Husted discusses Ohio election rules following law repeal

Sandusky Register Staff
May 11, 2012


Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted stopped by the Register offices to talk about changes to Ohio election laws repealed this week over concerns voters will be confused about voting in the November election.

Husted said he supports uniformity for elections rules in the state, but felt a challenge to the rules placed on the ballot by opponents could confuse voters in this November's important presidential election.

The repealed law shortened the number of early voting days and made other changes, such as prohibiting individual boards of elections to send out absentee ballot requests to registered voters. Supporters claimed it's unfair some counties — typically large urban centers — can send out the ballot requests to all registered voters while other rural counties don't have the resources to do so.

Husted said the state of Ohio, using federal grant dollars, will send such ballot requests to all voters for this year's November election, though it's unclear if there will be funding to continue the practice in future elections.

While the rules were repealed by the Republican-led legislature, lawmakers in support of changes say they'll go back to the drawing board after the November election.

Hear what Husted had to say about the need to recruit more poll workers in the video here, and tell us what you think about proposed changes to Ohio election laws below.


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The Big Dog's back

 More Repub voter suppression.

The New World Czar

So you're an advocate of voter fraud Brute?

Lousy Username

I don't understand what is wrong with voting on "VOTING DAY".


@The Big Dog can you say that?   It doesn's appear to be that way at all.  He is trying to get people trained to work at the polls.  How can it be voter suppression?   People should vote at the polls and not expect to vote early because it is easier. 

I agree with lousy username. 


@ NWC.......I do not know for sure to whom Brute is referring, where it is Big Dog or Husted.  If it was Husted, you couldn't be more wrong.  He wants to get more poll workers trained to have them ready to PREVENT voter fraud before this upcoming elections. 

Have you ever worked a polling place?  It isn't as easy as it looks.  I have, not simple.  There are rules to follow and it is more difficult to check people in and make sure they are who they say.  And doing the right things.  The polls is where fraud occurs along with the MAIL IN votes. 

Truthfully, they should not allow those at all.  The absentee ballots are they ones I worry about the most.  If you can't vote on election day, too bad, so sad. 

The Big Dog's back

 So you are in favor of voting day being a paid holiday wired?


That's a fact and then some.  I think the voting day should be at least a half day off, if not a legal holiday. It used to be, you realize.  And for those who work twelve hour shifts, go to the election board and vote there. You can you know, the day before.  As can those who work the polls. 

The Big Dog's back

 What about the people who work 12-14 hour shifts? We aren't quite like 3rd world countries yet, which the Repubs want us to be. Seems like you want that too.

The New World Czar

@Wired:  Brute => Brutus => Big Dog (Not Husted). If not military, then vote in person ahead of time at the BOE with ID, or vote on election day.

Kottage Kat

Wiredmamma, Having worked the polls you know that if you work out of your precinct you have to vote abesentee.  At one time you had to have a good reason to vote absentee, not everyone could. Not sure when that changed.                            Kat