Sandusky pride, Panther Pride

Matt Westerhold
May 27, 2012


Excerpt from "Between the Lines" column in today's Sunday Register, May 27, 2012: 

You could ride up the escalator to the jukebox on the second floor, drop in a dime and play Simon and Garfunkel’s “Cecelia.” For a quarter you could also get “Satisfaction” and “Let it Be.” You could ride down the elevator and the attendant would push the button for you, and close the door.

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The storefront had a light green façade with a wide recessed double-door along a display window at the entrance. Drapes and other household goods were in the basement; so was the toy section, the banana-seat bikes ($40) and a Hot Wheels 360 degree track ($8). A lot of product was emblazoned with the familiar JCPenney fat font or the Towncraft brand.

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I closed my eyes and could feel the popcorn in my hand from the little red wagon, could hear the splashing water at the boy with the boot statue. My aunt and I had walked from our street downtown as we always did in the summer to feed the goldfish in the pond that surrounded the boy.  Then we walked past Lassales and  Carlye Crane to window shop all the pretty clothes and hats, she loved hats.  We looked in the windows of th 5 and dime and Berches jewelers and then on to the mens stores where she told me my uncle had his eye on a new suit as did my mother for one for dad for Christmas.  It was safe then.  No rapes, no gunshots no holdups down there.  People getting off the ferry boats, coming back from CP with fudge, salt water taffy and cotton candy, their laughing wafting on the summer warmth.  We walked and talked and walked some more.  Then home without fear and without worry. 

I wouldn't do that today if my life depended on it.  Otherwise i would end up where my aunt, mom, dad an uncle are now....and I know my place at the Oakland high rise is't ready yet.  My biggest problem is that it isn't the cops fault arond here....not really.  They do what they can.  Its hard to work a rape case and hard to know what to do.  I think they try.  I really do. Oh, we can say it is.  Not all of them are bad.....They work like heck to get the bad guys.....BUT  this time it isn't the sir.......

......its these courts and prosecutors and judges.  When are they going to stop making deals and start putting the bad guys AWAY?  Why all these deals?  Are they afraid to say the word JAIL?   I know its a four letter word, but come on!  Grow a pair, will ya!  For crying out loud.