wrongdoing, but shouldn't SOME of this silly stuff just be discussed internally at the Register? Seems almost as silly and juvenile of the Register to report to the reader that "so and so called us a bad name" as it is for the offending party to do the immature and uncalled for namecalling and profanity! It's time to grow up, Sandusky Register, and quit acting like an 8 year old who tattles "Mommy, Tommy called me a bad word! Mommy, Amy won't let me sit at the table! Mommy, Sammy cussed at me and then hung up the phone! Waa waa waa!"


Oh, come on,  can you imagine what is said in the offices of the  Register.


Maybe this is why Tom Paul was not chosen as the candidate by the other party when Jude Hammond left office. 



He sounds a bit drunk.

The language is vintage Sopranos.

He sounds like Tony Soprano.

He should have said "That article was a real ballbuster" you spithead.





It's accepted when someone says "freaking" but people get their shorts in a twist if someone drops the "F" bomb.

They both mean the same thing from where I sit.

Then there is the accepted one finger salute.

Just who in hell are we trying to kid here?



Hard to believe this guy was only 10 votes away from being out county auditor again!


Yet Matt were you "ticked" at me  because of my free speech?   No F.bombs....just giving my opinion on someone using racial words.         Guess that's how my Marine Corps spoiled me.      Truth is the world really is a hard nasty place; try to find good in people cause we  ALL have flaws  & each of us have made mistakes.     Its that  E-z. 


Mr Paul does impress and wow the fans!  And to think the simple words, "This conversation is off the record," could have prevented our dear public figure from such embarassment. One would think he would know that!

Then again, didnt his old party reject him in favor of a total outsider? In reward to his new party, he turned around and canned a pretty bright employee  from the real estate side, one that likely would have had straight-forward answers during his term, and replaced her with a commissioner's wife! (who is also outside looking in these days).

Guess the majority of voters figured out what quite many others already did!


Tom Paul and maybe Mrs Ferrell are the only two people in the county who think property values didnt drop. I wonder if Amy Grubbe gave Tom tips of how to leave nasty messages.  Does anyone remember Amy's gem to that church who dared let a non Democratic candidate use their fellowship hall???


WOW.......and we pay these people?????  This is just to funny.  I don't give a s--- if he is mad or not, it doesn't give him  the right to act like an A-hole like THIS.  Wow, he was really P-sted off.  And to make matters worse you got it on TAPE so he can't very well deny he said it.  I would keep that one until the cows came home.  LOL.  Sorry, fella, you said it, you got stuck with it.  You should have just answered the questioned when they asked you the FIRST time. 

If you didn't like the story, why blame the county commisses for it?  You had plenty of time to come down to the SR and tell your side or have them tell another story with YOUR comments.  But to cut loose and then skip a beat and say "you p==ed me off" and go on......boy! that takes the cake.  WTH is going on with the elected officials around here....have they lost their collective minds or what?


PS:  Got an offer tonight on the phone from the Democratic party to volunteer for Obama.  I said no.  when I told them why and what I thought of Ms Grubbe and their candidate...they told me to come and "dicuss" my position and what I thought of Mrs Grubbe and her handling of the Meet and greet and how she handled it.  And how that affected many and what they thought of their voting for the Prez.  They didn't like it.  Wanted to know why?  Guess they do not understand perception and such down there when told.  Perhaps Ms Grubbe should explain that to them.  I told them I would be HAPPY to tell them face to face what I thought of Ms Grubbe and her thoughtless actions in person. 



I wish I had Sunday's paper to reread the article, but as I recall the story said revaluation wasn't done in the past due to the auditor at the time, Mr. Paul.

If you print that assertion ( coming from ??? ), you really should have called Mr. Paul and given him the opportunity to respond. 

No matter how many times he failed to respond in the past or failed to satisfy you with his answers, Mr. Paul deserved a chance to comment on that assertion before it went into print.

Mr. Paul exercised poor judgement in his use of profanity in the phone message.

The Register exercised poor judgement in attacking the man's performance in office without giving him the opportunity to defend himself.

Writing articles and editing a newspaper give Andy and Matt a mighty weapon to shape a community, but along with those privileges also comes a great responsibility to always be fair.


How many times, reader, should a paper call a person before they run with a story?  5, 10, 20?  I would think that 2-4 times would be sufficient.  If someone does not call you back by that time, they aren't going to. 

If they don't, too bad.  I don't think they deserve to be given special treatment because they are elected officials  If you have checked out your story, have confirmed your info and know the info is accurate, why wait for a secondary checking ?   This man was off the hook with his comments and obviously he was  blaming his ECC for the info being "leaked".  He didn't like it one bit. 

He didn't call back.  He let 'er rip and it was in a verbage better suited for a sailor (no offense to the sailor's out there) then to an elected official .  How offensive for an elelcted official to take that type of response and use it toward anyone.  And to hear that he uses it even on people with whom he deals on other occassions is equally offensive. 

No sir, I maintain that this is NOT the type of person who should be elected again.  Not for work with the public.  Perhaps the wrong person got elected to office.  He obvously does not do well dealing with the public nor does he do well dealing with stressful situations or in dealing with the press.  '



Another nice headline from the "Sandusky Tattle Tale".  Seems like someone is using their paper to "get back at Paul" for calling them bad names....waaaaa.   I don't know Paul personally or professionally, I think he is still in the wrong for using that language.  The professional thing to do on the SR's behalf would of been to ignore it, not play the same game Paul is and get back at him through their paper. Sad.


Wiredmama, if a newspaper is going to defame the job performance of an elected offical, that official should be given an opportunity to comment.

Whether the official avails himself of that opportunity to comment  is up to him or her, but the call should be made asking for a comment.

Just seems a matter of fairness.....if you're printing 15 or 20 thousand copies of a paper saying some guy didn't do his job, you should have at least given him the courtesy of a call asking his side of the story.


@ reader....if you read the story, you will see that the "person" for whom you are defending was given the opportunity to answer for himself PRIOR to when that story was first written and failed to comment by not returning phone calls. 

I don't know how many times some is supposed, in YOUR book to be asked, again and again, I take it before they answer. I take it you object to the article even being published.  I don't see anyone on here even being critical of anything but Paul's language and I believe we ALL object to that and his manner.

If you find it ok for ANY public official to do and say what he did, then you definitely have a problem.  It is TOTALLY  unacceptable for ANY public official to speak to ANYONE in that manner.

No one is questioning his manner of operation that I can see on here, but his attitude and his demeanour are totally and completely wrong and for that he needed to be "called out".  Accept it for what it is and do not complain.  If you want to do your friend a favor, speak to him about controlling his temper and learning to control his dirty mouth.  It will serve him well.   Perhaps you could also tell him to return phone calls to the SR promptly "just in case" so this doesn't happen to him again.  Apparently they will "run" with an article even if he doesn't want it run.  They have multiple sources and he can't stop them from printing them,  So "his side" can be told and be heard. 

Better to cooperate with the press some times than be on the receiving end of what they print.  The pen can sometimes be a wicked tool, like it or not.  It can be far more powerful than 10 armys and machines.....including the poitical ones


I am a Democrat and proud of it. Yet, having said that no matter the party, office, etc. does one talk in that tone and profanity to anyone. We are judged everyday by not only what comes from our brain but also our mouth. One never knows what bridge you might need to cross at a later date so don;t burn any behind you.

I would say Tom Paul has done himself in ever running again for public office. He lost only by 7 votes and might well have run again. After this though is is finished and doubt would ever be chosen to run for any office.

A wise person once told me never fight the man who buys ink by the barrel and like ti or not SR buys ink by the barrel.


 Did you ever wonder why people use the profanity rhat they do?  It indicates a total lack of originality in their thinking.  They're using boiler-plate vocabulary to avoid any thought.


How could Paul state that property values had not changed?  Tell that to people who had to take a loss on their house to sell it or get out from under it.  The only ones that were getting a break were the ones that went down to the auditor's office and filed the paperwork and attended a hearing to duke it out with the auditor and board on whether or not they should get a break in their taxes.  The rest of use didn't get any break.  It is long past due that the property taxes decrease along with the values that have decreased.  Sure, it will hurt the schools and government but you cannot keep charging yesterdays value on today's values.


Wiredmama, you are wrong in your asertion I  am sticking up for "my friend."   I have seen Mr. Paul in a public setting twice and have never been introduced.

How would you react if your home town newspaper printed an article critical of you, yet hadn't bothered to give you a call asking for your side of the story ?

I am not condoning Mr. Paul's language, but I can understand his anger.



@ reader......the is the last time I am saying this.  I feel like a broken record. 

Ok, how many times does it say .......

quote from story "Because when he was the county auditor he frequently did not return phone calls, or, if he did, did not answer the questions reporters asked."

It also says another direct quote......."With that said, I did contact Paul after listening to his profane message early on Monday. He did not answer his phone or return the message I left. In my message to him, I asked Paul to send an email directly to me specifying exactly what he found to be inaccurate in the story. I told him if he sent that email the Register staff would review it to determine whether a correction is necessary."

What more do you want??????? (This is like talking to cement.)  You just don't get it.  He WAS asked to comment and failed to do so.  What do you want????  You cannot comment if you DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE OR EMAIL.. 

You sir, are wrong as you can be.  REREAD THE ARTICLE before you answer me again and then write to Mr. Westerhold and ASK him if he didn't ask Mr Paul to respond to the article. 

For heaven sakes do you need a house to fall on you to get this???  HE WAS ASKED TO RESPOND.   Get it?   If HE choses not to then he has nothing to complain about and neither do you.  NOW do you get it? 


Why the SR felt the need to put this message in their paper is irrelevant.  What it does though, is show the true colors of Tom Paul.  He is and always was a jerk, dating back to when he worked for the Bellevue Gazette.  Sounds like through the years, becoming an elected official has gone to his fat head and made him an even bigger clown!  Erie County should be happy he's no longer their county auditor, he should be ashamed.  He can't even cuss on a voicemail message without sounding like a complete dope!!!  Next time, lay off the hooch before you decide to call the local paper and raise hell!!

Sandusky Register Reader's picture
Sandusky Regist...

Matt Westerhold wipe that smug looking grin off of your face....If I was your mother I'd be ashamed of you for publishing such rubbish........This unworthy bit of journalism is just wrong wrong wrong on so many levels!  Where are your ethics!  This "newspaper" could drive a man to drink --- or worse.  I used to have a fairly high regard for this newspaper now I'm not so sure. 


Wow, dude was really upset.  I actually think he is right to be upset but diplomacy may have worked in his favor.  My only question is would this article have been published if he had not repeatedly used the F word?

His language was inappropriate but like all of us he has his first amendment rights.  His choice of words only reflects his anger and not necssarily who he is.  

A society that boasts how free it is forgot to mention that freedom it speaks of has a cost. 


And this is why I cancelled my subscription to this paper yesterday. Not because I like Tom Paul - I don't know him or have an opinion of him except he could have used better judgement and better language especially on an answering machine! It is the trashy ethics this paper has taken up. They put a certain political individual on a pedestal who doesn't deserve it, and they drag others through the mud. I am so sick of the onesidedness of this paper I will not pay for it any longer.  You will not be rid of me though. I will continue to bother all of you with my posts. Ha Ha! I agree wholeheartedly with Taxed Enough Already on July 16th 7:27PM.


Wow, Mr. Paul. CLASSY!!!


 When I first heard this last night, I thought it was very funny-literally laughed outloud.  Not so funny when I woke up this morning to find my 12 year old listening to it with my 8 year old in the room.  Yes, my 12 year old reads the paper online.  


Thanks, Sandusky Register.  I wonder how many other school-aged children are listening to this.  


Didn't hear anything here that I don't hear almost every time I'm out in public.  Unfortunately this is everyday language for some people and I'll bet these words have been uttered a few times at the SR.

looking around

Someone needs to attend the Dale Carnagie course on how to "win friends and influence people" or perhaps charm school........


Cockynurse...THE HEADLINE SAYS WARNING PROFANITY!!! Maybe you should be monitoring your kids while they are on the internet.Ten bucks says they have seen and heard alot worse!!





I have never told my children they aren't allowed on sandusky registers website for crying outloud.  100 bucks says most children would see that warning as an invitation.  Point being-this was BAD TASTE of the register to post.  


For the record-my kids are monitored.  

Sandusky Register Reader's picture
Sandusky Regist...

If there was one I'd click the "like" button for your comment Cockynurse.



Mr. Westerhold,

 Isn't this the sort of spiteful journalism that will discourage not just elected officials but also ordinary citizens from responding to or communicating with the SR?

You're  out to teach people a lesson? Respond to us or well publish something you won't like. 

IDK if Mr. Paul should have been contacted for the article or not because apparently you don't link to it. Maybe it's obvious he should have been thus justifying his anger? 

 Also is it appropriate to publish Tom Paul's phone number? I have a mild dislike for him as a person and official, but why humiliate him in this way? Because he didn't call you back while in office?

Furthermore,it's kind of sad that the main function of small town newspapers seems to be shaming members of the local community and recycling AP articles. That's just a general comment.


ROFL!!!! The end is the best....

"Gimme a call back.....ya sh*thead"


Don't even act as though 12 year olds have never heard cuss words.  Why is it ALWAYS about the kids?  Some things are meant for grown folks. 


LMFAO! Have another drink and shut the fluck up!

Julie R.

So what exactly was Tom Paul so upset about? Because the Register printed that when he was the auditor he neglected to pursue the revaluation process? That's basically about the same thing I heard last Monday when I contacted the auditor's office. I was told by an employee that the auditor was in the process of revaluating property --- that this had not been done for a long time. My first thought was taxes would be going UP until I read Saturday's paper. (my apologies to Mr. Jeffrey) She also told me that the new system they had only allowed them to go back to 2006 but it was probably even longer than that since the process had been done.

So is Mr. Paul denying that? Is that why he cussing like a drunken sailor?  


My question is regardless of political party is:

Where are these new property evaluations??? .........be they up or down..........where are they???. They are not showing up on the Erie County Auditors site.

Cuyahoga county reevalations have been all over the Cleveland Plain Dealer......Franklin County are out ,,,,where is Erie County? What's the hold-up ?   We are less than 6 months from when these are to become effective and levies are on the ballot in November that will be based on these. Be nice to know what our property evaluations are before voting on a levy.

Maybe I am missing something and know there are folks out there who will enlighten me. My thought is if other counties can get them out there why can't Erie County? I am sure county commissioners and township trustees and city officials all want to sit around and study and mellow on these and want to see them first but lets get the info out to we citizens who will ultimately pay the bills.








Good question Gardenman!  The county does not want to do honest valuations because they do not want to take the reduction in tax revenue even though homeowners have to accept the depreciated home values.  It is a complete rip off to homeowners.


Sounds like he was involved in some type of fraud,  I would definitely investigate more. 


Despite Mr. Paul's impromptu, perhaps not thought completely through voice message, professional journalists need to realize that the general public is going to respond, often inappropriately to what they perceive to have been an injustice or misrepresentation of themselves. Professional journalists must suck it up and not take things so personal. I don't think that personal voice mails should be made public when people call to vent...just sayin' :)





The article says the SR did not attempt to contact Paul  for the original article ergo he did not have the opportunity to comment. This post seems to be a way of covering up the initial error with an ad hominem distraction. He was asked to comment on the profane voicemail on the website not the story apparently alleging incompetence. 

I really wish they'd post the original article, but that would probably only highlight their journalistic failure. It doesn't matter what a person's past history of cooperation with a news outlet was, they are still owed the opportunity to comment before publication if they are to be accussed of something negative.


So do you understand how you're misunderstanding the sequence of events?




Wiredmama, there's no need to keep repeating yourself unless you really enjoy reading your own words.  Saying something over and over won't make it correct.

You fail to understand the sequence of events, as davey points out in his comment.

No matter how many times Mr. Paul failed to respond or didn't answer the questions the way the newspaper wanted IN THE PAST, he deserved a chance to comment on  Saturday's article before it went to print.





@reader......then why didn't he? 

Sal Dali

Matt, This article and audio was a disappointment in journalism and more like a way to personally get back at someone you don't like. I actually thought it was pretty humorous...lol. You could have given it an interesting title such as "Laugh of the Day" or something. I'm not even sure he was drinking, it sounded more to me like he was upset, had nervous stuttering and clearly hadn't prepared what he wanted to say.  He basically just rambled. He's not the first politician that some people consider a jerk and won't be the last; some people are just jerks, political affliation is irrelavant. This story was bottomfeeder journalism. The readers deserve better. Do people need to give their approval for the paper to publish audio like this or is it just plain alright to shame a person and attempt to destroy their reputation  due to personal biases? Just curious. I don't know the guy, have only heard his name and have no personal interest in this story or any regardling him, however, it just seems to be less than an award winning journalism...to say the least. Was there a point?


 Matt, Matt, Matt, would you want your phone calls replayed for many to hear or any of your conversations with people that might be misunderstood about things you have done in the past. Tisk, Tisk, Shame, shame on you, this is just another way as previous said to get back at someone because of the questionable journalism tactics you use and the half truths you use. Bad one.


I think its a great thing that the register exposed TP for who he really is.  A drunken fool.  This is the same guy who cost Erie County taxpayers 10,000s of dollars because he was mad he LOST an election.  He drug the guy who beat him through a 20K legal fight.  Good for Matt Westerhold and the SR for finally showing the truth behind the Erie County Democratic party and Amy Grubbes goons.

Peachy Keen

This is petty and childish "journalism" by the Register, Grow up and maybe try being a more professional publication and quit acting like a bunch of silly, immature tattlers. Matt, you and the Register should be embarrassed to stoop to this level.


There is a bright point.  He didnt leave any threatning remarks.  Or he would really be in trouble. 


Its nice to see all the hardcore "300" of Amys Grubbes friends, who probably had tickets to be at the ice cream social , who are on her defending Amy's golden boy Tom Paul.  Its sad.  This guy is a trash can raiding fool who should never have been able to serve in public office. 

Julie R.

The former auditor Tom Paul isn't the only public official in Erie County that doesn't return phone calls --- the majority of them don't. The former auditor Jude Hammond  didn't, either.  He sure never returned any of my calls after the death of my mother which is when I found a flat-out fraud quitclaims deed filed in the Erie County Recorder's office dated seven months prior to her death that was prepared by some Lorain County attorney that I never heard of before.

Kevin Baxter's another one that doesn't return phone calls --- especially if he knows what you're calling about. The spokesperson in his office alway puts you through to his voicemail. I honestly believe they do that (voicemail) in the hopes that one will be angry enough to make a threat or something.

The courts on the 2nd floor of the Erie County courthouse are super good at ignoring people, also ---- especially the probate court. They take your money to file legitimate complaints knowing they have no intentions of addressing them. When you constantly call to see why they aren't addressing the complaints, the employees in those courts go out of their way to antagonize you. Once again, I honestly believe they do that with the hope that one will be ignorant enough to make a threat or something. 

I know how the whole bunch works in corrupt Erie County --- and Tom Paul is MILD compared to the rest of them!  


he said she said


The man sounds drunk.

I don't know him.  I don't want to know him.

You call about an inacuracy and you make an a$$ out of yourself when you leave a voicemail that we all know is recorded.  Are you gonna call again and leave a message that the SR misquoted your voicemail?



 Lmao...He said, "$hithead ".....That is tooo funny. 

Maybe since I work in a factory and live in a Trailer Hood I am not easily offended..because I really don't think the message was all that bad for a weekend..lol


  I've been through a few property re-evaluations with Tom Paul.  This is just one of the reasons why I wrote an article advising voters not to cast a vote for Him.  Speaking His language, He's an A@#!

Peachy Keen

re Sally S: I personally was not one of the special 300 Grubbe guests...wasn't even downtown that day, nor am I in any way defending Tom Paul, Amy Grubbe or anyone else. They probably ARE what people are describing them as! However, I think this kind of cheap, juvenile journalism is WRONG and unprofessional on the Register's part. Matt Westerhold comes across like a spoiled, thin-skinned, whiny little boy who likes to tattle on everyone in his first grade class.  Matt can't seem to take any kind of criticism towards himself or the Register and has to resort to releasing voicemails that the caller didn't intend for everyone to hear. The caller may be completely out of line, but so it the Register. I doubt that Westerhold or any of us would like everyone to hear our heated comments when we are angry and upset,either! The Register has sunk to a new low, and should be as ashamed as Mr. Paul should be.


Oh, come on, people! 911 calls are public record. Court procedings are (largely) public record. And certainly anything you say to a reporter (unless you specify it's off the record) is public record.

If Paul didn't know any better after his years of experience in public "service" (you'll note I use the term lightly), that's HIS issue, not the Register's. Besides, how can it NOT be newsworthy when somebody allegedly representing the public during the time in question behaves in such a defensive and unprofessional manner? It seems a lack of response to the press and the citizens of Erie County alike isn't the worst of Paul's problems! And if he tries to run again (which, given his extreme sour grapes attitude over the last election, I suspect he will), this is something about him I appreciate knowing!

Super Judge

 There it is people the true face of a liberal is shown. Slured speech, stagering for words then when his mind starts to shutdown on its self for what ever reason he starts to swear. Oh liberal tom boy why did you leave this message? Your just making Romney look better and better!

Julie R.

One thing for certain --- the Erie County auditor's online records dating back to when Hammond and Tom Paul were auditors sure are misleading. Not that it's really that important because title companies don't rely on online records, anyway, but nevertheless those online records sure are odd. If I didn't know better, I would have to say they are a cover-up for FRAUD. (sarcasm intended)  


 Let's start a new meme: leaving profane voicemails on Matt's voicemail to see if he plays them on the website! Here's his number: 419 609 5866


Wow Wiredmama you just don't give up do ya? Did you read the previous comments to help you understand the sequence of events?


and that'll be a large with pepperoni and lots of cheeeeese  ... $hithead!


How can this be considered 'NEWS"?  It is just another example of Westerhold slinging somebody elses mud to stir things up.  He never does anything positive regarding the city. He simply contibutes negativity day after day with this RAG. Pathetic..  Just because somebody calls one of your idiots what he truly is, you go all pouty.  Who is the juvenile in this exchange? Sure the idiot who left the stupid message laced with prifanity is way off base. Let me ask you Westerhold - have you  ever in your live used profanity? Behind closed doors and not in public, but watching you over the years is a sure indication that you are just as vulgar in the way you communicate inaccurate and pathetic articles day after day. You simply use the guise of the RAG to sling your mud - calling it jouralism. IDIOT.

God Of Thunder

That was hilarious!!!!  Sounds like liquid courage...Must've been tipping the pint all day...What an idiot

Diane Schaefer says


Like !!!


Never trust a couple of clowns that think a snarky comment like "ballbuster" is cute.





@ Diane Schaefer,

The powers that be use the Sandusky Register to decide elections in Erie County.  The Sandusky Register is not a newspaper for the people but nothing more than an instrument of the powers that be to put out false information to elect their people into office.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the comment, Centauri. I think you might be overstating the Register's influence regarding elections, and I can assure you we're not an "instrument" as you describe. We do receive inaccurate information from elected officials, and others, quite often, and sometimes that information does get published as part of news stories because it is not known at the time that the information is inaccurate and/or it's part of the documented public record that should be reported. But reporters and editors seek information from multiple sources and always strive to write stories that contain the best, most accurate information. The news team also produces followup stories when additional information becomes available that might refute inaccurate information provided by public officials in previous stories. 

With regards to Mrs. Schaefer, I've always appreciated her willingness and courage to comment using her real identity. I also personally endorsed her in her re-election bid in the "Between the Lines" Sunday column. That was not a "half-hearted attempt to make up for the mistake" as Mrs. Schafer suggets; it was an almost immediate response to a request from her for an endorsement. I felt she was the better candidate and that was the reason for the endorsement. Other information she has provided here in her previous comment is also just not accurate as to what actually occurred. It might be accurate to her own personal experience, her own view and what she believes occurred, but as to the better, more factual information, it is simply wrong, and a bit of a cheap shot. That's just my opinion, that it's a cheap shot. The Register never "waged" any campaign against her, but certainly she had an opponent who was campaigning for election and others who did not want to see Mrs. Schaefer re-elected. The Register reported on both campaigns, including a BTL debate, and used the documented public record that was available as part of the stories published covering that election, as she states.

With all that said, Mrs. Schaefer was a public official who could take the heat, and certainly there might have been other public officials who may have provided documented public record information about her that was not accurate. As I said, I do appreciate it that she has the courage to comment here and talk with other readers using her real identity. I hope other public officials begin to do that more frequently. It's not an easy task.


Thats pretty darn funny.  I can say this, Tom Paul probably wasnt drunk, thats just how he is.  He was just upset and couldnt come up with the right words. I mean after wandering around Castalia stealing his neighboors newspapers he was just out of breath... ya $hithead.



Re:That's just my opinion, that it's a cheap shot.


The way “I recall” the weeks and months leading up to the election, the SR articles about Ms. Schaefer were mostly negative. Sure you can make a few positive comments in any article, but when the majority of comments in that article are negative the reader is more likely to draw a negative conclusion.

  I’m going by memory this morning and have not bothered to go back and find all the articles but if you go back and look I think you will find articles that complained about the SR not getting information as fast as they thought they should. The articles (IMO) were the SR acting like a spoiled kid, “I want it and I want it now”.   The notion that you can beat on someone and then say “Gee I think your great” is less than intelligent. When you beat on someone in a newspaper that is what will stick in the minds of most readers.   The way I see it, the SR influenced the election and not in Ms. Schaefer’s favor.   I remember thinking when the results came in, “The SR cost her that job”.   That is my opinion based on what I read and what I remember from both the print and web versions.  



I'm still hung up on the motive for posting the message left at the SR.

It smells like a week old roadkill.


I dont know what the motive for posting is, but it shows the type of person Amy Grubbe and the Erie County Democrats prop up as their candidates. This just proves what I have said in multiple post, its not about anything other than being loyal to Amy if you wanted to get anywhere in the party (which is why I stopped working with the ECDP). Its not about being smart, effective, well spoken, able to do a job, or heck even being a Democrat (Tom Paul was a life long Republican). She made him join her club, and them promised to back him no matter what. Matt and the register are just starting to shed some light on their games.


Haha, drunk dialing!

He should download the ap, that takes a breathalizer on you to unlock your keypad, after youv'e been drinking!!

He stutters and stammers and hiccups like a real drunk!

Kimo wrote: "The way I see it, the SR influenced the election and not in Ms. Schaefer’s favor.   I remember thinking when the results came in, “The SR cost her that job”."   I agree with you Kimo 100%. I tried to send you a personal message but you have disabled your contact link. Some things need to be discussed in a private and confidential setting. I have a lot of confidential information that I would like to share with you. I will never ask for your name or identity. Feel free to contact me. I accept all private messages.

@ Ms Schaefer.....why do YOU care who I am or what I think I am.  Does my name mean that much to you or anyone else?  Why is that so important to anyone on here or anywhere else?  If someone recognized me, so what?  Big deal. More power to them.  Why do YOU want to know so badly.  Am I that important to anyone?   My goodness I didn't realize the power I had.  My "big deal" of interviewing was nothing more than to question Mr Westerhold about his interview with Ms Goode and how that interview was "pre recorded" not allowing the audience to question her about her conduct, which I felt was unfair to the police officers who arrested her.  Had you read the article, perhaps you would have been better informed.  Instead you are just as misinformed as you can be

You seem to be offended because I feel Mr. Paul's language and the TIME LINE as you put it is OFF.  I dont care what the TIME LINE is.  An unreturned call is an UNRETURNED CALL.  How can anyone in a political position NOT understand that fact?????  I don't care if it was 10 years ago or yesterday.  When someone asks a question, you answer it. 

Why ddn't he take the time to answer the calls that were placed to him?  Did he have a secretary?  Yes, I believe he did?   So he was too busy?  Oh, come now.  He simply didn't want to.  Since when does the press have to give a "heads up" to the politicans about ANY story they run?  Why is that? 

And when he got embarrassed by a story....THEN he got upset.  THEN he answered and he let loose with a barage of obsenity that would embarrass a sailor.  There is NO excuse for that type of behavior.  If a politiian cannot hold their tongue, they shouldn't hold that job.  It is that simple.  That is why I AM NOT A POLITIAN.  So don't blame those of us who see it for what it is.  And don't blame a reporter who got the call or wrote the story.  If I was on the receiving end of tha smutty call, I would have been truly offended.  Shame on Mr Paul.  He had no right to talk to the reporter that way. 

The truth is, it all could have been avoided had he answered the phone or returned his messages in a timely manner.  But instead, his friends and buddies want to blame everyone else.  Now its the timeline or those who criticise him. 

And now its ME for not giving my name.  OMG..where will this end?????  With it be someone not paying taxes in Perkins?  Will it be their fault next?    For heaven sakes.  This guy needs to grow up and his friends need to stop this stupid blame game. 

Really, Diane, I thought you were smarter than that.  Really I did. 




Re:why do YOU care who I am

The reason you use a screen name..... is the answer to your question.........




@ Kimo...first of all you make no sense.....secondly......do YOU use a screen name ?   Does deertracker, eastend rez, gardenman, etc......so why should I not use one?  Is there an exception for just me?  And why would that be?  Please tell me so it is clearly stated that I must be the exception to the rule around here when all others are permitted to use a screen name, but I must use my real name??? 

You know, it seems to me that the selectivism you suggest smacks of a fear that rests on paranoia?  Are you afraid?  Why is that Kimo?  Why do you fear not knowing to whom you are speaking?   Why the fear of whom I might be or not be?   I have repeatedly told all of you, my name means nothing and I am nothing more than a citizen of the City of Sandusky but still you are worried about my name. 

Wow....it apparently really worries you, Diana and others..  I have the same freedom as you and all the others on here to use a screen name.....and why not???   Do you see yourself as special?  Do you think you have the right to DEMAND that I reveal my real name and you do not have to????  What makes you think you have that right?????   Are you the monitor on here?????  You call yourself KIMO....is that YOUR real name?????? 


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines



Re:You call yourself KIMO....is that YOUR real name?????? 

That's the name my mother gave me when we moved from Kenya to Hawaii.

On the mainland it would be Jimbo.




Just Asking

Wiredmama - I think Kimo's first response was actually defending your position.

But quoting from one of your own blogs about Mr. Paul  you said - "When someone asks a question, you answer it".  So did you mean to add a list of exceptions like, if I feel like it, or something like that.  Personally if you appeared on BTL I don't see the big deal.

I also noted that your original response to Schaefer was at 3:24 AM!!   I'm not going to assume anything, but there were some that accused Paul of being under the influence when he returned a call at 11:00 PM and because he stammers. 

By the way I think your screen name is very fitting.


It's interesting that the Register would delete the last 4 numbers of Tom Paul's phone number after several days of openly airing the entire number.

I guess Matt finally realized what a distasteful tactic that was.  Too bad he wasn't big enough to apologize for the act.



@just asking......I was not one of those who accused Mr Paul of being "under the influence" so stop right there and get your facts straight.  Go back and look.  I said that as a politician he should have answed the questions on the phone and I sincerely mean that.

Just because I went on BTL does not mean that I should be required to give up my name to anyone.  In fact it was advertised as "wiredmama interviews Matt Westerhold" and I distinctly stated I was not there to answer questions.  The entire point was to question HIM not the other way around.  Many of you seemed to miss the distinction.  Why is it NONE of you has taken the offer to follow me on that show as requested??????

Just like this story is not about me but about Mr Paul and his total lack of regard for others with his profanity and his expectation of being asked or told about a story because he thinks he deserves advanced notice when he didn't return phone calls early on. 

I still don't care for politicians who shirk their responsibilities to that while in office and then cry about it later.  When will people who hold office stop thinking they do not have a responsibility to the PUBLIC they serve?  

The newspaper also serves the public by printing stories that are going on.  When the politicians don't like what they print , the politicans get really riled up.  Like it or not, past or present political forces can get crankly about stories.  The newspaper owes a politician NOTHING.  And yet the politicians think they are owed everything.  Why is that?  I can never figure that one out.  And I said so.  If that makes me the bad guy, then so be it.  I just do not happen to agree. 

If you want to use me as the smoke screen then so be it.  But it does not change the facts.  It doesn't absolve Mr. Paul of a darn thing. 

I am NOT a politician.  I am not a community leader nor am I anything near that.  I am blogger who told Mr Westerhold shame shame on the story on Ms Goode and that HE should be interviewed about the police.  He took me up on it and we went from there.  So what?  That is as far as it goes.  That does not make me someone special. 

Mr Westerhold put out an offer to OTHERS who would like to do the same.  He, thus far, has had no takers to my knowledge.  Why not?  Is everyone afraid to do it?   You all put your words down on this but no one has the guts to do it on the air????  Then do NOT come at me for doing so and do not complain that I did have the guts. 

Remember....this story is about Mr Paul, not me.  If you want to complain to me.....click my name and contact me personally   I willl answer.  Otherwise, you are all getting WAY off topic and it is getting old quickly.  I think what bothers you all the most is you don't like hear the truth OR hearing common sense. 

Just Asking

Wired -

I never accuse you of saying that.  What I said was that "some people".  If you want to put yourself in that class, by all means don't let me stop you.

In another post you say that you are a "citizen of the City of Sandusky".  Bet that is a relief to the citizens of Perkins.  People like you are one of the reasons Perkins does not want to annex to the City.   


@just.....Yes, you did.  And like I said, this story isn't about me but you just don't get it. 

oh, please.  The people in perkins think they are sooo much better than those in Sandusky and it is just not so.  Let me remind you of something.  You are not that great over there.  You people in perkins have more than your fair share of problems just as we do in Sandusky.  You may have more ROOM and shopping than we do but that is it.  .

People like ME have opinions, common sense and are free to make our statements, and are just as good as those of you in Perkins with your elitist attitudes etc.  I don't remember ONCE ever hearing that PERKINS wanted to annex the City of Sandusy, other than rumor and you believed it..  That would be really funny. 

I wouldn't want to be a citizen of PERKINS ,your tax base is outlandish for one thing.  You just built a huge stadium for your school and now you guys are clammering for a new tax hike for your schools (why).  You have drug problems in your schools and problems with your kids beating up adults. 

You have just as many problems in your little burg as the city of Sandusky, so don't tell me that people like me are the reason Perkins doesn't want to annex Sandusky. 

IF and WHEN that ever happened, the people of Sandusky would have something to say about it and I am pretty sure it wouldn't be a favorable vote. 

As much as you would love to believe that people like me are the reason, if it ever did happen you would have to take me along and then what would you do?   Move?   Oh, goodness, that  would be wonderful.  Because I wouldn't want such a terrible, opinionated person as you as my neighbor anyway.  I couldn't stand having that in my neighborhood.  It would haunt me night and day to think that I had to live with a person who cannot stand to hear a person with an apposing opinion or someone who speaks truths about someone else.  Wow.  How terrible that would be.  And there are more out here like me.  How would that ever be accepted in Perkins ?  


The voters of Sandusky or Perkins don't have a clue. The voters don't know their anal orifices from a hole in the ground.


AGAIN.....TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE.    Mr. Westerhold had invited all of you to pick a topic and join him on BTL to ask him questions.  Some of you have had so very much to say about his articles in the newspaper as well as what his reporters have to say in their articles.  But not one of you has YET to contact him and ask to be on BTL. 

Yet many of you have jumped me, criticized me and taken me to task for not giving my name simply because I had the guts to go on there.  Are you just jealous?  Is it envy?  Or is it something more?  You ask who I am or who I think I am.  I have repeatedly told you and will say again I am NOTHING MORE THAN A SIMPLE HOUSEWIFE..  I do not say and have NEVER said I was more than that.  I do not put myself out there as more than that.  If you think I am more important then the problem is YOURS and not mine.  It is flattering that some of you have built it up in your minds, however untrue your fantasy is. 

What some of you need to do is get off your duffs and take a topic that is your passion and go ask Mr. Westerhold some questions of your own. Many of you have brought up some wonderful discussions on these boards and then just left them lay.  Why not do what I did.?  Just get on there and do it. 

It takes some backbone to come from behind your name and show your face, but if you believe in what your are writing wny not.? 

You need not give up your name.....that isn't a REQUIREMENT  no matter who much these people try and badger you for it.  It is none of their business.  That is why you have a screen name to begin with.  And if someone recognizes you, so what. 

Take it to the airways.  Say what you have to say and ask HIM to explain.  They do not bite... in fact, it is very interesting. 

And what happens after that is just so much writer envy.  Because some of these people do not have the backbone to do what you are about to do or the strength of their conviction on what they say when it comes to showing their face. 

It takes a little strength and a lot of backbone to come out from behind the cover and say what you believe.  Even for a few minutes.  But some of you can do it like I did.  I think some of you have the guts to do what i did.  Some of you can. 

I wish some of you would because you have a lot to ask that is of value and of importance.  Those who have that will make a difference.  Those who attack you never made a difference in their entire lives and never will. 



Re:or someone who speaks truths about someone else.

I know a person that will make up a story and when challenged witl reply, "Well it's the truth, I'll swear on a stack of bibles".

An opinion is an opinion; it may or may not be correct or the truth.

But that is just my opinion......




@Kimo....what ARE you talking about now? 


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal information. Discussion Guidelines

Julie R.

It's not just the people from Perkins that think they are sooo much better than the people in Sandusky, so do the people in Huron --- which has to be the biggest joke of all. As I have said many times before --- with the exception of a crook Lorain County attorney that got paid big bucks to prepare a fraud quitclaims deed, all the idiots that criminally defrauded my elderly mother at the end of her life were from HURON. I have so many fraud documents with my mother's name FORGED on them (even after her death) prepared by her HURON attorneys, an insurance agent from HURON, and the manager of a HURON bank, I could wallpaper my living room with those fraud documents!  


which no doubt came from a "forged"  EC attorney POA.  I have no doubt in doing reseach.   Keep then Julie they may be needed in the near future. 

Common Sense

Re: wired mama

In speaking of citizens of neighboriing areas, take in account that not every person (or for that matter, a majority) is the same as the person your painted.  It's the same thing when residents of Perkins, Huron, Castalia, or simi.ar communities place their judgement on others.

You will not see Perkins asking to annex Sandusky because, in my opinion, Perkins has enough on their plate as it stands.

As for the stadium, it is my understanding that no school funds were used for its construction.  Money was raised and generous offers were made to complete the construction.  Similar to families whose income does not rise, the schools (and not just Perkins) are facing serious challenges in terms of finances.  Townships and cities are also feeling the pinch.

This article was about the former auditor.  However, since you wished to convey another message in your past post, I felt that it needed to be addressed.