Between the Lines with guest Shawna Goode

Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 15, 2012


This week on Between the Lines, guest Shawna Goode talks about her recent arrest for being intoxicated outside a local bar — when she hadn't had a drop to drink.

She says she regrets her "hateful" words after the arrest, but not her anger about the incident. Watch the program below. To see the video of her arrest, click HERE.


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 WOW!  This is a new low.  Good for you SR.  I think its a great idea to have the city's best on display.  Bar at 4am? Is that legal? The only good point she made is that she is sorry for the rasist things she said.  

Marcus M

A new low for even the registerag, not to mention their new poster child for biased journalism..........

The Big Dog's back

 So if she was a hot white chick would you 2 have the same opinion? Hardly.

Darwin's choice

Don't you have a leg to hump, Doggie?

Marcus M

Once again little mut makes it about race, he shows his latent racist attitudes. Typical of his type.  Once again the golf cart must have rolled over him......


Given your demenour in that car, I doubt that you spoke to that officer in any nice way.  I would BET that you were "in his face" from the minute he spoke. 

What bothers me about this entire interview is that it was pre-recorded.  Come on, Matt, why not let the "audience" ask questions of her?  Afraid she couldn't stand up to it?  That she would show what she really is??  

This really was a one sided thing.  Why not let the officer have equal time?  Because you know he can't?  That he wouldn't be allowed to speak????   How dare you. 

This really is low.....and what appears to be a snipe at the SPD. 

I have been an avid defender of the SR thus far, but let me tell you, this time you are WAY OUT OF LINE.  You have done the greatest disservise to the Sandusky Police Department you could possibly do: you stepped into a an obviously disrepectuly situation against a police officer, let the girl come on and be interview WITHOUT letting anyone ask her questions, did not give the officer equal time to explain a darn thing and made it sound as if  the arrest  was racial motivated.  Are you nuts?

Shame on you for being biased.  Up until now, I believed in you.  Right now, I am ashamed of you as an editor, a writer but most of all as a person.  How could you call yourself a managing editor and do something so very low as this 

DON'T DO IT AGAIN.    SHAME   SHAME   SHAME.   I am truly diappointed in you.  

hmm really

Gee Matt, you are really grasping now to take another stab at SPD.  Congrats on reaching a new low.  You belong on TMZ.  And sorry, but she regrets her "hateful" words?  Sweetheart, don't you mean RACIST remarks?  SMH  Nice one sided, biased story... what a joke.  Shame shame shame.


Haha wow Sandusky Register getting desperate to rag on SPD now. Hey Westerhold you know there's more to life than the Police Department right? Sounds like you need a hobby maybe you should take up golf or something because all your doing is making the city and the paper sound pathetic.

car 54

   Hey.  Westerhold reports the news, deal with it. My boss was Floyd Churchwell in Sandusky and today's cops would be lost.

Julie R.

This really is a one-sided thing. Why not let the officer have equal time?

If she was arrested for intoxication yet didn't have a drop to drink, wouldn't that be considered one-sided?  

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for your comment Julie R. Just so you know, Sandusky police chief Jim Lang and assistant chief John Orzech have both been asked to be guests on "Between the Lines" in the past, and both have declined. Neither man was asked to be a guest particularly to discuss this subject, but I believe both of them know they are welcome on the program. And SPD officer Sean Orman also is welcome to be a guest on the program. It's understandable, to some degree, why they might be reluctant. 

And just an FYI, be sure to get Sunday's Register for the "Between the Lines" column, which gives my take on this particular topic. 



I have to admit this article is a bit baffling.  We all saw the video.  The cop did his job in this case.  She did not appear very calm that night and maybe just maybe if she had she would have been allowed to get her purse.  Maybe not though, I was not there but it does seem like a hit piece on the SPD. They don't need any help looking bad!


wiredmama222: Don't feel bad. This is far from the first time that the Register has proved itself unworthy to call itself a "news"paper. What gave me my first clue? The ongoing (for YEARS, now) political biases and agendas. It's touched everything from business reporting to crime reporting to (obviously) political reporting. This particular incident is just a new LOW...

I sometimes excuse some of the reporters from various faux pas since I know they're typically young and inexperienced. But the MANAGING EDITOR? Looks like those "young and inexperienced" reporters aren't getting much from their time at the Register except a little less young, eh?

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for commenting SamAdams. But as I told you in the email I sent you earlier today, your comment here seems rather harsh. As far as reporters being served by working at the Register, the staff's dominance in the annual Associated Press awards contest should speak for itself. During the last five years, Register reporters have won first place in the investigative, the enterprise and business reporter categories as well as multiple other awards across the spectrum of the work we do, in an overwhelming way. The Register news team has earned multiple awards for its work to a level unmatched by any other newspaper in the state. The Register competes in this prestigious contest in its most competitive category, and the newspaper has been named best daily newspaper in the state (one of just five such awards annually) for the last five years. If you're not in the industry you might not know the importance of these awards in furthering the careers of journalists, or understand the role of a newspaper and its staff and columnists. Perhaps you do have experience in journalism and an understanding, and we simply disagree. But your comment here seems a bit over the top. You refer to this as "a new low," but you don't offer any explanation of what it is you mean. I did appreciate the thoughtfulness of the comment you left today on the "Dueling murder confessions" story, so I was surprised to read this comment here.


My thoughts

We have raised a generation of people that have no respect for authority. Don't argue with the police, treat them with respect and move along when they tell you to. I watched the arrest video and wow can she swear. Drop the "while intoxicated" and let the video roll.


Mr. Westerhold

You will go crazy trying to figure out why some make ridiculous, contradictory statement on here.  It baffles me too.  I have no clue how to run a newspaper so my criticisms are minimal but it annoys me when I read articles in any paper where the sentence begins with the word "and or but" .  Jus sayin'!! 



i would have rather watched dumpster don than this foul mouth woman. she has some serious anger issues. i would hate to see what she would have acted like if she was intoxicated. how is dumpster don doing? what about a rufus sanders interview? i don't think that any sandusky police officer would want to appear on between the lines with matt. any sandusky police officer would be nervous and feel intimidated due to the sandusky registers past stories about sandusky police officers. why not interview  those responsible for extending the time limit for candidates for sandusky police chief? why the extension?


Sounds like SamAdams is spot on to me Westerhold. Also why would any officer want to appear on an interview with you, so you can attempt to screw with them/the department even further. If SPD posted all their own reports,compaints,dash cam video's from incidents on a website your paper wouldn't exist because you would have nothing to write about.


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Julie R.

So what's so bad about her record? Prior to the disorderly conduct charges the majority of the rest of it is nothing but TRAFFIC.  

My opinion ---- considering how she was falsely arrested to begin with for intoxication when she hadn't even been drinking ~ which would have made anybody angry ~ they should have dropped the disorderly conduct charge against her, too.  

The Big Dog's back

 You know the way you right wingers whine and squeal over a traffic ticket, I can only imagine what you would have done.

Matt Westerhold

A post by Quiteobserver listing traffic violations and some civil violations involving Shawna Goode has been removed from this string. This record, which also included the drunken disorderly charge from Feb. 26 that was dismissed, has nothing to do with her appearance on "Between the Lines." Quiteobserver also sent me an offensive email indicating he is extremely upset Goode was given an opportunity to appear on the program. I'm baffled by that anger and attitude. It seems to me the way our criminal justice system is supposed to work is that a person is innocent until proven guilty, and it's wrong to force anyone into pleading guilty for the sake of expediency.  

Matt Westerhold

(This is a copy of an email sent Sun, June 17, 2012 8:21:25 AM)

Dear Wiredmama:

Thanks for your comment. As far as your suggestion that I be interviewed by one of my critics, I'd be happy to discuss that further with you and would invite you to consider conducting the interview yourself. I'd certainly be open to the possibility of being interviewed in that manner on the program.

Between the Lines producer Jason Werling is on a working vacation with the 'Road Trip' coverage driving Ohio 4 to Cincinnati, so there won't be a BTL segment this week. Perhaps you could begin a dialogue at the comment section among my critics and select someone you all feel would be well-suited to conduct the interview of me. If you're game we could consider a program like this for later this month or sometime in July.

Although I disagree with much of your criticism, I do always appreciate the thoughtfulness of the vast majority of your comments. Let me know if you'd like to follow through on this suggestion.

I am not at my computer and am emailing this to you from my phone and its tiny keyboard. Please excuse any typos, etc.

Thanks again for your comment, and the suggestion.

Matt Westerhold