What's next for Kim Nuesse

May 26, 2012

UPDATED WITH VIDEO "Between the Lines Live" was live today at 1 p.m. with audience questions from the interactive chatroom for guests Kim Nuesse and her attorney, K. Ronald Bailey. 

Watch the program in the player below

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the best "piece" the other side could speak for the city and it's residence at this point without spending a fortune is "we settled it all !"  and be done with it.  The "other side" at this point shouldn't have much to say since they won their  motions and she lost.  There were only two questions left and the other side can't answer those.  1.  Was Neusse interesting in coming back  (NO).  2.  What about the second lawsuit---(They want to settle it.)  

That was about the whole thing in a nutshell.  So there isn't much for the "other side" to say.  Now everyone CAN move on.  . 

As for the SPD, I hope they find an OUT OF TOWN .....and I mean WAY OUT OF TOWN......... new chief of police soon.  Then they can interview him or her and get them started on correcting all the problems down there at the SPD so the GOOD officers can get back to work and the chief can get rid of the BAD officers....and they know who they are!!!!!! 


PEACE is the true form of where I came from, apparently that is not your concept.  I believe given the space and time and some integrity our SPD, will continue to do the job as leveled to them.

Until you are perfect, don't judge me!!


and btw PEACE is the way the way it SHOULD be worded!! Unless you want a PIECE of my mind!!

And I only have ONE side!!

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the perspective, Turner915. Here's a link to the program you suggested.

Be sure to be in the chatroom at 1 p.m. this Friday for a live interview with Sandusky city manager Nicole Ard. We're hoping for thoughtful questions from the audience.

Previous "Between the Lines Live" programs are available for on-demand viewing by clicking the "Blogs" icon at sanduskyregister.com followed by a click on the BTL icon, or click here


check out Matt's interview with Sue Daugherty on BETWEEN THE LINES!! This is becoming unaccepatble!! Matt wants to target the SPD for their poor performance.....he can....but OMG....what a ridiculous performance from our Editor....doesn't even know the name of his publisher!! He is laughable in this interview consistently speaking of local politics!

Marcus M

So much for even the attempt of unbiased journalism as I watched Matt Westerhold throw the softball questions and was giddy over the pre rehearsed answers from Kim Nueese. Mr. Bailey appeared bored as he was forced to be the third wheel.

Matt Westerhold

Some times, Marcus M, it just is what it is. Nothing was rehearsed. We invited viewers to ask questions. I'm sorry you didn't have the chance to be there when the program was being produced live at sanduskyregister.com but glad you were able to see it on demand. Thanks for commenting. 


Marcus.....if you were there, you had the chance to ask questions just like the rest of us. What "hardball" questions did you want to ask that you didn't ?  Everyone certainly had their fair chance to ask them, that is for sure.  No one was centured or forbidden to ask anything.  The forum was open to asking anything anyone wanted to.

It certainly did not seem rehearsed to me or to many others that were present and asked questions that were answered.  You were given the same opportunities as we were. 

I would be really interested to know what questions you had that you did not get answered since you feel it was too "soft"? 

Marcus M

wiredmama222, it would be nice if theses call in programs would be in the late afternoon, evening or weekends, some of us WORK!!!!!! 


I am sorry, Marcus, but you need not get nasty about it.  I don't know your schedule, nor what you do.   From your comments, I was under the impression that you were online during the time she was on.  In fact you said:   "as I watched Matt Westerhold throw the softball questions and was giddy over the pre rehearsed answers from Kim Nueese. Mr. Bailey appeared bored as he was forced to be the third wheel.".  

You must have watched a repeat of it.  I am glad you have a job, but I would still love to know what "hardball questions" you would have asked HAD you been present?  Actually what does it matter anyway. She isn't coming back and its pretty much case closed now, except for the sexual harrassment case settlement. 

BTW....Mr Bailey must be getting tired....isn't he the one who is dealing with Randleman?????  The way the prosecutors are going this will probably get settled out of court anyway like everything else does anyhow. 


In the profesion of being an attorney you defend your client to make a good showing in front of the judge. There is someone behind the curtains calling the shots. We all know who that person is. He has been there for years and don't try and tread on him or you'll be gone just like Kim. Our local judicial motto is "you better kiss my butt or you'll never win in my court" has been installed for years in Sandusky. If you have a forensic expert produce evidence, such as forgery, a local judge will dismiss that evidence because they will not incriminate their buddies. Right Bev 


@retiree.....well said, well said indeed.  And it doesn't stop there, does it? 

@turner....no one is judging you.  Just correcting your syntax .  Sorry to have upset you. 

I, too, think Ms Neussee is a class act.  I wish her well in her new found home and hope she does very well for herself.  The gain is our loss.  I only hope whoever the City of Sandusky gets comes from far away and has the class she expresses so clearly and the integrity to clean up the mess that we have.

I am really looking forward to hearing what Ms Ard has to say about all the problems with which she is dealing.  And there are many. I feel kind of sorry for her.  She has a mess to deal with and this cannot be easy for her.  I am looking forward to hearing what she has to say about all of this. 

Are we going to be able to ask questions, Matt?    


I wish her luck in the future.  I think she's a class act

Diane Schaefer


Regarding your public records request -

Make the request very specific - such as copies of payments to "Name of the Law Firm" with a copy of the invoices/support documentation authoring payment/purchase orders. 

Don't ask the City to do your work by asking how much was spent on the defense of the law suit.  They are under no obligation to compile the information to produce a report that may not exist.

Just Asking


Is Nuesse talking about the time she lived on the west end of Sandusky in property belonging to Strickfaden/Groff?? 

Just Asking

IMO the only witness for Nuesse that has been held accountable is McClung.  Again IMO he was Kim's downfall.  He definitely was doing things that were not approved; and some not even discussed with the Board of Trustees as a whole.

He was making plans for regional dispatch without input from the Trustees and IMO had her convinced that it was to be under their (McClung and Nuesse) command.

BTW - McClung's year sentence is up June 15th


"BTW - McClung's year sentence is up June 15th"  that is only about two weeks away. will the sandusky register do a story on mcclung? how is the new fiscal officer doing for perkins? any problems with the new fiscal officer?

Diane Schaefer

I have been told that McClung has been home for a couple of weeks already.  I don't know how it happened because Judge Carr was very specific that the sentence was for 365 days.


Like I have posted before, ALL prison sentences posted are designed to make you FEEL GOOD about justice.  The TRUTH is they ALWAYS get out early for good behavior or other incentives in the penal system.  Once a person enters corrections, the judge has NO say as to what goes on.  There are people who have killed, murdered and raped who are out FREE to roam the metropolis of Sandusky.  It is exactly like the first time unemployment numbers by the 0bama administration.  Can ANY of you explain WHY the numbers are ALWAYS false?  For some reason during the past three years, the numbers are ALWAYS adjusted HIGHER a week later.  The number you get is to make you liberal saps FEEL GOOD about how wonderful things are.  The TRUTH is now reserved a week later when NO media covers it.  Works every time!!  Keep believing in your "messiah" because the "anointed one" has only delivered more LIES.  "You LIE!" (Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC 2009)  Ha! Ha!  I am glad the Register is keeping the discussion alive about Kim Nuesse.  Here is the TRUTH.  The boys and girls at the FOP (Lake Erie Lodge #17) were against anyone who wanted to correct the corruption.  They did have a voice in the selection of chief-of-police.  But, they used up their trump card at the table on Nuesse and they NO longer have ANY say or credibility about who is chosen.  NONE!  They used up their corrupt whining on Nuesse.  Now, we find out she was RIGHT and they were WRONG!  If you liberal losers cannot see that, you are totally blind.  Nuesse saw the corruption and "GOB" system of SPD and was making plans to change it.  The FOP would have NONE of it.  So, sports fans, was she RIGHT?  Nuesse is gone, but we keep reading about SPD constantly.  Many are leaving or retiring OUT.  Come on all you lame supporters of SPD, I know you can make up more liberal EXCUSES.  I am dubious of the Register always being critical of SPD and area LE, but there is some TRUTH in all their suspicions and allegations.  It appears questioning UNION police in their mission of PUBLIC service is a good thing to try and keep them honest.  But, I do NOT want LE to bow down to a newspaper either. 


 "have been told that McClung has been home for a couple of weeks already."   maybe the sandusky register could find out the current status of mcclung.


They would be all over McClung if he was a former SPD officer.


"They would be all over McClung if he was a former SPD officer."   you have that right.


Would love to be in front of my computer this Friday @ 1:00, but as the world works...won't happen. I will surely watch the recap, and am hopeful for some brainwork on both sides!!

And btw, NOONE (lol) upsets me on this blog!! Like I said, non-sequitur!