Crackhouses are forever

Matt Westerhold
May 5, 2012


Excerpt from "Between the Lines" column in tomorrow's Sunday Register, May 6, 2012: Thinking on it now Boyinboot wonders how deep the connection might be between a retired drug cartel hitman, a lieutenant maybe, and the crackhouse drama that's defined where he lives for years. He wonders about Timmy.

"Hitmans and Citymans may come and go," Boyinboot said, speaking with an everyman's wisdom. "But crackhouses are forever."

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I just read the column in the print edition. I think I am now dumber for reading it. What a piece of crap. I wondered what was the purpose of the pointless artice since it was fiction with corny character names. In the last line I now realize it is the beginning of a series to bash law enforcement once again. Figures.

Westerhold: get a life.

Erie County Resident

I can now see why Emo and Android are considered "reporters" by Westerhold... LOL

The SR should be renamed the Sandusky Improv Chronicles (better know as birdcage liner).