VIDEO: Between the Lines with Sandusky's Catholic priests

Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 22, 2012


So, three priests walk into Matt Westerhold's office...

...For an appearance on Between the Lines. They discuss their plans to leave the community on upcoming transfers.




All 3 will be greatly missed!  Father Dave is an amazing man and has been such an asset to the community!  Father Marty picked right up where Father Frank left off when he left the parish and went to Norwalk, he will be greatly missed also.  Best of luck to all three!


This should be interesting. Father Dave loves cops.

Finn Finn

I am not sad to see Fr. Nuss go at all.  I always thought he was too loud and flamboyant on the altar.  Sometimes I found it difficult to believe there was any genuineness in his Masses, but more Elmer Gantry showmanship.  I would prefer someone who displays more humility and less ego.  This is only MY opinion but I know I am not alone.  Regardless of my personal feelings, I wish him only the best at his new assignment.


 Finn Finn,

It's an age thing just like Twitter and Facebook.

Father Nuss seemed to relate better with the young church members. 

The Catholic Church is dying a slow death with the lack of new priests and an ever aging congregation.

Father Nuss will be sorely missed on many fronts.


Finn Finn

donutshopguy, I disagree.  Fr. Jason Kahle, also a priest at St. Mary's, appears to be younger than Fr. Nuss, yet conducts himself with much more maturity and sincerity.   While Fr. Nuss may appear to relate better to the younger church members, I don't necessarily believe it is a good thing to impress upon young people that Mass should be entertainment, laughs, grand productions and showmanship.  I think this is misguided, and in many respects disrespectful.  It is my personal observation that it "turns off" many, who frequenlty start attending a Mass which they find more reverent and genuine. 

I hope Fr. Nuss reads these comments.


Fr. Dave is a good man and a good priest. He will be sorely missed by the Catholic Community of Sandusky.


 I believe Fr. Dave was a wonderful addition to the Sandusky community.  He always kept me interested throughout the Mass, especially during his homilies.  His energy during Mass should be looked at as enthusiasm and passion towards his job.  From the first Mass I attended with Fr. Dave as the priest, I could definitely tell he loved being one of God’s messengers.  Fr. Dave has touched the lives of so many people, including mine.  Keep that spirit and don't change a thing, Fr. Dave!  I wish all the priests the best with their futures.  All of them will be greatly missed. 


Priests are men. They might show their love of God in different ways. Some might talk louder, some have a nicer singing voice, and some you will like more than others. You have to enjoy each man for his different qualities. I love a priest or minister who is a joy to watch. I also like a reverant minister. As long as they preach the word of God, that is all that can be expected of them. They are serving God in the best way that they can. May God go with these men as they go on with their work.


"And do not call anyone on earth 'father,' for you have one Father, and he is in heaven." (MT 23:9)



Contango says        

"And do not call anyone on earth 'father,' for you have one Father, and he is in heaven." (MT 23:9)

 Many persons cite this verse however do not cite verses 8 or 10  Verse 8  "But you do not be called Rabbi for one is your teacher and the Christ and you are all brethren.  Verse 10 And do not be called teachers :for one is your Teacher the Christ. The term father is used freely in the english language, I am a father, a grand father and a great grand father. Can you suggest a new term for my kids grand kids and great grand child to use when alluding to me????????

I do feel that in my studies I ound that the Bible does contain hyperboles such as if your eye is the cause of sin then pluck it out or if your hand is the cause of sin then cut it off. A common hyperbole that we hear often "I'm so hungry that I could eat a horse" ever seen anyone eat a horse, pluck out their eye, cut off their hand ??????????

Persons also use lines of the bible to justify their actions or thoughts. Want to get even with someone then cite "an eye for an eye"    Try Matthew starting at 5:38 "You have heard that it was said, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" But I tell you not to resist an evil person, But whoever slaps you on your right cheek,turn the other to him also.



Contango, that is a "lost in translation" thing.  Does that mean you shouldn't call your biological dad "father?" 

It has been 10 years since I've been a member of any of the Sandusky Catholic churches.  I've belonged to 3 other parishes in southern and central OH since then.  I have yet to find a priest that I enjoyed listening to as much as Fr Dave!  I also have yet to hear a priest sing the mass as well as Fr Marty.

Darwin's choice

So, three Priests walk into Matt Westerholds office............."Matt, we may be able to forgive the Pagans and Politicians, but you Editors.............."


@ anthras:

 I've seen that poor argument before.

Either Jesus meant what he said or he didn't. If you want to pick chapters and verses that are metaphors, then doesn't that call the entire Bible into question?

"But now the one who has a purse must take it, and likewise a bag; and the one who has no sword must sell his cloak and buy one." (LK 22:36)

Is "sword" a metaphor as well?


The term "Father" in the Catholic sense is a formal title used in a religious manner and clearly is against Jesus' teachings.

One can address one's male parent by terms other than father. Is that possible in the Catholic sense?





Contango, More about fathers , You might try reading  1John 2:13-14.  Baptized and raised as a Greek Orthodox I do have a Bible written in Greek as I feel there is sometimes confusion when translating from the Greek to the English language. The Orthodox rites also use the term father.

I will tell you that I do agree with most of what you say.

Finn Finn

I remain committed to my original comments.  While Fr. Nuss may keep some folks "interested throughout the Mass", his theatrics drove me to distraction.  I think Shutterbug's comment illustrate's my point exactly; one can not be "interested" in the beautiful Mass without a demonstrative priest up at the altar, flailing his arms about, yucking it up, his homilies like a casual conversation at a backyard picnic??  I don't perceive his "energy during Mass" to be "enthusiasm and passion towards his job" at all.  It always stikes me as "showtime", "this is MY time to shine", and "time to entertain the congregation".  

Maybe grandma's girl is right and it's just a personal preference regarding what type of service and/or priest you prefer.  That is why the Catholic Church should return to the Latin Mass, where everything was by the book, every Mass was the same, and there was very little personal interaction between Priest and congregation.  The focus was Christ, His Word, His suffering, and His promise of eternal life,  not I wonder which Priest is saying the Mass today, the funny one or the reverent one?  The Latin Mass is much more reverent, spiritual and a respectful worship of the crucified Christ.   I will miss Fr. Kahle's services much more than Fr. Nuss's.  It's not even close.


 Finn Finn,

Isn't Fr. Kahle staying?  

Fr. Dave, Marty and Chris will be leaving.

Returning to the Latin mass will increase the downfall of the Catholic Church. The churches will be empty except for the old folks who are leaving in a different way.

swiss family

 I have to say .. I am highly disappointed in this interview... I have been in several journalism classes along the way, and I do understand that it would be highly inappropriate to  Cross examine these 3 men, but come on... I heard you dance all around the real question , but seemed afraid to ask it.... you talked about he depleting numbers of Catholics in recent years, and they danced around that answer.. I do not understan the fact that with 3 representative there  in a studio, with a reporter, that the question about any form of sexual abuse came up...I wasn't expecting you to directly ask if they had secrets, but they certainly have to have an opinion on the effects of the sexual abuse scandal that took place inside the organixzation that they are major players in...I mean I can not believe that youwould have 3 arabic, Muslims on there to be interviewed, and that 911 would not come up.. or if you had 3 members of the KKK  that the pastaction of lynchinng, and hanging,and burning crosses would not be a question that would have been asked...I think that the actual reason that you did NOT ask them tough questions (because tye are the Holy Catholic Church after all)Is what the cases od sexual abuse on children so horendous...I am disappointed Matt.. I thought that you were a far better journalist than what I just witnesed..........just sayin

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the comment swiss family. I'm sorry you were disappointed by this interview, but it was not designed to be an interrogation of these three men. I had gotten several requests from community members who wanted me to ask Father Dave, Father Marty and Father Chris to be on the program because they were preparing to leave Sandusky for new assignments. Generally, Between the Lines is designed as a simple interview program with no surprise questions or "gotcha" interviews. That wasn't my intention and the Register staff is not working on any stories of the nature you suggest. There are times when the program is live and guests agree to take questions from the audience via the interactive chatroom. There are other times when a guest agrees to be on the program to answer questions from me and/or the audience about a particular story or controversy. And, there are times when it is just not possible to have the program live at That was the case last week with BTL producer Jason Werling on a working vacation with his "Victory Honda Road Trip" story. (Hit the link, it's pretty cool.) BTL remains a product that is evolving and I appreciate the feedback.

It's also worth noting that I personally enjoyed the interview with these men and was impressed immensely by their willingness to share their faith with our audience. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have met and talked with them.


@swiss get off your high horse

swiss family

 Kat.... I am sorry but my horse does NOT get High.... she might drink a little, but you would understand that... right????just sayin

Finn Finn

donutshopguy - I believe you may be correct regarding Fr. Jason staying at St. Mary's. 

I disagree with you regarding the Latin Mass.  I believe the Novus Ordo Mass is what has led to the "downfall of the Catholic Church" as you put it.  Among other things, it has allowed Priests to become showmen, interjecting their personalities into the Order of the Mass, giving them tremendous leeway to deviate in ways I don't think the Church foresaw at the time of the Second Vatican Council.  It was that deviation and the resultant "unique / personal preference" Masses that led many Catholics to view the Mass as something less important than it once was, leading to dwindling attendance. 

I've attended Latin Masses in Toledo and Cleveland, and the church is almost always full, and not with just "old folks" but young families as well.  If anyone is interested, Immaculate Conception Church on Superior Avenue, Cleveland, has a gorgeous Latin Mass at Noon on Sundays.  No distractions, no funny business.  You come away from there feeling like you've just witnessed something heavenly. 


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