Sheriff Overmyer buttons up

Matt Westerhold
May 20, 2012


Excerpt from "Between the Lines" column in today's Sunday Register, May 20, 2012: The alleged abuse at the Sandusky County jail happened in January and was first reported by the Register in February. But since then, sheriff Kyle Overmyer reached an agreement with one of the fired jail guards to pay the guard $5,000 to go away, quietly.

“The agreement also stipulates Overmyer and the (fired jail guard) will not make disparaging remarks about each other and will not discuss the settlement.” 

That’s a pretty strange way to spend taxpayer money, but it's a nifty effort to keep a lid on gritty details. Whatever could Overmyer and the fired guard say about each other that is so important not to say? 

The jail guard, who allegedly used the schizophrenic woman for his own personal sexual gratification while at work, got something else in the deal with the sheriff: Overmyer agreed to provide “neutral” references for him from the sheriff’s office to any future potential employers. 


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to "go away quietly"?  Why isn't this guard being charged?  Why should he go away quietly?  This smacks of cover-up and Overmeyer should be ashamed of himself.  Who gives a tinkers tick if they make remarks of any kind about each other.  I don't and I doubt that any one else will.  The girl is the victim, not them. 

What nonsense is this?  This guard should not get off the hook so easily and neither should Overmeyer.  Maybe its time for the State to investigate just what did happen that night and investigate why Overmeyer is so worried about what anyone would say about him that is so troublesome that he worries about "disparaging remarks".   Seems to me someone has something to lose here and its the Sheriff. 


Becaue it is a union shop, they have many steps to go through on disiplinary action, time limits on previous write ups etc. And arbitration is expensive.


I am sure he has something on KYLE


Gee, do you think maybe the county paid up because they realized they made a big mistake fireing these deputies. Two of these deputies have passed a lie detector test but the female deputy who gave false evidence has not been required to take one. The innocent victim ( alcoholic/drug user/ pole dancer, schitso ) has not been required to take a polygraph either. Could it be that if the county took this case to court the whole truth would come out and the county would be lible for an even bigger payout. Plus the county didn't take the advise of the investigating detective either.

Three careers have been ruined, all by a deputy  with possibly questionable character and a jailbird with zero credibility. People side with a so-called victim who is a discusting example of the human race and the newspapers egg them on chasing the holy grail of profits.

By the way, the so-called victim's relatives have reported that she is back drinking, drugging, and dancing in Toledo, business as usual for her.

Yes this is a discusting situation, bad guy becomes the hero and the good guys become the viliians.

No wonder some call us the ugle americans.





Standard Operating Procedure for those kinds of settlements.

End of Story


Matt Westerhold

 Watch "Between the Lines Live" at 1 p.m. Friday with guest former Sandusky police Chief Kim Nuesse and her attorney, K. Ron Bailey. For a previous edition of BTL with Nuesse click here.


It is crazy that a guard would get paid $5000 to go away quietly when he should

be charged for his actions in the jail. What is going on here? The guy treats a

woman prisoner like crap and should probably have charges against him, but

will probably get money to just go away. This is WRONG.


 Because Kyle has screwed up A LOT and yes all three deputies have a collection of mistakes hes made. Hes terrified the public will soon see what a joke he is. Well Kyle, don't worry. Pump may go away quietly. But not everyone is going to. Soon everyone is going to hear about numerous times where you dropped the ball. One resulting in death.