Sitting at the Dem Party table

Matt Westerhold
Jul 7, 2012

Excerpt from Westerhold's Between the Lines column in the Sunday Register, July 8, 2012:

Power has a way of demanding recognition. 

“This table is reserved for Amy Grubbe,” the campaign worker said. I looked for reinforcements and eyeballed Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter in line to get some ice cream. He did join me at the table, but at some point the Party worker declared: “I’ll go get Amy Grubbe.” 

Good, I thought. No, not good. Grubbe does not like the Register much, and she likes me even less. Within minutes she was standing behind me, over my shoulder, as I chatted with Baxter and state Rep. Dennis Murray Jr. She did not join the conversation.

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Julie R.

That email Amy Grubbe sent to the SR just goes to show how full of herself she is. Doesn't she have enough common sense to know never to cross anybody that buys their ink by the barrel?


Quoted from an email:

"Dear Contango:

Frankly, it's not the newspaper's job to worry about whether or not it is 
liked by public officials. It's not my job to worry about that either. 

Perhaps you could help me understand the "playground antics" to which you 

Please feel free to write back or call me at 419-609-5866.

Thanks for commenting.

Matt Westerhold"


Mr. Westerhold:

Kindly keep it on the blog and transparent.

So when is the webcast interview with Ms. Grubbe scheduled so the synonymous acts of "power demanding recognition" can be seen by all?



Dave Geiss got a DUI every so often, but he was a nice guy.  He also appreicated what people did for the party. She treats memebers who dont agree with her like crap.


@ wiredmama222:

In every bureaucracy "nonsense" flows downhill. IMO, Ms. Grubbe was simply following orders from above.

IMO, in every confrontation, someone has to be the "adult in the room" and in this instance it wasn't Mr. Westerhold.

"Giving them as good as he got"?

Best to remember: An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.



Great point about Amy Grubbe doing a great disservice to the President and his campaign.  What do you hear people talking about.  "did you get a ticket to see the President?"  "No I couldnt, so I didnt go."  Rather than have an open event where people could feel good about getting a chance to meet the most power man on earth, Amy made it so only her friends had access and the heck with everyone else.  Its sad she ruined such an historic event for our town.  Shame on her.


Look at the top two most commented stories.  If Amy Grubbe would have just let all of the people in and not just her friends it would be totally different. 


And I thought the republicans were supposed to be the good old boys club! HA The democrats don't give a damn about the people here in Sandusky, they just want your money and your vote, after that you can sit on their middle fingers.