Sandusky reader has a point

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010


In a recent letter to the editor, a reader from Sandusky asked what the Register might write in an editorial about the Perkins Schools teachers in hot water over double payments they received on health benefits policies. A recently concluded state audit found that 14 teachers in the district had been reimbursed twice — double-paid — for payments made to health care providers.

"When the Register does run an editorial on this issue, where will it stand? Judging by the (headline), 'Health insurance scam,' we have a strong hint," the reader wrote.

Well, not exactly. He has a point. The headline is not the best and suggests it was no accident these teachers collected thousands of dollars that they were not entitled to collect. Insurance forms can be confusing, the reader said, and that's true. The headline over the initial update on the story at was better: "Perkins teacher probe finds $30,427 problem."

But the newspaper's editorial board doesn't base editorials on headlines. This story festered for more than a year with the Erie County prosecutor's office dragging, slowing and finally sidestepping the thorny question by handing it off to the Huron County prosecutor's office.  

The editorial scheduled for later this week based on the description editorial page editor Don Lee wrote after an eddy board meeting on Wednesday read this way: Let the process -- the completed audit and the investigation by Russ Leffler -- run its course with the Perkins teachers before making up your minds as to whether there were crimes or honest mistakes or some mix or both ... DON.

Trying to keep it real.



first you are forgetting. news papers are editorial in the first place. the idea of a true, honest, non agenda story does not exhist except for in the police blogs. reson why i do not get the newspapper anymore and just look at people editorials because that regardless if i think it is good or completly idiotic is honest. something a news paper, the so called fourth balence of political power has not been in years

Matt Damon

Dear Tim,
I really would like to read and understand what you write on here, but unfortunately I cannot. Your grammar and spelling is terrible. Maybe next time you can try a little bit harder?

Matt Damon


ok let me rewrite this. Except for the sports and the police blogs you whole paper is a editorial. ap news, nothing but agenda based one sided news. You sports and police blogs are factual statements. I am sure if you could rewrite sports to fit an agenda you would.
That is what i was trying to say and many other who have stop buying the paper. The second point was simple the point of free press was so you could be the fourth balence of power to the goverment. Anymore you only investigate the party you want and put pressure on the party you want. You do the same in news around town and I can tell you first hand of stories I personal know about that you have half printed the truth.

Hopfully you understand this part. and yes I know my english and grammer is horible never got it down. I guess I am like our current and last president when it comes to speaking. If they can repeat what is written down in front of themit. If they can't say it with out stumbling over there words.

smoke and mirrors

Yes,Insurance forms can be confusing and a mistake can be made.But I know when my checking account has $2,000.00 more in there then should be and so did they.They knew and said nothing the way I see it.


smoke & mirrors,

Then you don't know the whole story. I know three teachers who went to the treasurer about the overpayments that they received and were told, "CASH THE CHECK."


Well under you forgot to tell that part of the story the paper would have to do research and maybe do indepth reporting. WE can't have that can we.

now you know why many of use stop buying the paper.


Mr. Westerhold, you do a good job with the paper. Just wish more stories where more research before printed. I understand the industry you need to be the one that breaks the news adn I understand How I preseve the AP is not how they see themselves. I think they truly believe they are being fair and honest.
To me the points reader are giving is that the news paper industry in whole has lost it's trust as non agenda related in the eyes of many people. That is something that needs to be improved by the industry in a whole. Becasue as i see it the paper industry has become no different then rush just on the other side.


Hey Matt, I have to admit, since you stopped writing about Kim Nuesse I have enjoyed your editorials and you are right on with this story. Before anyone makes a judgement on this, we need to hear the facts. It is possible that some knew and some didn't, it is possible some or none knew, fact is, we dont know the whole story, so before I pass judgment I will wait for the proper authorities to pass judgement, good job Matt!

Julie R.

This is somewhat off the topic but I know an elderly lady that received a big check from an insurance company for her husband's long hospital stay before his death. When she tried to pay the bill she discovered that the insurance company had already paid it. Her attorney told her to deposit the check and wait to see if they ever discovered their error. She took his advice but after a month of sleepless nights her conscience got the best of her........