'Wiredmama' to interview Westerhold at 1 p.m.

Jul 5, 2012

Be sure to be at sanduskyregister.com at 1 p.m. today (July 3) for a special edition of "Between the Lines Live" with commenter "wiredmama" in the interviewer's chair. This program will be live and viewers -- especially critics of the Register and its managing editor -- are encouraged to ask their questions from the interactive chatroom.

The BTL with Shawna Goode was pre-recorded and first shown at sanduskyregister.com June 15. Goode was arrested in February and charged with drunken disorderly conduct after a brief encounter with a police officer. An alcohol breath test administered after her arrest, however, showed she had not been drinking. After she filed a complaint alleging she had been roughed up by the arresting officer, the city prosecutor dropped the first charge but filed a persistent disorderly charge against her. 

Stories about the arrest were published and a dashcam video from the police cruiser was posted at the website. The officer was cleared of any wrongdoing after an internal department investigation, and additional stories about that were published by the Register.

The interview with Goode caused some viewers to question whether it was fair to police. "A new low," in journalism, one viewer commented. Another viewer wrote the interview was "one-sided," and another commented "shame, shame, shame."

"Wiredmama," a frequent commenter at sanduskyregister.com, wrote that she was extremely disappointed by the program and suggested someone should interview Matt Westerhold. After a series of emails to arrange a time and date, "wiredmama" will be sitting in the interviewer's chair this Tuesday.

This is a first for the Register, and for the community of commenters at sanduskyregister.com. The program will be live as it happens and viewers, especially those with critical questions, should have those questions ready. If you want to participate, we're asking you to be polite, concise, direct and to the point, but all topics are open for discussion. The chatroom will be monitored, carefully. 


Every edition of BTL is available for on-demand viewing at sanduskyregister.com. Click the links or go to sanduskyregister.com/opinion/blogs/betweenthelines.



Should be interesting. 


@ knuckledragger.....I don't know if you are the guy or not, but if you work at Jamies and live in Norwalk, I promise NOT to try and make a sound like a carrot!

Phil Packer

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Phil Packer

 ok  zzzz


 Nice to see the SR demonstrate an increased interaction with the commenters.

Super Judge

 I just watched the video of Shawna Goode interview. She appears to be a very polite lady. I also saw the aresting video and I will admitt that she didnt do herself any favors by going crazy. I cant say I blame her though. Could you imagen haveing a police officer tell lies about your sobrity then have the nerve to put his hands on you? She probaly has grounds for a civil suit but all she wanted is for him to recieve training to allow him to do his job properly. He owes it to the tax paying citizens of our city to preform his duties at a proper level. 

The Big Dog's back

 Wiredmama, just have fun with it.


I should add that I will not be answering questions, but Mr Westerhold will.  The time should be interesting as Mr Westerhold has NO advanced warning of what those questions are, as agreed upon.  We have agreed  that family is off limits and that the questions will allow plenty of time for the audience to get involved.  I wholeheartedly agree. 

I was not happy about the interview with Ms Goode.  While I agree that she has the right to her opinion, I was not happy with how it was conducted.  That prompted me to write "shame, shame" and agree to question Mr. Westerhold. 

I am giving up the hiding behind my name, as some of you will recognize me, but that is ok.  What we have to say should not bother any of us if we feel we are correct in what we say. Please join us. 





thinkagain said – “Nice to see the SR demonstrate an increased interaction with the commenters.”

  Could someone from the SR please explain, how paying you guys a compliment, warrants removing my above comment and labeling it “racist or discriminatory”?    

Wiredmama, I sent you a PM. Please check your emails.


whooooaaaa... this is cooooool

this is the greatest.....article.....ever

this kind of thing should happen at every media outlet in the world.... once per month (at the very least)



I jsut watched the arrest of Ms. Goode.  You can't tell me that there are people condoning that type of behavior??    OMGosh!    She did nothing but cuss at that officer and call him horrible racist name after name, one after another!     Now who's racist?    What in the world ever happened to respect for LE?    What does she get?   BTL with SR~are you kidding me??


Civil suit  SUPER JUDGE???    My gosh!



Respect is all you have to have

Julie R.

What exactly is the point of this interview?


 LOL@wiredmama. Rest assured I am not the guy from Jaime's, you are close on my location though.  I live near Norwalk in rural Huron Co.  I  have a meeting to attend tomorrow but I will try to make it short because I can hardly wait to watch and interact during this interview.  I promise I will try to play nice. LOL


Just heard obama is coming to Sandusky thursday. Is it true??


 Who cares???  I think I will watch a Leave it to Beaver re-run instead or read the Huron School board law suit report again.


@ wiredmama222:

I'm currently very business and will be unable to participate.

Please ask Mr. Westerhold why he found it necessary to have the SR post an online article about Apollo’s Auto Repair and the upsidedown flag. According to the article, the owner said that it was a "mistake."

It encouraged many hateful posts against the business.

IMO, due to the mostly vile nature of the responses, it should have been removed. I also question it's value as being news worthy.

Thank you and congratulations on your achievement.




 Contango, I sent a PM to you.


One thing for sure, there will be no loss for words. lolololol


One clueless person interviewing another...should lead to "can't miss video."  Someone call Muary Povich or Jerry Springer ASAP.


old dog

I think we need Shaun Bickley back on to discuss the World Famous Barge Party on how everything turned out for him and his family. The State might charge him for sanitation services to clean up all of the urine and waste those drunks deposite inthe Bay. What a joke that is.


@ 8ball and prince denny....I won't miss your eyes, your ears or your comments but I bet you won't be able to keep away....your ego's simply won't allow it.  You couldn't stand to miss the chance at potshots LOL. 


Actually I have to wall paper a bathroom today which is going to be much more exciting than watching you snuggle up to Uncle Matty.  What a waste of time.


Wiredmama222, Please ask him why is so venomously against the Sandusky Police Department and the officers within.



 Wiredmama, I sent you an email a couple of minutes ago.


The video wouldn't show up on any of our computers. All we could see were the comments. It  WAS funny to see Centauri whining that he was being ignored. You'd think he would be used to that by now.



@ Kelly, So you thought that I whined? I saw many questions that went unanswered besides mine. I was disappointed that Jason and Andy were interviewed first so the headline about Wiredmama interviewing Matt at 1:00 was misleading. I am not sure when Wiredmama came on because the video would go OFFLINE or kept freezing. I kept refreshing but that didn't help. At least I and others participated in the chat room, Kelly. To be honest with you, I think that it was a waste of my time because many who asked Matt a question in the chat room didn't get answers to their questions either.