VIDEO: Between the Lines with guest Nicole Ard

Matt Westerhold
Jun 4, 2012

Sandusky city manager Nicole Ard joined us for our Friday afternoon edition of Between the Lines.

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@ wiredmama

I also have close relatives who have worked for the SPD and yes I do have specific stories about the goings on at that department, but it is not time for those to come out, but soon.....I also feel that it is the Sandusky Registers right to investigate things, that is what they are there for, but I just wish they would focus on things other than that department.  The overwhelming majority of the officers are great people who work in a fish bowl, everything they do is viewed like no other profession and they know that when they take the job. The problem with that department, is that those very same officer who are faced with dealing with the dreads of society and then have to deal with the command staff, who seem to be more out to get them than to support them.  I dont know who will get the spot, but they HAVE to go out side of Erie County, that department needs fresh blood, but I think we all know who is the leading candidate and if im right, then it isnt going to get any better......just ask Kim Nuesse about how the Good Ole Boys work down there, if they dont want you, they CAN and WILL get rid of you...understand I am NOT a Nuesse supporter, but that woman fot railroaded!! THAT is fact and one day soon that will come out too!!

wiredmama222 suggest that anyone who supports the SR is as "moronic" as the managing editor of the SR and I take exception to that comment.  Why can one not support both the SPD and the SR at the same time?  

Like I said, I have friends that work at the SPD and I support most of what the SR does.  It doesn't come down, for me, to having to take side as to one or the other.  What is happening with the SPD right now was brought about by a bunch of stupid idiots at the SPD acting out in a most disrepectful way, without regard for their fellow officers.  They didn't give a tinkers toot about what their actions did to or for their fellow officers.  They could have cared less.  And  I really think, as in the past, they thought that someone would "sweep it under the rug" for them.  They thought their bad behaviour would go unnoticed.  What they forgot to take into account was what had happened in this community over the past year.  The Neusse incident and Dunn's murder.  The SPD was being watched.  And some of the less than stellar cops failed to realize that their antics were NOT going unnoticed.  So when their bad behavior DIDN"T get swept under the rug.....OUCH.  It went into print and suddenly the whole community heard about it. 

Instead of assuming the blame themselves, they tried their darndest to blame everything on the paper.  That didn't go over as well as anticipated.  Then another, and another cop got into trouble and wow.....all the seams came unglued.  Suddenly the SPD started looking a little too dumb for words.  That wasn't the paper's fault either. 

So try as hard as they wish they could, the SPD uppper management tried to shift blame after blame and it just didn't work.  Now they are stuck with the entire mess and no one to blame at all.  The secret is out and its a dirty one.  Too bad.  The good cops....and there are caught in the web.  the good old boys are still trying to run the table and that isn't going so well either.  Before too much longer this whole mess is going to explode and watch out.  Someone MAY go to jail who isn't looking to.  Then watch what happens.  There are forces here that many do not know about ......including the cops. 

So don't be tooo surprised when even they and the paper are surprised at the outcome.  Time has a way of sneaking up on even the most prudent.....even when they think they are protected.  Just wait. 


I agree with Wiredmama and John Dorian on selecting the new police chief from outside Ohio. In the short time I have lived in Erie County, I realize politics around here is controlled by the "Good Old Boys". Having lived throught the US, this is the norm for most small cities. And, as here, this means those who have the money and connections run the local governments. They are only concerned with their power and status and to he.. with everyone else. This means no new ideas or outsiders being elected to expose corruption that has been going on for years. 

I say it is time to bring someone with no ties to the community; who doesn't owe some people favors and is not biased to any one group.

The Sandusky Register, Matt Westerhold and staff are doing a great service to the community for reporting the news facts. What I read could not be made up by a great fictional writer. At times, I feel Sanduksy should be renamed Paton Place. However, there are some good, concerned citizens trying to improve the local governments, schools and economy that need the support of the majority of the community.

Keep up the good fight, folks!.  


I am very excited, and anticipating the changes to the dept our new Chief will install! I am a strong believer in having a voice, an articulate opinion, and justifying wrongs!  I certainly hope with good values and strong commitment that the new Chief will be able to renew a department that has long been been harbored with not only internal problems, but outside battering.

My problem with everyone that believes that it needs to be a person from outside of our area, or even our State?? Seriously?? Have you ever taken your backside off your couch long enough to realize this kind of stuff happens EVERYWHERE?? From townships, to Cities, to Counties, to State and UPWARD!! if everyone thinks that the GOB is ever going to stop in funded departments...get a NEW life! Regardless of geography, everyone has an opportunity to fail. I don't believe in the GOB, but I certainly live in the real world. And as a matter of fact, have lived all across this country! Look, patronizing is almost a human state of mind....people in control give jobs to people that they happens EVERYDAY! Nepotism will probably NEVER end, and in the mean time we are still tying to batter-ram the people that will continue to look out for our well-being.

I will state again, as I have SEVERAL times. I am NOT an officer (of any form), am not related to, nor do I personally know any officers from this depatment. I am not, nor ever been asked to, defend them in any from that is personal or come to a legal situation. I do however give them my own PERSONAL support, as I trust in them!


as stated by wiredmamma222: Before too much longer this whole mess is going to explode and watch out.  Someone MAY go to jail who isn't looking to.  Then watch what happens.  There are forces here that many do not know about ......including the cops.
SPEAKING OF VEILED THREATS>>>>>>>sounds like one to  me!!

Possibly this one should be followed up on??

So my freind wiredmamma, the one that enjoys all truth be revealed.....give us your determined knowledge as regards to the FORCES tnat many do not know about and the cops that are going to be involved?? Please share your informed intelligence that makes everyone else on the "outs", besides you and the people that are taking these "people" to jail...including the cops!!

Pretty strong words that I hope you can stand up for!!


Mr Turner.....I will say to you exactly what I said to your buddy not start this up again.  I believe you were warned once already.  So you best stop now before you get in over your head this time.  I do believe in truth.  I am NOT using veiled threats, only stating facts that are none of your business.  I am as sorry as I can be that they are none of your concern nor any of your business.  Had you been asked to be included, then you would have been. 

You have no right to ask about it, nor have you any right to be told about it.  So do not be so inquisiitive. There are people who are included that know and that is enough.  If they want you to know they will tell you. I will not.  Sorry if you feel on the 'outs" but that is where you will remain unless those in the know wish otherwise.

The strong words will stand.  Yes, I can back them up,as they are true.  If cops are involved, which I did not say ALL COPS, there may or may not be some, but again, that is none of your business, then it is their concern and not yours, and they can deal with it themselves. 

So you need not concern yourself if you, as you say, are not a cop.  There are other aspects which, also do not concern you.  There are 'forces' that also do not concern you.  So why so inquisitive?.  You seem to want to stick your nose in something that really has nothing to do with you and yet you are really very worried or upset over it?  Why is that? 

So, as I said to Marcus, I "give," I am not going to play this game with YOU or him, I quit, so stop right now and quit doing this.  Oh, and Turner....never refer to me as your "friend' again.  That is the farthers thing from the truth there is.  I don't know you well enough to consider you an enemy, let alone a friend. 



PEYTON PLACE WAS FICTIONAL!  A NOVEL OF PURE FICTION! Nice try tho for the comparison...pretty close!

Ms. Metalious apprecreciates the kudos for sure.


"PEYTON PLACE WAS FICTIONAL! A NOVEL OF PURE FICTION! Nice try tho for the comparison...pretty close!" there are fictional events in sandusky and erie county. the court system is a good example  when they use fiction instead of the facts. the gobs used fiction to get rid of nuesse. some people know what is going on and some people don't have a clue. turner is a sheep or a wolf disguised as a sheep.


Marcus M

The women's state correctional facility is again not monitoring Internet access.


How many of the people who live here have ever lived OUTSIDE this city of Sandusky for even more than a month?????  I doubt that many of the people here have.  I have.  I can tell you with absolute certaintainty that what has gone on in this city does NOT go on in even the biggest cities.  This problem is very unique.  The bigger cities cannot claim to have the good old boy routine that this city has had.  Cities like New York and Columbus and even Tucson would never tolerate this kind of thing with their officers....not for one mintue.  The officers would be OFF THE FORCE INSTANTLY for lying on an application, sexting, bar-fights, dishonoring their co officers and other sundry things such as steeling cookies and attacking civilians while intoxicated.  And not one command staff officer would stick up for them during the invstigation.  I can assure you of that.  They would be gone.....UINON, or NO UNION....taxpayer before you get started on your rant.....I can assure you of it.  We saw it first hand. 

In fact, the cops in most places that are twice or three times the size of Sandusky are far more HONEST than we have here (not all of our cops are bad....but boy, what we have in bad boys are bad enough).  The command staff here sucks because they are JUST as bad....with the exception of one.)  

When a barrell of apples begin to go bad, its time to start sorting and throwing away and starting over.  That is what we need to do.  Start at the top and work down.  I don't think it will take the right OUT OF STATE MAN too long to figure it out.  He will know who he can depend on and who he cannot.  He will have come from a place that doesn't deal with this kind of junk.  And believe me we have a great deal of it around here.  That is why we are in this mess.  So when it stops it will only get better.  The good cops will hold up their end, the bad ones won't.  It won't take too long to figure out who they are.  the bad one's won't be able to do their jobs well when they have to stick to the rules.  They haven't been able to before, so why now? 

I have faith in the good ones. 

There are many on here who say they are not cops, don't know the cops, or whatever.  Frankly, I don't believe them.  I can't say for sure who they are, but they know who they are.  The get riled up and scream every time a cop story or cop is brought to light in the SR.  They scream and yell at the top of their lungs that something is wrong.  Just watch.  You will notice them by their panic mode on here and their constant rhetoric that they are "not cops, don't know them, etc.  But they defend, defend, defend....and scream the loudest.  I have my sincere doubts they they ARE in fact cops and they are worried.  Worried in the worst way that their days are numbered.  Perhaps they are.  


poor little marcus, poor little boy. why don't you call up matt like he suggested? "Thanks for commenting cityslicker, turner and marcus. I encourage you to call me (419-609-5866) and offer constructive suggestions on how the program can be improved."    go ahead marcus and call matt. you can block your phone number if you wish to remain anonymous. you can buy gizmos to disguise your voice. hey matt, here is what marcus will sound like if he does call you. marcus will sound exactly like this.   lol!!!!!  marcus in disguise.

Marcus M

Marcus M

Chill out ......


John Dorian, Your post to Matt Westerhold sounds like sour grapes to me. Innuendo, demeaning, just plain crap with your disclaimer that it is your opinion. Please. Your creditability is lost on me.

wiredmama222, You continue to comment on the SPD about the good and the bad cops. It fits with John Dorian's post--it sounds like sour grapes to me.  Innuendo, demeaning, just plain crap with your disclaimer that the good cops know they you are and the bad cops?   Please.  Either support what you claim or zip it.


@ DG MUTLEY, expect a world of crap coming your way just because you spoke the have graciously and pointedly told that not EVERY person here is in the "KNOW", and in the case they feel that they are than you and I can truly prove how biased this paper is!!


Please tell us what is none of our business when put right up for everyone to read?? I am soo unclear about how the truth is only revealed for those in the "know" , but for the people on the "outs" news is abstract and hidden!?

Maybe if it's NONE OF OUR BUSINESS you should have a GAG order!!

 So apparently not EVERYTHING reported is EVERYONE"S BUSINESS....oh how weird is that???