Warning: Former Erie County auditor uses profanity

Matt Westerhold
Jul 17, 2012

Warning: The attached audio includes profanity that some might find offensive. 

Former Erie County auditor Tom Paul was downright nasty when he called the Register this past weekend to complain about a story in the Saturday Register about property evaluations. Judge it for yourself. Listen to the message he left for reporter Andy Ouriel. 

Paul asks why he wasn't contacted for the story headlined "Property taxes could decline." Here's the answer: Because when he was the county auditor he frequently did not return phone calls, or, if he did, did not answer the questions reporters asked.

In his message, Paul suggests there was an inaccuracy in the story, but I'm simply not sure that's the case. In fact, I'm pretty sure Paul is rewriting history to serve his own purposes without regard to any accurate account of history.  

Listen to the message in the player below

With that said, I did contact Paul after listening to his profane message early on Monday. He did not answer his phone or return the message I left. In my message to him, I asked Paul to send an email directly to me specifying exactly what he found to be inaccurate in the story. I told him if he sent that email the Register staff would review it to determine whether a correction is necessary.

Nobody deserves to be talked to in the profane manner that Paul spoke in the message he left for Ouriel. Private citizens and even reporters and editors don't deserve that kind of abuse. But some in the "entitled wing" of the local Democratic Party believe they should never be questioned or held to the decisions they make, in any way, before an election, or after losing an election. Tom Paul is one of those Democrats.



Concerned For A...

And..........ACTION!!!!! Let the comments roll, lol!


People who can't talk without swearing have nothing to say. He just showed everyone his true colors and genuine lack of class!

Taxed Enough Already

 well for the record Paul is right, if I had been in his place I would have been just as angry.  If this newpaper would just print the truth, it's a shame they have to go to these lengths to try to smear someone and build Bill and Pat up.  What because Shenigo has a little money..come SR get a grip and do the right thing for once.


Disclaimer:  The Sandusky Register will more than likely delete this post as something controversial...and they should know controversy first hand.


How is the Register trying to smear anyone? Did they force him to talk like that? NO, they did not and if the man was stupid enough to talk like that on an answering machine, he deserves what he is getting. In this electronic age, everyone is on camera somewhere, sooner or later and Mr. Paul has no right to verbally attack anyone, no matter what! Right or wrong isn't the issue, stupid is as stupid does!

Darwin's choice

+1 for Paul.....

Concerned For A...

I find it funny that he got put on blast for his disrespectful tone and his UN-Professional choice of words. Obviously he was angry when this call was made, but really? Compose yourself!! The paper is going to report on what facts they have in front of them at the time the article is written. It isn't their fault that a person don't answer their calls or return messages. I know if I was someone in this position and I had a news station or paper contacting me about a story they were doing, I would make darn sure to return or answer a phone call to make sure that the facts are straight! Not just get angry after the fact.


No big deal.  I've had many occasions to leave these kind of messages for that scum paper and their writers!


I guess nothing surprises anyone any more on how people act.  This guy just made more trouble for himself by leaving such an unprofessional message like that.  It was uncalled for.


I've complained about my taxes being too high for over 4 yrs. When I questioned a clerk at the Auditor's office she was of no help. That was over 2 yrs. ago. Then I noticed on their website that many properties taxes were lowered in 2009. Mine weren't - and these were my neighbors. Mine haven't been evaluated in 6 yrs.Of course the taxes are wrong. But this is the same man who wouldn't concede the election. He should be ashamed of himself for talking like that. Wasn't he smart enough to know that he was talking on a machine?


Really????  Why does he have to be labeled as far as poltical affiliation.  I think labeling him as a potty mouth would be quite enough.


Thats to funny.  I thought I heard a few hiccups.  Dont leave messages when you have had a few adult beverages in you.

The New World Czar

If it really offends the SR staff that much, then call the authorities over the phone...and then play that piece of audio for us all.


That's soooo funny lifetime resident. That's exactly what I was thinking. This was at 11:00 pm. also. Maybe more than a few too many adult beverages. LOL

Most Wanted

That was funny!  And...............he did apologize to the shi$head!  I guess someone at the Register isn't big enough to accept an apology!


 hahahaha!!!!!!!!  Oh my oh my!!  Although I can't figure out why th SR would post this-I think its HILARIOUS!  

Scott Templeton

this is the same kind of reporting I use to do at the Baltimore Sun!


Swamp Fox

how is big dog going to spin this when the dems are infighting, I know this is Bush's fault....

Good 2 B Me

I had to deal with him a few years ago. He was a total @ss in his office. Rude and continually interupted me. Corrected me until I told him to read the paper in his hand and tell me that I am wrong. He read it and said "I will take care of it" to me. Never admitted to being wrong. He was a jerk to me though. Glad to see him lose his job.


Listen again at the 50 to 55 seconds mark.  He burped or hiccuped.   Were rolling at work listening to this.  God bless his soul.  In this heat we finally found something to distract us.  2 thumbs up.


Even more funny, he got in the garbage and stole his neighbors news paper.

Erie Countian

I agree that profanity in this case is uncalled for, especially from public officials. Everyone should try to be civil when expressing an opinion or a disagreement. However, it's beginning to seem like Matt and others at the Register are turning into a bunch of whiny tattletales whenever some person or organization disagrees with them, or when a person or organization acts in a manner that the Register doesn't approve of! For example, the Register and Matt Westerhold got their feathers SO ruffled that they actually reported more on WHO was included in the 300 ticketed guests at President Obama's visit than they did on the actual historic visit to Sandusky by a sitting president! In years to come, no one will care or even remember WHO was at this visit, only that it was a historic day for the city. But it seems the main focus was on Amy Grubbe and how unfair she was! Poor Matt didn't get to sit where he wanted to, (even though HE was one of the priveleged 300!) and THAT seemed to be the main focus of the Register's coverage of President's visit that week...that Amy Grubbe is abusing her power as chairman of the Erie Co. Democratic Party... and NOT the fact that the leader of the free world stopped in our town! Then there was the quoting of Sam Artino's F-word remarks when The Register called him to get an opinion on Ms. Grubbe.  "Ohhh, that bad Sam Artino used a bad word when we called him!" I'm not defending any of the Democrats I've mentioned, or Tom Paul. I'm just saying the Register doesn't seem very professional, just whiny and overly defensive when someone professes an opinion against them, or gets angry with them!  I'm not saying the Register should not report the facts or not  question wrongdoing, but shouldn't SOME of this silly stuff just be discussed internally at the Register? Seems almost as silly and juvenile of the Register to report to the reader that "so and so called us a bad name" as it is for the offending party to do the immature and uncalled for namecalling and profanity! It's time to grow up, Sandusky Register, and quit acting like an 8 year old who tattles "Mommy, Tommy called me a bad word! Mommy, Amy won't let me sit at the table! Mommy, Sammy cussed at me and then hung up the phone! Waa waa waa!"


Oh, come on,  can you imagine what is said in the offices of the  Register.


Maybe this is why Tom Paul was not chosen as the candidate by the other party when Jude Hammond left office. 



He sounds a bit drunk.

The language is vintage Sopranos.

He sounds like Tony Soprano.

He should have said "That article was a real ballbuster" you spithead.





It's accepted when someone says "freaking" but people get their shorts in a twist if someone drops the "F" bomb.

They both mean the same thing from where I sit.

Then there is the accepted one finger salute.

Just who in hell are we trying to kid here?



Hard to believe this guy was only 10 votes away from being out county auditor again!


Yet Matt were you "ticked" at me  because of my free speech?   No F.bombs....just giving my opinion on someone using racial words.         Guess that's how my Marine Corps spoiled me.      Truth is the world really is a hard nasty place; try to find good in people cause we  ALL have flaws  & each of us have made mistakes.     Its that  E-z. 


Mr Paul does impress and wow the fans!  And to think the simple words, "This conversation is off the record," could have prevented our dear public figure from such embarassment. One would think he would know that!

Then again, didnt his old party reject him in favor of a total outsider? In reward to his new party, he turned around and canned a pretty bright employee  from the real estate side, one that likely would have had straight-forward answers during his term, and replaced her with a commissioner's wife! (who is also outside looking in these days).

Guess the majority of voters figured out what quite many others already did!


Tom Paul and maybe Mrs Ferrell are the only two people in the county who think property values didnt drop. I wonder if Amy Grubbe gave Tom tips of how to leave nasty messages.  Does anyone remember Amy's gem to that church who dared let a non Democratic candidate use their fellowship hall???