In the dark about tickets

Matt Westerhold
Jul 5, 2012


The Register's Andy Ouriel and Angie Wilhelm were at the Toledo airport where Air Force One landed earlier today, and will be with President Obama's motorcade when it starts heading to Sandusky. Several other newsroom staffers have gotten the go-ahead to meet with the President when he arrives in Sandusky in a few hours, but we're still in the dark about tickets for others. 

I've had numerous calls and have forwarded some onto the Erie County Democratic Party from an Erie County resident. Here's an excerpt from an email I just received on the topic. 

"When the Sandusky Register announced President Obama would be in town on Tuesday and details for obtaining tickets would be given later, I waited as did many other citizens of the city and county. Last night I began getting antsy and decided to email the Democratic Headquarters and ask if there were any tickets left because the event was today. I emailed Amy Grubbe the Chair. I was actually quite surprised to see names like hers, Kevin Baxter and Jim Murray on the officers list. She wasn't happy with me when we hung up. I'm persistent and not easily swayed into bs. Perhaps you can use your skills and name to get some honest answers as to the way this affair was handled or mishandled with the ticket situation."

That's all I've got on this topic, for now.  We'll get a reporter assigned to the ticket story as soon as things settle back. Our inquiries thus far have not been answered. 




Gosh Matt, after trashing Fox News I was sure you would get a ticket.

car 54

     Amy Grubbe rules Erie County, ask her!

Matt Westerhold

Two supporters of Lyndon LoRouche (blast from past) were at the Sandusky Post Office earlier and we've gotten other info that a protest is planned at Shoreline Park prior to the President's arrival. 

Also, just got a call and then a text that still other protesters are gathering at Battery Park. Reporter Jessica Cuffman is heading down there now. We'll keep you posted. 


Hmmm - sounds like affluent people to me. Where do they get the screaming cheerleaders that seem to permeate the audience no matter the party, person, or event - specifically political?



Thank you Mr. President for not giving any tickets to our children of Sandusky! The only thing we get is the TAX BILL when you leave. I hope the 300 prominent people who received tickets get you your votes!


Certainly not the only thing The Registers editorial staff is in the dark about.

Matt Westerhold

 Thanks for the comment JIMBO2. If you want, please shed some light. 



Well for a couple of instances, the Sandusky Police Department does do some good and are not all knuckle dragging idiots and concealed carry laws lower crime rates wherever they are enacted.


I know nothing about who or how tickets were given out, but I sure hope folks like Mr. Clinton Bennett and Mr. Leroy Sizemore are part of the ticket holders.  Gentlemen like these two spent a lifetime helping the community, they have lived through so much history, and I hope they have not been forgotten.


 The word is that Amy Grubbe, the chair of the county Democrat party gave out those tickets to select politically connected (ie: Dem politicians and union hacks), as well as wealthy supporters of the Democrat party.  The general public was shut out in favor of those who could afford to donated big bucks to the campaign.  I have attended two Romney campaign stops and the vast majority of attendees were working class people.  It is becoming more evident by the day who the Democrats really support.  This is definately Erie County Democrat politics at its finest.  I think it is time for the fine regular folks of Erie County to make a statement to the Democrat party and vote against ALL of their candidates in the upcoming election.  It won't happen though, because most Erie Countians are sheep.

the office cat

Of about 50 persons I know who have tickets, none are 'affluent' or particularly 'influential'.  Most are just people who knocked doors, made calls or maybe made small donations,

@THEDON.  There are children with tickets or accompanying someone with a ticket (each was allowed a guest).

Talking with friends in Maumee and Parma, it seems the local Dem party mishandled this - perhaps with the blessing of the state chair, Chris Redfern - who BTW is running to be your state rep.

Tickets usually are necessary so the Secret Service can run background checks.

I talked with some of my Republican friends about the McCain visit and learned there were 'tickets' but it was kept very quiet.  There also was not as much to-do about his visit because, frankly, he wasn't that popular here and Democrats, unlike Republicans, know how to behave in public.



 Whatever office cat.  You are so full of BS!!! You are lucky if you know one ticket holder let alone 50.  Again, another post where you try to make yourself look more important than you are.  Did you not receive enough attention a child?  As for the McCain visit, I attended that rally and guess what?  I didn't have a ticket.  


McCain was not president.  He was a candidate.  There has to be more security for a President no matter what his party affiliation.  Get over yourselves people.  Not everybody can be there.  You whiners aren't going to vote for him anyway no matter what he says or does or how many times he would shake your hand.  Of course his supporters were the ones invited.  Who do you invite when you have a party? 

Maury Brauschwitz

Matt, I hope the SR reports on the considerable inconvenience and money that this has caused downtown business such as my own.  Staffing issues and considerable lost revenue, notwithstanding the disruption caused by having the secret service basically hijack my office.

The circumstances are more understandable if the event were open to the entire community.  This is simply a cute photo op of a faux ice cream social for national news consumption. If the Dems need to honor VIPs, volunteers, and contributors to the exclusion of the rest of the community, there are plenty of venues that can host 300 people with far less disruption.

Being a left wing newspaper, I doubt we will hear this side of the story.




You sound like a two year old......


There is a SR employee that got a ticket recently, but I don't think it was the same type of ticket.



Obama visited Columbus, Ohio on June 10, 2010 to mark a "milestone" of the 10,000th stimulus project. They converted Livingston Ave. eastward from Parsons Ave. into a boulevard - to take you right into one of the rougher sections of the city. No matter. Conveniently, the corner of Parsons and Livingston Ave. is the intersection in front of , at that time, the "under construction", brand new, Nationwide Children's Hospital replacement hospital. Earlier that spring the city raised our income tax to hire more police and fire personnel. When a president (doesn't matter which one or party) comes to town, they are all out in full force to protect the commander-in-chief, as it should be. Our tax dollar being wasted for grandstanding. Problem is, this visit was about jobs, construction jobs, the jobs the stimulus package was providing. The back drop of a hospital under construction to tout a road revamp "stimulus" project meant that the 300 people constructing that hospital did not work that day without pay for security reasons! Contractors on the project are my customers, so I know people that were affected first hand.

I can emapthize with Maury Brauschwitz - you are not important, nor is your business or your employees. Politicians and their parties always come first - citizens and employers are just rungs on the ladder.

the office cat


"Contractors on the [Nationwide Children's Hospital] project are my customers..."  who got a huge amount of  television exposure for your Nationwide Children's Hospital project - exposure you could never hope to buy or even put together - but even in this post you've given out the name of the Nationwide Children's Hospital (I just did it thrice) and  that your contractors are building the Nationwide Children's Hospital (four times).

It seems if YOUR CONTRACTORS on the Nationwide Children's Hospital (five) really gave a damn about their employees, they would have paid them for the day.  Once, that would have been the case, back in the 60s when contractors on something like The Nationwhide Children's Hospital (six - can we go for 10?) in COLUMBUS, OHIO.  My dad worked construction.

And now, all of northwest/northcentral/vacationland Ohio knows about your contractors and The Nationwide Children's Hospital (7) in Columbus, Ohio (2).  How much would THAT publicity cost you?

And ALL BECAUSE Barack Obama came to Columbusm Ohio (3) and set up outside your Nationwide Children's Hospital (8) in Columbus, Ohio. (4).

If I knew who you were, I'd send you my bill.

the office cat

Ohhh Knuckle.  Namecalling again. 

You'd be credible if you really knew anything.  You're right... I don't know 50.... its actually 53.  And no, I won't list their names so all of you can go after them.

Some of us are more well connected.

Hate that, don't you?


@ the office cat


 I'm sorry that you didn't understand my post. I have watched Clinton, Bush I, Bush II, Obama, and any other number of political grandstanders march through Columbus and create the same type disruptions in an attempt to prove what a fine job they are doing. Yes, Livingston Avenue, the 10,000th stimulus project made the national news. The news media did not mention the construction project in the background (Children's Hospital) nor did they discuss the fact that the project had nothing to do with that stimulus project, nor did they mention that over 300 construction workers missed a days work without pay. THAT'S what I find appalling! Were they instructed to not discuss that fact on the air? I mentioned my relationship to the project to give a connection as to why I was aware of what had happened. I am not affliated with any political party, especclialy the two dominant ones. (you will have to figure out who they are) I am not bashing, I'm stating facts as to what happened and how I know it happened. It isn't about advertising - I couldn't care less that anyone knows my involvement with the project. I'm not going to try to sell you any materials, trust me. One can't rely on the media to tell the whole story as I had learned from that event., so now you have the rest of the story.

Contractors bid work at very low margins to get work in these times. This isn't the 60's. Ask a few contractors. Ask your father. They can't afford to pay people to take a day off with pay so that a politician can grandstand. Maybe the parties should pay these people that missed a days work.

 My father also worked construction - in fact he worked on the Ohio Turnpike when it was constructed. (1950's)  He's a staunch democrat. He was also as pi$$ed as I about the incident in Columbus after he learned what had truly happened.

Maury Brauschwitz mentioned what it had done to his business. I am doing the same for the people that missed work in Central Ohio.

I see people calling the President names - I will not out of respect - but, I certainly will disagree with the political grandstanding.

I don't care who you are and  there will be no charge.

I hope you got a ticket and screamed real loud.



centralohioan...thank you for your point of view and the information you were able to provide about the situation we have with politicians today. As for the  individual who goes by the name "Office Cat". It is obvious that she lacks credibility and civility to speak for the majority here in Erie County. Her inability to be polite and to clarify her position without being disrespectful to others only proves my position, she is not worth my valuable time and effort to respond. Much of today's "dog and pony show" was an effort to create anger and promote corruption in our beautiful Erie County and Sandusky itself! I can respect my neighbor and those who favor the current Washington Administration , but don't attempt to shove your beliefs and misinformation on me and those of us who are educated enough to make our own decision. The current atmosphere created by both Democrats and Republicans has done great damage to our American Principles and our Heritage!  They both need a good teaching in American History. Isn't it amazing how many of our Politicians and "so-called Leaders" are very ignorant/stupid concerning our American History! This may tell us how many are not sincerely honest about their positions or their inability to lead us as our Representatives!


The Big Dog's back

 bookie, we know you have been "educated" by rush and beck.


Big Dog...have read a few of your appear to be a level-headed gentleman and that is good. But You are wrong about my being favored towards Beck and others of national syndicate. I think for myself and I don't need to patronize others to express my beliefs. My father was an exceptionally great school teacher! And I do read many very well written books concerning our American History and other valuable subjects to define/enlighten my abilities and also my weaknesses. I also read my Bible....not as often as I should! I think , evaluate and re-evaluate my responses, try not to offend or harm others. But I have my principles that I live with and, at times, I do fail. I know one thing for certain, our beloved America is in need of help. And it needs to come from within. No more blatant handouts/bailouts! And no more deception from Politicians or bribes or making promises you can not keep! Transparency has been a great problem with this administration and others in our past. It is not a perfect world. I know that. But I am tired of the irresponsible and deliberate degrading of our America. I am not in favor of Romney and have voiced my thoughts to my trusted friends. But maybe through him we can have someone in there who will listen and become a torch for civility and responsibility. If you think Obama has done as such, then you have disappointed me. But maybe we all are pointing the finger at the person and not ourselves because I know too many that still have no idea about our History and Heritage. They shun the way of life as it was planned by our forefathers who trusted the responsibility over to the next generation. My generation has failed greatly! This thought comes from a great lady, my neighbor, she is 90 plus years and a professional, well educated (by her own efforts), and a former WW2 military woman! I could only dream that Obama and Romney could quietly come to her home and sit down, enjoy a cup of tea adn home-made apple pie, listen, and learn what she can teach both of them! I am afraid electing either one will not help us out of this quagmire! We all should be frightened! Being "book-learned" does not allow you "common sense" Neither candidate has mastered this one value from what I have seen and heard. Both are cocky and over-confident in their superiority. They are not the only ones I have been disappointed of theri performance! I would be concerned with the honestly and ability of our local candidates wishing to be re-elected for their respective positions. Here is a place we should deeply worry!I I may have babbled too much,I do apologize. I am not concerned with save yourself efforts to "rattle my cage" Just ain't goin to happ'in. David 


@ bookmaker

 Thank you.

 Agreed - our current political landscape has done nothing but divide us as people. I see the political ads on television and am saddened that people buy into the rheotoric of these sound bites. Neither candidate has offered any  working solutions in these ads - just bashing the other candidate. There was a candidate that actually had numerous plans  and freely discussed them, but was ignored. I suppose that is what happens when your not lock step with the machine. If you don't improve the ratings of any one of the many talk shows and the "hosts" of those propaganda riddled programs, you will be ignored by them as well. Not to mention any one of the many "news" networks.

 I look at what someone or something has determined to be our choices for the presidency and wonder how this could be all we have to offer in this great country. The presidential election process (notice I didn't say race) has become nothing but a sporting event - beat the other team at all costs - to hell with the people of this nation. Who decided we needed parties, and then, these parties? As the quote goes, "Who died, and left you boss?"

What happened to just being an American?


Let me get this right, Grubbe, Baxter, and Murray tried to limit the public's access to something?  And this surprises who?  The only name that is missing in Redfern.


What was with all the (school) yellow buses there were they bused in?



I did not take the time to study all the comments:

Given that.

If you have to ask how the system works, you would not understand.



I was told yesterday that a sister and brother in law of a friend got a call that they were "selected' to be in the group to meet the "prez".  They were asked NOT to tell anyone that they were selected. They were excited to be selected, went to to report, only to be told there names were NOT on the list.  They were very angry.  Today, at the store, my husband and I were told Ms. Grubbe had given out the tickets to her "weatly friends" and they could invite ONE person to come. This was weeeks ago and the FBI had them all checked out ahead of time.

The SR was told only a few days ahead of time and yet the Demo's knew for several weeks that this was coming.  Nice sharing of info there, Mrs G. 

This fiasco is going to cost him votes and rightfully so  The rich cannot do this to people no matter who the party is: Democrat or Republican.  When are they going to get that through their heads. 

Word has it the Prez heard about it and isn't too happy.  He had no idea this was done.  I bet Mrs. Grubbe will hear from him or his aides pretty soon if it is true. 

But the rich think they can do whatever, whenever.  The young couple who thought they were chosen are hurt and angry.  They don't blame the President, they will now blame the Domcratic party...and I am sure they will blame Mrs. Grubbe.  They have a right to be hurt.  They aren't rich. 


Protest??  Like the democrack and 0bama ENDORSED "Occupy" violent protests?  Come on Matt, I do NOT think so.  If it is a TEA Party event, I am there.  If not, I am not driving all the way downtown to "protest" 0bama.  He is the president, it is too late to protest anything.  Exactly like it is too late to question his citizenship.  He is already the president and you blind saps VOTED him in.  BUT, we can do something about the direction of the nation in November.  Try not to grovel too much Matt.  It is too obvious.  How about posting a column describing WHY you want more "hope and change" you can believe in?  How about asking the hard questions?  How about some critical thinking instead of the usual liberal FREE PASS with a blind eye.  It is exactly how you FAIL to report on the state of the city.  Just because YOU are in constant denial does not mean all of the liberal sheep should be.  I can train a chimp to sit behind the editors desk and copy all the "wonderful" propaganda from the AP-0bama and receive awards for doing so and bragging about it.

Sal Dali

The way the tickets were handled is a disgrace to the Democratic Party. It will effect the way voters view the candidates in this county at election time whether they are educated or not. Being shunned because you are not wealthy enough or privileged enough (hob-knobbing at the Dem HQ's) is a slap in the face that anyone in any socioeconomic circumstance understands.  A vote from someone with a six figure income isn't worth any more or any less than that of someone that is unemployed, retired, on disability or working at McDonald's and not in a law office. Everyone has their own perspective and I disagree with the Obama slams some of you spew so readily. I wasn't exactly impressed with Bush either but you don't see me name calling and boy oh boy... The best move than man ever made besides moving back to Texas was ducking the shoes thrown at him by that Iraqi journalist. I bet our troops wish they could have dodged shoes instead of bullets. Wasn't he lucky? The respect or lack of it that you show for our President speaks volumes about your political mentality. If you have grandiose dreams of being as rich as Mitt, I hate to disillusion you but he probably isn't planning on sharing any of those secrets, even with the ultraconservatives. I'm glad the President came to this area, not happy about the tickets mismanagement and ashamed of the way some of you have spoken about him. Speaking of respect and earning's pretty difficult for a lot of people to respect those that would speak about the leader of our nation in such a derogatory manner. You want respect...earn it and show a little patriotism.