VIDEO: Between the Lines with Shaun Bickley

Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 28, 2012


This week on Between the Lines, Matt Westerhold talks to Shaun Bickley about the upcoming Barge Party.


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Prickley I mean Bickley has come a long way from his ex-con days. He is an example if you give an ex-felon a chance some of them will make the most of their opportunities. Like I said "some" of them will make the most of their opportunities!

Still Sold on Fox 3

You gotta love Shaun Bickley.

Have there been deaths or injuries as a result of the Barge Parties ?

Anything that's popular draws the attention of those whose jobs are to look into the fun. This is a great example of a good idea that has an unbelievable draw. Entrepreneurial spirit at it's best.

Nice job, Matt !