Reader puts Presidential visit in perspective

Matt Westerhold
Jul 8, 2012

Sara Smith about sent a message using the contact form at

Something truly magical happened yesterday, we got to be a part of history. I have been reading the comments posted on each article and they upset me.

Just imagine that Obama were anyone other then himself, pick your president. Now close your eyes and truely see yesterday for what it was, The President of the United States of America just drove past your house and waved to you. Maybe you were fortunate enough to have him surprise you at your place of business or you got to hear him speak and meet your family. This was a very magical thing happened here. If you are not an Obama fan, please have respect for the man who is the President.

I live in Bay View and stood at the end of my street with my boyfriend and 2-year-old son and watched as the President of the United States drove past my neighborhood, and recored it. I will be able to show that to my son one day and that makes me proud. We as whole were a part of history yesterday, we should come together as a community and take pride in what happened here.

                                                                                   Sara Smith, Bay View

Editor's note: This e-mail was received Friday, the near-end of a very busy week in the newsroom. In the midst of a fair amount of negativity regarding this historic event, it was a pleasure to receive something a bit more positive. Thought it was worth sharing.

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Darwin's choice

Coasterfan............get over yourself.........we are going down the drain with this administration, and you continue to blame Bush, fool!

The Big Dog's back

durwood, we were going down the drain with bush. Obama put the plug back in the drain. 


This COULD have been a great event, If Anne Grubbe and her cronies hadn't been so corrupt as to forbid the public from meeting Obama in a community Meet and Greet like was done in Maumee, Oak Harbor, Port Clinton, Parma and Mahoning County.  Remember this travesty in November and VOTE OUT THE LOCAL DEMOCRATS!

The next time that our area needs help, remember that Anne Grubbe excluded 2 of the 3 County Commissioners, The Mayor and Vice-Mayor of Sandusky from attending.  When we need a grant or other funding, it would be a much greater possibiliy of receiving these, if the President and other government officialS could connect a name to a face and a location IN A POSITIVE WAY.

These kinds of personal contacts have been lost for years in this area by the Good Ol' Boys network.  They are more concerned maintaining control than fostering opportunity for the citizens of Erie County.  VOTE OUT THE LOCAL GOOD OL' BOYS.



Darwin's choice

Isn't Grubbe another of the "Illinios elite" ?

Darwin's choice

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Erie County Resident

Sara to a point I partially agree with you. A public presidential visit would be something to see. This was not public. It was an elitist event.

Now I'm sure the yappy little puppy will jump all over this one.

The liberals keep yelling you must respect Obama who is the guy living in the White House.

Now really try hard and think about this...

You want us to bow down and faithfully respect this person because he is the president no questions asked.

The guy in the White House does not now or ever in his 3+ years there shown any (zero) respect for the previous administrations no matter which one he is slamming at the minute.

So just WHY should we show him respect when he himself shows none?

Respect is earned not demanded like you seem to imply on this point. By-passing Congress to make everything you want to happen by executive order because the majority don't want it does not portray somebody that respects the powers and limitations of ALL 3 branches of the federal government.

I do not now or ever wil respect a socialist or a dictatorship!


Erie County--  I swear for the life of me, don't recall anyone ever expecting you to "bow down" nor "faithfully respect" OBAMA--

It was a matter of showing deference to the Office of the President of the United States--regardless of who occupies it.

So very sick and tired of you teatardonians tossing the socialist/dictatorship/facist-- ad nauseum words around..........we all know what you'd really like to call the President.   Now, you can kick and scream and naysay to your little old hearts content but people that have such a deep seated hatred for this President such as is exhibited by several people on these forums have a problem with him that stems from something other than his policies.



Erie County Resident


It is very obvious you didn't read my entire post. You just picked out the parts you wanted to see.

Go back and read the whole thing before you pull the race card crap. I could care less if Obummer was green with pink stripes, purple dots and a paisley interior.

My opnion is still the same. He respects nobody from any previous administration but you expect us to respect him after showing none? Don't think so!

Like I said go read my whole previous post and try to comprehend .. As far as name calling anyone that does not bow to him a teatardonian?  LOL

What can I say I wouldn't expect anything less from the litter-box liberals!!!

The Big Dog's back

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained racist or discriminatory remarks. Discussion Guidelines

Erie County Resident

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained profanity. Discussion Guidelines

Ok SR.. Just what was objectionable about my post????


No profanity or anything else that isn't being allowed below my comment.

Please answer.

Darwin's choice

Big Dog has to stop drinking from the puddle under the tour bus..................



Another liberal comments…another liberal plays the race card. 


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Rich Close

While I can appreciate the heart felt expression of Sara's emotional post I strongly stand with others who disagree and consider Obama anything but deserving respect or honor. Respect is earned based upon character and Obama has lied numerous times even if those liberals on this forum refuse to acknowledge the facts in print and video of his very speeches. No decent person can respect a liar and accomplice to swindles and possible murder which is currently being investigated by Congress as I type. Decisions based upon anything but fact is dangerous, especially with such an important position.

Rome's leader, Nero,  passed through its towns and was exalted and honored, but those who know Nero understood that he had no honor, he used live humans as torches to light up his gardens at night, specifically Christians. Hitler had millions of people honoring him and we know that he was a son of Satan himself. As many times as Obama has lied to this nation, I and others will not honor him but instead demand accountability.

Those who refuse to see the evidence in Obama's own words and speeches and believe the government is suppose to be a big lactating organ which provides for their every need will always argue their desired socialist views, even when it violates the rights of others. Did Holder sell arms which murdered innocent police and boarder patrolmen? We shall see just how worthy Obama is to receive my respect. If he is guilty then they should be charged for murder and not have flowers thrown their way!  There is also a question on Obama's policies that are threatening the very existence of an entire nation, Israel, the nation that Christ stated that he will bless anyone who blesses them and curse any who curse them, no Christian who knows the Bible can support such a person and honor him that goes against Israel. They are our allies and Obama treats them as enemies and the Muslim states as friends.  

Those who say that we must respect the office,  I couldn't agree more; and what better way to respect it than to make those possessing it accountable to its sacred calling.





(I orginally posted this on another report by accident, which I removed and then placed here,  sorry)


The Big Dog's back

 Really rich closedmind?


Rich Close,

Just as Obama has lied to the American people, so did GW Bush (with lots of help from Dick Cheney) when he first declared Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, then a short time later as he stood on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, giving a thumbs up sign in front of the "Mission Accomplished" sign, stating that major combat operations had ended in Iraq, while in fact the vast majority of casualties, both civilian & military, occurred after the speech.  And before GW Bush, Clinton delivered a whole slew of lies, including lies provided even before he was elected (remember Jennifer Flowers?).  And of course GW Bush's father also lied.

Numerous presidents throughout history have lied.  Clinton almost had impeachment hearings started.  Why haven't we held GW Bush accountable?

As for as Holder, of course he knew all of what was going on, as did others.  There's not much chance he'll be indicted, but the GOP has to force the issue because we're in a Presidential election year.  Just as the Democrats will do everything they can to bring up past shady dealings of Romney, the GOP will do everything they can to make Obama look like a thief, crook, socialist, etc.  The court of public opinion doesn't need proof to indict and convict.


Rich, On health care, my take on your take is "as long as you have yours"?



On healthcare we know the spin "As long as i have mine" as being a democrat saying against the repubs for being greedy, But look for a second who is exempt from the bill. Oh thats right the same idiots that passed it.

The Big Dog's back

 So dunny, you must be in favor of single payer. Good for you.