'Wiredmama' to interview Westerhold at 1 p.m.

Jul 5, 2012

Be sure to be at sanduskyregister.com at 1 p.m. today (July 3) for a special edition of "Between the Lines Live" with commenter "wiredmama" in the interviewer's chair. This program will be live and viewers -- especially critics of the Register and its managing editor -- are encouraged to ask their questions from the interactive chatroom.

The BTL with Shawna Goode was pre-recorded and first shown at sanduskyregister.com June 15. Goode was arrested in February and charged with drunken disorderly conduct after a brief encounter with a police officer. An alcohol breath test administered after her arrest, however, showed she had not been drinking. After she filed a complaint alleging she had been roughed up by the arresting officer, the city prosecutor dropped the first charge but filed a persistent disorderly charge against her. 

Stories about the arrest were published and a dashcam video from the police cruiser was posted at the website. The officer was cleared of any wrongdoing after an internal department investigation, and additional stories about that were published by the Register.

The interview with Goode caused some viewers to question whether it was fair to police. "A new low," in journalism, one viewer commented. Another viewer wrote the interview was "one-sided," and another commented "shame, shame, shame."

"Wiredmama," a frequent commenter at sanduskyregister.com, wrote that she was extremely disappointed by the program and suggested someone should interview Matt Westerhold. After a series of emails to arrange a time and date, "wiredmama" will be sitting in the interviewer's chair this Tuesday.

This is a first for the Register, and for the community of commenters at sanduskyregister.com. The program will be live as it happens and viewers, especially those with critical questions, should have those questions ready. If you want to participate, we're asking you to be polite, concise, direct and to the point, but all topics are open for discussion. The chatroom will be monitored, carefully. 


Every edition of BTL is available for on-demand viewing at sanduskyregister.com. Click the links or go to sanduskyregister.com/opinion/blogs/betweenthelines.



@ Kelly, I have the entire log of comments from the chat room. I will have to wait for the video to see if my questions were answered.

1:58 PM Centauri: To Matt: Why are you avoiding my questions?

1:59 PM funcoast: Centauri, we addressed the McClung topic


Why can't I find the video of this interview?? Like may other people, a 1:00 interview isn't quite the time for me to be sitting at my computer and I don't see any link for the chat's during the interview.  Why do I have a felling this was a complete mess...as usual???

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the comment allrheoricanyway. The interview went forward pretty well, I think, which might mean you'll find it to be a complete mess, as usual, given our differing viewpoints.

We opened the program with Jason Werling and a conversation about the annual Fourth of July photo contest and his Road Trip series and video of his working vacation driving down Route 4. Reporter Andy Ouriel also was on the program to talk about President Obama's visit to Sandusky on Thursday. Andy might get his interview with the President during this campaign swing. He's scheduled to join Obama in the motorcade in Maumee Thursday morning.

But "wiredmama" followed and that portion of the program featuring her questions and questions from the chatroom audience is about an hour long. The entire segment might take another day before it gets posted here for on-demand viewing. It was an extremely busy Tuesday and the holiday put a kink in the scheduling. Sorry for the delay.

Julie R.

"It WAS funny to see Centauri whine that he was being ignored."

@ Kelly: Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't you the one that thought it was FUNNY when the attorney that called itself Buff was making up those ignorant Christmas carols about Elsebeth Baumgartner? 

If so, I'll consider the source.  


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LOL! It wasn't a personal attack. I'm sure Buff would agree that my Chrismas Carols were pretty darn good :o)


@Kelly,  wish I could have heard them as I love Christmas carols.  But since I could not behaps you could share them with me sometime.  I also have a pretty good sense of humor, so sing away. 


I think you would have liked them, wiredmama. They were fun. I'll have to see if I remember any of them :o)


I agree with princedenny. 


@unassumer.  Sorry that you feel that way.  Especially if you watched.  If you didn't then you are making an assumption based on pure assumption.  If you watched, then I am disappointed that I failed to ask the questions the interested YOU. 

I asked some questions that were emailed to me by fellow commentors from whom I had never heard before which made it interesting for me.  I asked their questions as quickly as I could.  I understood there were 80 people online. 

I had several from one person in particular that took Matt several minutes to answer and he sort of went off on a tangent with it.  As he did with the Neusse questions. 

All in all I was pretty pleased with the way things went.  I think I took him off guard when I told him I did my homework about the SPD.  I please myself  on that one. 

But I am truly sorry that you feel that you and your buddy were both pre-disposed to feeling this would be lacking in any way, particarly because it was me asking questions. 

As Mr Westerhold suggested, any commentor is asked to do this.  I suggest that you or your friend be next since you both think of yourself as so intelligent. You both may be much better at this.  You do it.  Why not?

Just Asking

So who was Wiredmama222? 


I am wiredmama222.  Did you expect me to tell you my name, rank and serial number???  LOL   I was on the screen for over an hour!  Could you not see me????  I was the interverer NOT the interviewee.    This interview was not ABOUT me, sorry to disappoint you.  I was there to interview Matt, not the other way around.  So who are YOU?  Would you like to tell me?  What is your real name? 

If you mean who am I to do something like this, absolutely no one special.  Simply a frequent blogger/commentator on here the same as you.  

Mr. Westerhold did an interview with a Ms Goode which I did not particularly think was fair to the Sandusky PD and I called him "out" on it and said someone should "interview" him about it.  He emailed me and asked me if I would be willing to do that.  I said I would and I did.  That's all. 

He is willing to do more interviews now with more commentators whenever they are willing about other things if they are willing to do so, so if you are willing, let him know and he may do one with any of you.  

What it comes down to is.....are you willing to put your face on BTL and yourself up to ridicule for what you stand for or not?   

Just Asking

In most interviews we know both the interviewer and the person being interviewed.  Just want to know who you are.  And when I really want to be taken serious I do post using my own name - so if you check the blogs you will see that I am one of the few to do.  But to use your words this is not about me, it is about you.  I just think it would have added more creditibility if we know you name.  After all how does one contact you if they don't know who you are and don't have your e-mail?

And by the way I have been on BTL so the answer to your question is yes.

In response to one of your other comments - I watched almost all of the BTL segment and even had one of my questions answered through the chat room - The one about McClung.  And the most people I saw viewing was only 20.  Whose trying to inflate the numbers?


Edwin Ison

 "an assumption based on pure assumption"


instant classic :)


@ Just asking  .......I am not trying to inflate the numbers.  When we started they TOLD me 80, I couldn't see a thing. I go by what they told me, not by what I saw. 

Tell me your name now, as I am not going back and searching through a bunch of stuff to find it or click on my name and send be an email.  All the others who have emailed me have had no problem in doing so.  If you understand how it works you should understand that. 

I too have signed my name: Kate.  Why the problems? You seem so upset and on a "need to know" problem it seems like and obsession with you?  Why is that?

I think you must be a cop.  I bet you are.  One who is either living, a Perkins cop or a Sandusky retiree or someone associated with Sandusky.  That has to be the problem. 

Matt Westerhold

Here's the link to the "wiredmama" interviews Westerhold BTL. Thanks to all the viewers who offered questions. 


The Christmas carols were very clever and the subject of them earned them by breaking the law. I just don't understand what they have to do with this story? I was watching the interview and noticed someone obviously getting upset because their question wasn't being answered. This same person did seem rather childish considering how many questions were being asked. They seemed to think their question was more important than anyone else's. Why not just contact The Register and set up an interview yourself? Let your VOICES be heard. I'm sure your interview would be much more organized and thought provoking. This interview just seemed kind of silly.


Cross, I was getting frustrated.  Email me and I will explain.  I am sorry that you felt this was silly.  I didn't. 

You go on and see if you can do better.  There is nothing like and armchair quarterback who thinks they are better than the player on the field.  In fact, I dare you. 


Way to put words in my mouth, there.  I'm sorry if you were frustrated but there's no need to explain why. You're not a reporter and I didn't expect you to be one. I think the idea of the interview was a neat idea.  I  just didn't really enjoy the exchange between the two of you. It's not personal. But daring me? Really?


@ Wiredmama, I saw maybe about 20 people in the chat room but I believe that another 60 were watching the interview live. That would make it about 80 people viewing the video live or trying to view the video. Kelly stated that she could not view the video on any of her computers.

@ Cross, I will prove you wrong. In a few minutes I am going to post the entire log of questions and comments for the people who had to watch the delayed video and could not see the comments and questions. Putting up a log with questions and comments of the video chat room will help the viewers to see that Wiredmama did a decent job with Matt's interview. There are many people that I used to follow and read their comments. I feel that some were unfairly banned because they were critical of the newspaper's reporting or lack of reporting. I asked why Marcus M. was banned and did not get an answer. I had trouble viewing the video. It would go OFFLINE or would freeze and I had to keep refreshing the video. I gave up and watched the video along with my log of comments and questions and it made more sense to watch the entire video and also read the comments and questions from the chat room. I am also going to prove Kelly wrong for saying that I whined.

It will be the last live video chat room that I will be participating in. I didn't see Cross or Kelly in the chat room to offer a comment or a question. Wiredmama didn't get my list of questions that I emailed to her. She didn't see my email with my questions until after the interview. I don't plan on commenting much in the future on any news story. The powers that be will be very pleased with my decision.


"Why won't you answer my question???" Sure sounded like whining to me.  I already said that the video didn't show up for me so how could I participate?  Even if I could have seen it, I  probably wouldn't have asked anything because I happen to think the Register does a pretty good job. I don't feel the need to question every single thing they do. Maybe once or twice, but EVERYTHING? Sheesh.


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Julie R.

I see questions by Centauri at 1:31, 1:33, 1:36 and 1:40 that weren't answered, so how was that considered whining when he then asked why his questions weren't being answered?  

That said, I never thought the interview with Shawna Goode was one-sided to begin with. Had it been one-sided and out to make the SPD look bad, I don't think the Register would have shown that video of Ms. Goode going nuts in the back of the police cruiser  ---- and I still think the ending of that video about the handcuffs was hilarious!       

I also think wiremama did a darn good job interviewing Matt W.  ---- but then I think Matt W. also did a good job.  I especially liked his answer as to why he supported Kim Nuesse. His answer about the SPD was good, too. Wasn't "disappointed" the answer?    

@ wiremama: Yes, those Christmas carols by the highly intelligent attorney Buff about the disbarred attorney and her 8-year prison sentence were very enjoyable. In fact, I was rather disappointed and even a bit perplexed as to why Buff and Kelly didn't make up any about the thief in the Treasurer's office that got 2 years for stealing $150K of taxpayer money under the watch of Jo Dee Fantozz. I also could say that the attorney Buff and those Christmas carols reaffirmed my opinion about the twisted mentality of the attorney profession but that wouldn't be true because I already had MORE then enough confirmation of that.     


Attn Matt W. I still stand by what was said about Shawna Good.   Did you read the aforementioned  article that I spoke about  in my e-mail to you?         Thanxs for having  wiredmama on.


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What a joke. I posted the entire video chat room comments and questions from the Sandusky Register's own website. Many people have already read my comments. Time for another newspaper to take over to print the truthful news and not hide the truth. Don't bother to ban me because I have banned myself in a way.

I still have the entire log of the chat room comments. Send me a PM and I will send them to you.

Time for somebody to step up and put a real newspaper online to print truthful information.

The powers that be will be stuck with the Sandusky Register.




QUOTE Moderators have removed this comment because it contained lengthy or off-topic excerpts from other websites. UNQUOTE

My list of the chat room comments and questions were from the Sandusky Register's own website.

Too ashamed that I provided information from the Sandusky Register's own website?

Time to fire Jason Werling.