Expect more from the Sandusky police department

Matt Westerhold
Jun 16, 2012


Excerpt from "Between the Lines" column in today's Sunday Register, June 17, 2012: 

SPD officer Sean Orman has agreed to protect and serve. He gets paid to do that. Orman was putting his life on the line in that parking lot that day. He might have done that again this past weekend. He probably did. The danger that lurks should never be underestimated. The community and the police department know that. And the community is grateful for Orman’s service and the service every officer seeks to provide. 


But acknowledging a situation could have been handled better is not surrender. It’s an opportunity to improve services and improve performance. Denying mistakes does the opposite.  

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Watch "Between the Lines Live" here with guest Shawna Goode, a resident who was arrested Feb. 26. Her arrest is the topic of this column.




It is one thing to make a mistake, it is another to lie about it and falsly accuse a police officer like this, knowing full well they cannot defend themselves?

How can any of us know for sure that the Officer Orman could have handled anything better when we have not heard HIS side of things.

When you want to make a balanced determination on something you have to hear BOTH sides, not just one.  What bothers me also is that the Between the Lines audience wasn't given the opportunity to ask questions of Ms Goode and that makes a difference as well.

This makes a huge difference in my estimation.  This isn't journalism at its best this time, it is too slanted against the officers and in favor of Ms Goode.  Without the abilty to ask her the question that many have about her behaviour before, during and after that entire situation it is unfair to the officer and to her and vice versa to the officer.  This has become a vendetta to the SPD at the hands of the Sandusky Register. 

I have been a vocal advocate of the SR stating publically that I felt your stories have been unslanted in many ways, but not on this one.  It is way too obvious that Matt Westerhold is out to get the Sandusky Police Department and is now singling out Police Officers to make them look bad. 

It is unfair and really unprofessional in many ways that he would, as managing editor, sit in an interview and deliberately disallow someone to be questioned by the public to 'protect" them from questioning.  And knowing full well that a police officer cannot answer questions about an arrest or defend themselves, make that officer look stupid on an interview. 

This really is low.  I think Mr. Westerhold owes not only an apology to this police officer but he needs to offer up a reason as to why he is doing this and needs to allow someone to question HIM on his "between the lines" as to why he does such things to sell newspapers. 

This is totally unacceptable.  We should expect more from the Sandusky Register


 How about expect more from the Sandusky Register.  Lets look at NEWS. This has nothing do do with news. All this is, is a attack at the police in Sandusky.  Lets give raceist people a platform to bash the police department.  The don't need any help if one of their officers is going to screw up they well do it all on their own.  

Mr. Westherold.  A blogist was attatcked by you for now knowing anything about being a reporter.  You bosted about all of the awards the paper got.  I think unless you work in the profession in question you have no idea how people in that profession should do business.  I also bet most police officers have received awards for something at one point and time during their service.

Look at it loke this.  In the Army there was a solder who had a fruit salid on his shirt but was not worth a damn in the line of fire.  Awards mean nothing, results are important.  Not past results, new results.  

This is sick to me.  I have read you paper and have seen the opinion you and the staff put in some news articles.  This is an editorital so send out the oppinions.  What good are you doing for the public by bashing every public servant for whay they are doing.  Police, Fire, Teachers, City Managers, ect....  

In a nut shell by printing the things you are printing you are further damaging the work public employees are set out to do.  If you fuel the fire for scams and corruption as you do then the good ones get trusted less and have to work harder to do their jobs.  I say if your going to do shady things then carma will get you and bite you in the butt.  It always does, so let the bad SPD officers hang themselvs and leave the other ones alone.  

Captain Gutz

"But acknowledging a situation could have been handled better is not surrender. It’s an opportunity to improve services and improve performance. Denying mistakes does the opposite.  "

Indeed, and Ms. Goode needs to acknowledge that she should have handled the situation "more better".


"Indeed, and Ms. Goode needs to acknowledge that she should have handled the situation "more better".    i agree, she should have acted more civilized and not some out of control wild woman. normal people don't act like lunatics. had she acted civilized and normal without all of the racist remarks, she probably would have gotten her purse and she wouldn't have been in the back seat of the police car. it was her own doing that got her in trouble in the first place. she should be very ashamed of herself.


The Sandusky Register has been






The Sandusky Police department has been Matt Westerhold and The Sandusky Registers kicking post for a long time. In most cases the job of law enforcment is a thankless one. Rarely do we see the good they do in the paper. The officers deal with the "shady" side of people daily and see the worst humanity can dish out. All the Ragister wants is when someone screws up so they can stir the s**t pot in Sandusky and sell more rag sheets.












Julie R.

Sorry, but you commenters that are attacking the Register for being one-sided don't have a leg to stand on. Matt Westerhold's editorial in today's paper makes complete and total sense and anybody with a half a brain reading it would know it makes sense. He didn't attack the SPD --- he said there was wrongdoing on both parts. Ms. Goode admitted to hers but, as per usual, the officer and the police department were cleared of any wrongdoing. Anybody ever stop to think that's why there's so much amnosity in the city of Sandusky toward the police?   

As for Ms. Goode's foul language ---- I'll be the first to admit (and I'm not proud of it ) when I get angry I tend to have a foul mouth myself. I don't know if I would ever swear at a policeman but if I was pushed into a fence, handcuffed and dragged into a police cruiser for being intoxicated when I wasn't, God only knows what I would have said.


The police department cannot go around filing fasle police reports and that is what it is all about.  Someone gets a record on this and it is on their record permanently. You cannot have cops making up things to justify their own actions.  More training is needed.  Cops don't have to rough people up when you don't have to.


I can't hold it in any longer. The constant negativity from the SR about SPD is making me so mad! Has anyone ever wondered why SR prints these articles about SPD? Probably because they can't sell papers unless SPD is mentioned. It's all about selling papers and the "controversy" with the police department whether they are reaching or not to sell papers. I just am so upset that you would single officers out just to sell your papers. You are ruining lives. If anything Ms. Goode was wrong. Could you imagine the scrutiny that Officer Orman would have recieved if the shoe was on the other foot and he would have used the language and racist remarks that Ms. Goode was using? She would be screaming racism and the paper would just have a field day. I like how they just brush over her reverse racism like it was just a bad choice. That is some deep seeded remarks she made. I for one wouldn't want to be anywhere near this woman and I feel so badly for her children that this is the role model they were given. How do expect everything to change for the good with using language and behavior like this. What really upsets me is these officers go to work and try to do their jobs that they choose but they have to second guess their choices because we have people like SR and Ms. Goode who have to maginify their actions even when there isn't anything wrong with what they did. If they make it home alive to their families it's a good day! If Sandusky has another officer murdered (I pray to God this never happens again) the SR should feel pretty responsible for it because the officer took 2 seconds to double guess themselves. I feel bad for SPD because they have to do their jobs and deal with a paper like you. No other police department in the area or the counties over do the deparments have to deal with the slander put on them from a paper. I think we should expect more from the SR and citizens that act like Ms. Goode.


Sandusky Retardister and it's retard editor at it's best.  An EXTREMELY POOR example of journalism.  The media is supposed to report the news, not create drama!  What a joke!

Woody Hayes

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Julie R.

Why are some of you in such an uproar over this? When she was charged with disorderly conduct wasn't that only one side to the story? Obviously, she wanted to tell her side --- the reason she was charged with disorderly conduct came about as a result of being arrested for intoxication when she hadn't even had a drop to drink. 

What they should have done was just dismiss the whole thing.  


woody hayes needs to quit picking on women. i wish the real woody hayes was still alive to sue you for using his name and image you creep!!!


@Darkhorse and Julie R:   I will take it that you have seen both the video in which see was arrested and the "pre-recorded tape in which she was allowed to speak freely on her own behalf. 

What amazes me is that on EVERY "Between the lines" segment that Matt  Westerhold has done, never once to my recollection has he used the "excuse" of scheduling so that a guest could not be asked questions while on that program.  Between the the lines has always allowed the viewers to ask the guest questions before.  This was done so that the "hot tempered Ms". would not lose her temper or be put in a situation where she might say something that would not be in her best interest. That is pretty evident.

The second thing is that the SR is now taking pot shots at individual cops by name knowing full well they cannot defend themselves in anyway at all.  This is not only unacceptable but really unfair.

That girl is saying things that are unsubstantiated and cannot be proven or dispoven as far as whether that police officer 'threw her into a fence" ,etc. 

Let me remind all that this went on at 4 AM when bars are to be closed at 2 pm.  She tried to get back into a locked door when there was a fight going on.  She says to get her purse.  How do the cops know what is in that purse?  I don't blame them in this day and age.  Let her friends bring it to the station. 

Nope.  They did the right thing.  Her TRUE self showed up in that car, not the ignorant one on the screen at Between the lines when she had time to practice .  She was wrong and maybe the cops where but she was combative and it showed.  It was dropped but if she wants an apology she needs to apologize as well and that isn't going to happen. 

Why is everyone so upset.....maybe they are SICK of  the SR attacking the SPD.  Including me. 

Julie R.

@wiredmama222: I'll admit I did not watch the interview or the videocam until today. I also could not believe Ms. Goode --- who appears to be an attractive very well-spoken young lady --- was the same person as the one in the back of the police cruiser. I'll also admit the officer sure did keep his cool, which must of been hard considering what she was calling him. On the lighter side, she DID calm down. When the officer asked her: "Did you take your handcuffs off?" and she replied: "No, they fell off" ---- that was hilarious.

I still think they should just drop the disorderly conduct charge and be done with it.


Once again this is just a slam against SPD for doing their jobs! Why in the world would you ever give that person a platform from which she will only reveal her own skewed reality??  While you are at it, why don't you do a BTL with Randleman, or possibly some of the thugs that are in "CUFFED", when captured.  Possibly Fox from Huron and his buddy Nelson might want to be prove how innocent their relationship is?! Let's move on to the REAL reason that either SR or possibly a managing editor has an axe to grind?? I am so befuddled by what you consider newsworhthy? Quit nailing people to the cross without the effort of more real journalism....the kind that shows TRUE facts, not just rhetoric!!

Matt Westerhold

Dear allrhetoricanyway: Thanks for your comment. I'm wondering, do you believe a person is innocent until proven guilty, or is a person guilty simply because he or she was arrested? And, if you were cuffed and 'placed' into a police cruiser after a 10-second encounter with a police officer, how might you have reacted? If you were falsely charged, would you feel the same way as your comment suggests? Please feel free to email me or call if you would like to discuss. Thanks. 419-609-5866