Sitting at the Dem Party table

Matt Westerhold
Jul 7, 2012

Excerpt from Westerhold's Between the Lines column in the Sunday Register, July 8, 2012:

Power has a way of demanding recognition. 

“This table is reserved for Amy Grubbe,” the campaign worker said. I looked for reinforcements and eyeballed Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter in line to get some ice cream. He did join me at the table, but at some point the Party worker declared: “I’ll go get Amy Grubbe.” 

Good, I thought. No, not good. Grubbe does not like the Register much, and she likes me even less. Within minutes she was standing behind me, over my shoulder, as I chatted with Baxter and state Rep. Dennis Murray Jr. She did not join the conversation.

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Seems like you don't like each other!  Why not fire off a few questions since she was standing right there? Even if you got no response you could've printed the response you got.  Let that reporter in you takeover!  Why focus on the drama of who did or did not get a ticket?  Focus n that everyday, ordinary person that got to enjoy a once in a life time event!  The story in the print edition about the lady that also saw Truman was a good story!


 who's Amy Grubbe?


She is in charge of the Erie County Democratic Party.  She has been for several years now.


Was anyone surprised that the head of the local democratic party was not all that front and center when it came to introducing the president?  Orlando Pace was front and center the whole time.   He must have dropped a lot of money on the campaign. All the heavy campaign contributers where there in the front row. Didn't even invite the Ex-official Mayor of Sandusky to give out the key to the city since it was in the city of Sandusky. To shun any of the elected officials in Erie County no matter what party they were was a shame.  At least the invitation should have been extended to all the elected officials and for them to make the choice if they were going to attend and roll out the red carpet for the president. 


Where's the taxpayer's REFUND ? ?


From the chatter around town it sounds as if Amy and the rest of her group have soured some of locals on the Erie County Democratic Party. 

I left them a few years ago because of behavior like what happened downtown this week.  This week was the apex, once you force businesses to close, and block off half of downtown so you can have a private ice cream party in a public park, people start to question just how out of touch you are.  

 I started to question this after being on the inside, now the outsiders are wary.  This could have been an event used to show the local party shine, instead it was an insider fest with no chance for the average voter, or those that need to be swayed to be invited.  What good is a campaign stop if you cannot speak to the undecided? 

Failed leadership is the only words I can use to describe what happened this week.

The New World Czar

The reality is that the upper crust of the local Dems spend a good amount of time at Plum Brook CC, the Yacht Club, or on their private dock/beach.




they will find out come voting time locallly and county and state

shun the shunners

time to get rid of the arrogant bunch of hillbillies


Swamp Fox

Is any surprised that Matt Westerhold created another story about himself?  I always thought it was the media's job to report the news, not create it.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for joining the reader comment section at, Swamp Fox, and thanks for the comment. This is an excerpt from a column on the editorial page. It's not a news story. 


As a former activist in the Democrat party of Erie Couty, I am fully convinced Amy made sure there were only 300 tickets.  She views herself as the Queenbee of the whole county ( I have seen her car parked in the elected officials spaces at the county building, though she isnt elected to ANYTHING). She is an elitist to her core.  Why let as many people in as possible to see the President when you can hand pick Baxter, Ferrel, Murray and all of your other political hacks.  Wouldnt it be nice if all citizens had a chance to shake hands and get a picture with President Obama instead of just Amy's friends?


I also left the ECDP after Amy called that church and threatend them with "calling columbus" about their tax status after Heather Love Carmen's campaign wanted to have fund raiser in their fellowship hall.  

I have never met such a bully in entire life.  She ran the party with threats and fear.   To me it is really sad if that is the way she wins elections.  Before I left I told her there was no reason to act like that.  It doesnt matter who the party chairperson is, we will probably win anyway in Erie.  Its simple math, more Democrats in the county!

real talk

 The number of tickets is set by the Secret Service. They go to people that have been cleared and normally to volunteers etc. 

Amy Grubbe needs to be replaced. The local party has been in a downward spiral since she has been in that position. She is not in the state/sountry most of the time. She is a flight attendant. There has been dozens if not hundreds of functions and meetings that she has not attended due to this. 

Hopefully there is an investigation into her and she is replaced soon. 

Swamp Fox

real talk, the number is not set by the Secret Service, the agent from Toledo was quoted that any presidential event is set by the president's staff or the re-election committee including the number of people allowed, anyone with close in personal contact with the president must submit to a background check.  The Secret Service then plans security with the cooperation of local law enforcement including perimeter size depending on the crowd..

the office cat

Precinct Committeemen/women make up the Central Committee who, with a set number of others who may be elected by the Central Committee make up the Executive Committee.

The precinct committeemen/women are elected to four-year terms by the registered party members in their precincts - thus YOUR source of power.

The Committees appoint the Party officers - in both parties.

Amy is removable.  Just talk to enough Precinct chairs (do you know who yours is?  get the list from the Board of Elections) to take action to remove her.  The meetings are open to the may attend, and if rcognzed by either chair, speak - but you cannot vote.

The director and assistant director of the Board of Elections are of opposite parties and rotate positions.

The actual Board of Elections - which certifies elections, etc. - consists of two from each party.  The Chair of the Board is of the opposite party as the Director.

The Board of Elections and the officer director/assistant do not have control of the parties, though sometimes the two directors may be member of their respective committees.

Go ye and act accordingly.

the office cat

Lessee...   and this comes from a progressive independent turned Democrat party official focusing now on representing the Democrats who elected me to be their Precinct Official....

One more note:  what I'm about to say applies to BOTH PARTIES, since both have forgotten about the voters and volunteers.  It's just I have more specific facts about  Dems in the surrounding area.

State Chair seeks $100/person to attend county 'meet the chair' events and counts the 'proceeds' as meeting part of the local party's 'assessment' to support the state party.

County chair Amy Grubbe allegedly misses party events because of her work.

Sandusky County chair misses party events because of family and coaching responsibilities.  Spent time last summer in Ireland and considered buying a house there but "couldn't quite afford 300,000 euros".

Seneca County chair offers raffle prize of 'week in France - airfare not included' - at his house there'.  He, though, may be at his house in Latvia. 

Sandusky County GOP chair's brother forced to resign from Sheriff's Department after participating in alleged sexual harassment of mentally ill female inmate.  Party uses state rep's former business office as election headquarters for 'unknown' rental agreement.

Ohio organizers for BOTH party presidential candidate are imported for Arizona, New Jersey, Massachusetts - and have no idea how Ohio operates.

Obviously Pres. Obama has much better 'sense of the people' as noted by 'unplanned' stops in Oak Harbor, Port Clinton, and other poins west and east.

A friend of mine and her amily have GREAT photos of the President at Kozy Korner and Bergman's.


Swamp Fox

My apology, Mr. Westerhold, so I stand corrected, the editorial focused on what table you choose to sit at?


Hats off to all our local police and sheriff departments, fire and rescue services, and the street and parks departments for working long, hard hours to keep the president and the public safe during the visit Thursday and making Sandusky shine in the spotlight.

Way to go !


This has been going on for years in the United States. What is so different now? Ever since I can remember certain people all ways got preferential treatment . Who are the people that fought in wars. It wasn't the elite people that protected your freedom. It was the middle class and poor. The area war veterans and "purple heart" recipents should have gotten front row seats, not Baxter or Murrary Jr. I am a Democrate and all ways will be but I wouldn't want to rub elbows with that class of three hundred.  

Erie Countian

What's the problem, Matt!? YOU got in there, didn't you?! As I commented in another article regarding this topic, it's all POLITICS. Ms. Grubbe was unfair. Why not just get over it and move on? Years from now, no one will care WHO was there, only that a sitting president visited Sandusky. It's a piece of our history.


"Good, I thought. No, not good. Grubbe does not like the Register much, and she likes me even less. Within minutes she was standing behind me, over my shoulder, as I chatted with Baxter and state Rep. Dennis Murray Jr. She did not join the conversation."<from the article

Now that we have that out in the open maybe you all can get together and work past this dilemma. :)


Im Glad Matt Westerhold and the paper was there. It was the only way "normal" people could get cover since Amy blocked everyone but her friends from getting in. 


Now this is funny. The Dem Elite publicly ditch the sheeple and the sheeple are still wanting to "Brush it under the rug" to protect the very same people that screwed you. HA! That is comical.

The Big Dog's back

 You don't see any of the regular Dem posters on here complaining about it. Only superficial right wingers would think this is a big deal. After all, you right wingers are constantly excluded by your masters. 


Guess "Right wingers" Make a deal out of it because we have enough sense to feel offended by somthing like that. The sheep are used to it and think its normal enough to defend those who treat you like dirt. Like i sais Its comical.

The Big Dog's back

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I personally could care less. I didnt like McCain and i dont care for Romney or Obama. Look at the legislation these idiots have tried to pass. I do not excuse McCain for being a idiot and thats the difference, You protect these fools like they ARE better than you for treating you like dirt. I dont. I do not appreciate any of these Elites who prey on voters so they can feed thier donors kickbacks. You obviously do. Therein lies the difference. Its comical.

car 54

    Obama met with city commissioner Brown prior to speaking.

Swamp Fox

little mut, were you invited, guess not Dick Celeste took care of that.

The New World Czar