What's next for Kim Nuesse

May 26, 2012


UPDATED WITH VIDEO "Between the Lines Live" was live today at 1 p.m. with audience questions from the interactive chatroom for guests Kim Nuesse and her attorney, K. Ronald Bailey. 

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Clark W

 Really?  Who cares?

Why is the SR still beating this dead horse?

She got fired.  She appealed and lost.  She was elected city commissioner, did nothing of note, then left.

Why can't the newspaper let this go?

Matt Westerhold

Dear Clark W: Thanks for your comment at sr.com. 

There remains a pending lawsuit and unanswered questions as to how much taxpayers have spent on the termination of former police chief Kim Nuesse. It's been estimated at $1 million but city officials have refused to release information about how much the lawyers working for the city, and the former Lorain County judge, have been paid, thus far, or how much more will be paid to them moving forward with the lawsuit. 

In addition, hiring practices at the police department remain an issue. Recently, police chief Jim Lang recommended the department hire the son of former Huron police chief Randy Glovinsky for a full-time slot on the roster despite a reckless operation conviction after an alleged hit-skip accident in Lorain County.

Ross Glovinsky was initially charged with DUI after the accident. He had worked for the Perkins police department but left that job after he was charged with DUI and was promptly hired by the Sandusky police department part-time. 

City manager Nicole Ard fired him when she learned of the DUI/reckless operation charge, despite the recommendations from Lang, and former assistant chief Charlie Sams to hire Ross Glovinsky.  

There also have been numerous other disciplinary hearing that have led to the termination of other officers in recent months. 

Finally, a fair number of readers have contacted the Register more recently, responding to the personnel changes at SPD, declaring that "Nuesse was right." 




Some do care what she has to say - especially in light of the condition of the SPD at this point. And if you don't care, you really don't have to watch the show either, now do you?

She was fired without proper cause (well becuase the GOB network was afraid they were going to get exposed) and she was actually reinstated by the city and the crooked manager at the time decided he wasn't going to loose (of course he lost of his own accord later anyway) and wanted to press the issue even more. She left the city commission to do what she was meant to do, and if you have been watching the SR, you would have read that she is really doing well there and doing exactly what they needed - cleaning up the city mess they had.

She probably should have been allowed to do that here - but corruption does not like newcomers who want to eliminate the corruption. Do they?


I wonder if asked, would she come back and NOT expect to get all the back pay if asked to take the top cop job, considering the financial problems the city has?  Also, the SPD is a real mess.  She already knows the SPD problems and ins/outs.  Most of the GOB's are gone or going.  Could she make a better SPD now that the GOB routine is out? 

I would love to see her try. 

Clark W

 Interesting replies.

But at this point, given the history and circumstances, does anyone TRULY think Ms. Nuesse could return and effectively lead the SPD>

Matt Westerhold

 Good question. 

Clark W

 Other questions:

Who TRULY stands to benefit---The city of Sandusky? The SPD?  Ms. Nuesse?  Lawyers?

Obviously, things didn't work out during her tenure.

Is it  time for both sides to cut their losses and move on?

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Clark. All good questions. I hope you tune in at 1 p.m. and participate in the chatroom Q&A. 

As far as I know, the city has not entertained any type of settlement offer to resolve the litigation. The attorney hired by the city is likely charging an hourly rate. 


It was pretty evident that Ms Nuesse was "railroaded" when she was fired.  The problem most of us who support her have is that the firing was backed by people who now are leaving or who have left. 

We question the priorites of those who stood in judgement of her and the twisted nature of her accusers.  From the corruption of the past city manager and the previous city commissioner who 'beat feet" out of town, to the questionable judge who vetoed and overturned the commissions vote, many people wonder what the heck was going on.  How deep does that corruption go? 

I will speak only for myself here.  I question WHY???  Who stands to gain the most if the SPD gets straightened out and the GOB's no longer hold control over the SPD?   What happens if the Sandusky Police department runs well?  

What happens if, for once, the SPD works efficiently and well in arrests, patroling, and drug enforcement?  Who loses?   Does that scare someone?   I cannot help but wonder and it makes me nervous for the answer.  I think I know.  I think Neusse knows as well and that is why she got the axe. 

It wasn't anything so simple as that trumped up ticket thing either.  



Nuesse has moved on and she made the best move for herself and her family.  Stop dragging this on and on.  Who cares as long as she is out of the city's employment.  Do I think she got a bad wrap, yes but some things were brought on by herself and she should not have done them. I think both the city and Nuesse were at fault.   The city did not handle the situation correctly right from the start.   We will never know the whole story. The city needs to move on.  


@darkhorse....when did two wrongs ever make a right?   Especially when there is so much corruption used to make one of the wrongs?  

Usually I agree with much of what you say, but this thing was rotten to the core.  When people deliberately set out to ruin another person before they even get started that grinds my beans.  In this case, that is exactly what happened.  Now the SPD is in real trouble.  I think they should bring her back if possible.

She did great where she is now, but is they could get her back here, it would at least right ONE wrong.  Lets give her a chance here to right the wrong this community did. 


Thank you wiredmama - at least we should listen to what she has to say.  And the other lawsuit COULD possibly come back to bite the city in the butt as they were both employed by the city when that sexual harrassment took place.  Since the city manager is no longer with the city, it could also end up costing the city is what I'm trying to say here.  This is NOT over yet and it still may be of concern to the citizens of Sandusky under the current circumstances.

It may have been better to have let her stay and get her to drop that other lawsuit currently pending.

And I also agree that the ticket was a non-issue - but t hen that is why they brought it up in the first place.  Let's continue to remember the appeal's judge's ruling on this - she was not "completely honest".  And then look at the SPD in general.  Practically no honesty there at all.  It's the pot calling the kettle black in my opinion.  I have supported Kim from day one and will continue to do so.  I'm not sure there was that much that she did wrong, really.  And most of what she was accused of doing wrong, turned out right in the end, including that stupid parking ticket which was issued to the CITY not to Kim as it was a city vehicle.  Aruging that the city didn't pay a ticket to itself was a stupid argument from the get go.


@SanduskySteve.....yvw....I never quite understood why it took an "ambush" for them to do what they did to her.  It seems to me that instead of acting like men, they acted like spoiled brats who, when they couldn't do anything any other way, resorted to lies, deceptive tactics and outright criminal behavior.  I have wondered since day one who was behind all this and why?  It seems to me there is more to this than meets the eye and of late, I am convinced of it. 

I am sure you have heard the old saying "where there is smoke there is fire"?   With the GOB's going or gone, why is there anything that would prevent the Sandusky Commission from asking her back?  Unless there is "fire" somewhere else that is worried about it?  

I just wonder if she would be willing to forgo the actual past paycheck's if asked back since she lost that part of the case, BUT, she should go forward with the harrassment part, as that deals not so much with the City itself but with Kline.  He no longer is our problem.  I would think she could agree to hold the City not responsible for him if she came back, couldn't she? 

She is a good cop.  From what  I understand she has done well in her present position.  She could do well here, too.  I don't care what Lang or any of the rest of them think.  She would be the boss and the rest will have to fall in line or go.  That's it.  NO MORE GOB net work it's over. 

Marcus M

Mr. Westerhold are you considering interviewing the best police officer you ever met when he is released from the federal pen? If he was the best does that make Kim Nuesse #2?

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Marcus, for calling me out on that. I doubt former Perkins Township police chief Tim McClung will agree to an interview, but I'll ask. I'm sure after more than two decades in law enforcement he has some stories he could tell. It's funny how some people are held accountable, and others are not. 


"She already knows the SPD problems and ins/outs. Most of the GOB's are gone or going. Could she make a better SPD now that the GOB routine is out?"   wiredmama, are you referring to the gob routine at just the sandusky pd? corruption is like cancer that spreads and takes over. even if all of the gobs were gone from the police department, you still have the cancer in the county and state that would creep right back into the sandusky pd. cancer or corruption needs to be killed off in the entire county and state levels. unless this cancer is killed off for good, it will return in time. i am sorry that i will not be able to participate in the online chat due to prior commitments. some questions that i do have maybe could be asked by others. http://www.sanduskyregister.com/news/supreme-court-dismisses-nuesse-suit  here are some questions for bailey that should be answered. why did tone take the case and later recuse himself? why didn't binette recuse himself when he ruled that nuesse could not see the murman report? if tone recused himself, why didn't binette? how can a judge overrule the civil service commission? who picked the visiting judges? why didn't bailey object to many questionable actions of the judges and others involved in this fiasco? why wasn't the state attorney general called to investigate nuesse and the actions of those with murman report and visiting judges? were those cleveland attorneys working with the visiting judge behind closed doors? did the city's attorneys help cirigliano prepare his ruling?

Scott Templeton

I have a question, who really cares?

Edwin Ison

 Westerhold cares :)

Julie R.

@ Scott Templeton: Considering all the votes she received  in the race for city commissioner, I would have to say a LOT of people care --- more so than people like you think.  Matt Westerhold is also right on target for saying: " It's funny how some people are held accountable and others are not."


 Who besides numb nuts Westerhold cares?  She is gone and good riddance to her!


If this case is still sooooo importantant regarding Kim Neusse, while we are seeing the bricks tumble, and she is obviously dong well in her position now, where she is, then get the people that are still in position to answer your questions, when this is obviouslyl history!!

I have been on her side from the beginning....problem is. we are just beating a dead horse this way!! Find some of your current officers that would like to talk to you and say how they feel. I bet due to the loss of integrity to the whole department. they probably feel somewhat intimidated to qualify themselves. I  hope they still are able to do their jobs effectively, even though they are also being railroaded.

I listened to everything that Kim Neusse had to say from the beginning to the end....and truly the part that I was so concerned about was Matt's leading questions.  To truly interview is to provide an issue an than let them give their own view. This was not the way this interview happened.  Good luck to Kim Neusse. I know that she and her family has been altered, but I believe she is better off, than to go through these continuous batter-rams! Do I think what happened was good....HELL NO! Do I believe in the destruction of corruption? HELL YES!!!!!!!! I am all about it! Don't put a badge on ALL OF THEM!!  Many of our officers still show up to do their job! The good ones do the right thing, but not without remembering everyone that thinks they'reALL BAD!


Sad thing is she should of never of been given the job in the first place.  We had a person with much more experience already lined up for the job and within the department.  I wish her the best, she was black balled in MY opinion.


@lifetimerresider......and who would that be if you do not mind me asking? Who was more qualified and ready to be chief?


It is sad that Neusse won't be coming back.  But this department needs someone from FAR outside the city to be the chief.  Not someone who is from this area  or within the department, but who is FAR FAR from this area.  This person needs to be away from this place so they cannot be corrupted by the favoritism that goes on and the corruption that is this city.  They have to be strong and fearsome in their beliefs that they can run this department without giving into the bias that can go on here: IE:  the prosecutors offices, the judges, the NAACP. etc.   The need to know that when they deploy their officers to do their jobs they can do so with the utmost confidence that these men and women will do their jobs. 

The entire system must work together to get the job done.  This city can no longer afford to have the police do THEIR job and the judicial system say:  slap the wrist and turn them loose.  That is getting old very quickly around here.  The people are getting pretty sick of it.  Not when the statutes afford much more severe standards than are being offered to multiple offenders.  Why is that, Mr Prosecutor? 

The police need to know that the people of Sandusky will back them up when they do arrest someone, not have the NAACP screaming bias each and every time.  Take a good long look at who is doing the crimes before you start the tirade on that again.  If the shoe fits. 

And they gangs around here are real...this isn't imaginary.  The police need help with this one.  Let someone who is QUALIFIED do something about it.  Not someone who thinks they know....someone who DOES know how to work with this do the job.....got that one?  


Most of the deficiencies in the SPD in the report paid for by the city were items being addresed by Chief Nuesse during her brief tenure here. But the old boy network in the SPD threw her under the bus and the same shenanigans continue. Imagine that.


What happened to Kim Nuesse just shows how much corruption there is in this God for saken town. FruGalSpender has a lot of excellent questions that should be answered but do you think we'll ever get them. Not from those people. They are, or feel they are, above all the rest of us people and don't have to answer to the us taxpayers. They only need us when the election comes around. Actually they really don't even need us then, because there is no competition. Because of no competition, is what breeds corruption. That is a proven fact, just look at Cuyahoga County and all their corruption. The feds got those crooks,but look at all the people ill affected and years it took until those crimes were investigated. I won't even waste my time signing the ballot to endorse a person running unapposed. If everyone would do the same, maybe we would get some qualified people running for those positions. We need to break up the "good ole boy" group. 

BW1's picture

Nuesse came in planning to take the town by storm and make her mark by changing everything at once, whether it needed changing or not.  Whether or not some of her intended changes had merit was lost in the overall disruptive nature of her approach.  That's usually a recipe for disaster, especially in one's debut at a given level of leadership.  It's a safe bet her current employers told her to cool it a little in her present position and if she listened, she'll do well there.

Wiredmama, she can't come back here and be effective.  When one becomes so embroiled in controversy, right or wrong it becomes necessary to make a fresh start where they don't know you.

Clark, perhaps you should ask about town why the Register won't let this go.   If you ask enough people, you'll find that a lot of people in a position to know believe it may have something to do with a personal relationship between Nuesse and someone well placed at the Register.


BW1.....she said she wasn't coming back, but I have to disagree with you on some of your reasoning.  When one is "pushed out" in the way in which she was, she has every right to try again when the "roosters" who were causing the problem are all but gone or going.  Perhaps the new start of which you speak would be a lot easier when the problem children have left the nest.  The point, however, is moot since she has no plans of returning anyway. 

This entire piece done at "between the line" was done as a "follow up" and was stated as such when it began the other day at 1 pm.  They made it clear that it was such and to end the questions as to whether she would be returning and what was to come next....such as the only thing left was the pending suit against the City and Kline about the sexual harassment which the City and Neusee may try to settle. 

So I doubt it has anything to do such as you suggest.  It was pretty clear had you and others been there listening.  Perhaps your "lot of people in a position to know" are somewhat mistaken. 



Neusse came to town and saw all the corruption and wanted it stopped. There are some people in this world that are honest and try to do the things that are right. Sandusky fired that person. Then they got rid of the biggest crook. Now we can go back to all the corruption and deceptive ways of doing things with skeltons in our closets.  

Put your refuge in the Lord and not in man


BW1!! Point on!

I would love to see the true end of this! "Follow up" or end it!! One way or another MOVE ON! Bring current employees and others to speak their peace.....otherwise MOVE ON SR!!


the best "piece" the other side could speak for the city and it's residence at this point without spending a fortune is "we settled it all !"  and be done with it.  The "other side" at this point shouldn't have much to say since they won their  motions and she lost.  There were only two questions left and the other side can't answer those.  1.  Was Neusse interesting in coming back  (NO).  2.  What about the second lawsuit---(They want to settle it.)  

That was about the whole thing in a nutshell.  So there isn't much for the "other side" to say.  Now everyone CAN move on.  . 

As for the SPD, I hope they find an OUT OF TOWN .....and I mean WAY OUT OF TOWN......... new chief of police soon.  Then they can interview him or her and get them started on correcting all the problems down there at the SPD so the GOOD officers can get back to work and the chief can get rid of the BAD officers....and they know who they are!!!!!! 


PEACE is the true form of where I came from, apparently that is not your concept.  I believe given the space and time and some integrity our SPD, will continue to do the job as leveled to them.

Until you are perfect, don't judge me!!


and btw PEACE is the way the way it SHOULD be worded!! Unless you want a PIECE of my mind!!

And I only have ONE side!!

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the perspective, Turner915. Here's a link to the program you suggested.

Be sure to be in the chatroom at 1 p.m. this Friday for a live interview with Sandusky city manager Nicole Ard. We're hoping for thoughtful questions from the audience.

Previous "Between the Lines Live" programs are available for on-demand viewing by clicking the "Blogs" icon at sanduskyregister.com followed by a click on the BTL icon, or click here


check out Matt's interview with Sue Daugherty on BETWEEN THE LINES!! This is becoming unaccepatble!! Matt wants to target the SPD for their poor performance.....he can....but OMG....what a ridiculous performance from our Editor....doesn't even know the name of his publisher!! He is laughable in this interview consistently speaking of local politics!

Marcus M

So much for even the attempt of unbiased journalism as I watched Matt Westerhold throw the softball questions and was giddy over the pre rehearsed answers from Kim Nueese. Mr. Bailey appeared bored as he was forced to be the third wheel.

Matt Westerhold

Some times, Marcus M, it just is what it is. Nothing was rehearsed. We invited viewers to ask questions. I'm sorry you didn't have the chance to be there when the program was being produced live at sanduskyregister.com but glad you were able to see it on demand. Thanks for commenting. 


Marcus.....if you were there, you had the chance to ask questions just like the rest of us. What "hardball" questions did you want to ask that you didn't ?  Everyone certainly had their fair chance to ask them, that is for sure.  No one was centured or forbidden to ask anything.  The forum was open to asking anything anyone wanted to.

It certainly did not seem rehearsed to me or to many others that were present and asked questions that were answered.  You were given the same opportunities as we were. 

I would be really interested to know what questions you had that you did not get answered since you feel it was too "soft"? 

Marcus M

wiredmama222, it would be nice if theses call in programs would be in the late afternoon, evening or weekends, some of us WORK!!!!!! 


I am sorry, Marcus, but you need not get nasty about it.  I don't know your schedule, nor what you do.   From your comments, I was under the impression that you were online during the time she was on.  In fact you said:   "as I watched Matt Westerhold throw the softball questions and was giddy over the pre rehearsed answers from Kim Nueese. Mr. Bailey appeared bored as he was forced to be the third wheel.".  

You must have watched a repeat of it.  I am glad you have a job, but I would still love to know what "hardball questions" you would have asked HAD you been present?  Actually what does it matter anyway. She isn't coming back and its pretty much case closed now, except for the sexual harrassment case settlement. 

BTW....Mr Bailey must be getting tired....isn't he the one who is dealing with Randleman?????  The way the prosecutors are going this will probably get settled out of court anyway like everything else does anyhow. 


In the profesion of being an attorney you defend your client to make a good showing in front of the judge. There is someone behind the curtains calling the shots. We all know who that person is. He has been there for years and don't try and tread on him or you'll be gone just like Kim. Our local judicial motto is "you better kiss my butt or you'll never win in my court" has been installed for years in Sandusky. If you have a forensic expert produce evidence, such as forgery, a local judge will dismiss that evidence because they will not incriminate their buddies. Right Bev 


@retiree.....well said, well said indeed.  And it doesn't stop there, does it? 

@turner....no one is judging you.  Just correcting your syntax .  Sorry to have upset you. 

I, too, think Ms Neussee is a class act.  I wish her well in her new found home and hope she does very well for herself.  The gain is our loss.  I only hope whoever the City of Sandusky gets comes from far away and has the class she expresses so clearly and the integrity to clean up the mess that we have.

I am really looking forward to hearing what Ms Ard has to say about all the problems with which she is dealing.  And there are many. I feel kind of sorry for her.  She has a mess to deal with and this cannot be easy for her.  I am looking forward to hearing what she has to say about all of this. 

Are we going to be able to ask questions, Matt?    


I wish her luck in the future.  I think she's a class act

Just Asking


Is Nuesse talking about the time she lived on the west end of Sandusky in property belonging to Strickfaden/Groff?? 

Just Asking

IMO the only witness for Nuesse that has been held accountable is McClung.  Again IMO he was Kim's downfall.  He definitely was doing things that were not approved; and some not even discussed with the Board of Trustees as a whole.

He was making plans for regional dispatch without input from the Trustees and IMO had her convinced that it was to be under their (McClung and Nuesse) command.

BTW - McClung's year sentence is up June 15th


"BTW - McClung's year sentence is up June 15th"  that is only about two weeks away. will the sandusky register do a story on mcclung? how is the new fiscal officer doing for perkins? any problems with the new fiscal officer?


Like I have posted before, ALL prison sentences posted are designed to make you FEEL GOOD about justice.  The TRUTH is they ALWAYS get out early for good behavior or other incentives in the penal system.  Once a person enters corrections, the judge has NO say as to what goes on.  There are people who have killed, murdered and raped who are out FREE to roam the metropolis of Sandusky.  It is exactly like the first time unemployment numbers by the 0bama administration.  Can ANY of you explain WHY the numbers are ALWAYS false?  For some reason during the past three years, the numbers are ALWAYS adjusted HIGHER a week later.  The number you get is to make you liberal saps FEEL GOOD about how wonderful things are.  The TRUTH is now reserved a week later when NO media covers it.  Works every time!!  Keep believing in your "messiah" because the "anointed one" has only delivered more LIES.  "You LIE!" (Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC 2009)  Ha! Ha!  I am glad the Register is keeping the discussion alive about Kim Nuesse.  Here is the TRUTH.  The boys and girls at the FOP (Lake Erie Lodge #17) were against anyone who wanted to correct the corruption.  They did have a voice in the selection of chief-of-police.  But, they used up their trump card at the table on Nuesse and they NO longer have ANY say or credibility about who is chosen.  NONE!  They used up their corrupt whining on Nuesse.  Now, we find out she was RIGHT and they were WRONG!  If you liberal losers cannot see that, you are totally blind.  Nuesse saw the corruption and "GOB" system of SPD and was making plans to change it.  The FOP would have NONE of it.  So, sports fans, was she RIGHT?  Nuesse is gone, but we keep reading about SPD constantly.  Many are leaving or retiring OUT.  Come on all you lame supporters of SPD, I know you can make up more liberal EXCUSES.  I am dubious of the Register always being critical of SPD and area LE, but there is some TRUTH in all their suspicions and allegations.  It appears questioning UNION police in their mission of PUBLIC service is a good thing to try and keep them honest.  But, I do NOT want LE to bow down to a newspaper either. 


 "have been told that McClung has been home for a couple of weeks already."   maybe the sandusky register could find out the current status of mcclung.


They would be all over McClung if he was a former SPD officer.


"They would be all over McClung if he was a former SPD officer."   you have that right.


Would love to be in front of my computer this Friday @ 1:00, but as the world works...won't happen. I will surely watch the recap, and am hopeful for some brainwork on both sides!!

And btw, NOONE (lol) upsets me on this blog!! Like I said, non-sequitur!