Between the Lines Special: Westerhold on hot seat

Sandusky Register Staff
May 5, 2012


The table gets turned on "Between the Lines" host Matt Westerhold in this edition of the public affairs talk program. Sue Daugherty, director of Serving Our Seniors grills Westerhold on everything, from A to Z.

Daugherty also talks about the Serving Our Seniors luncheon on May 12. It's a fundraiser for the organization with the proceeds going to support education programs designed to protect older residents from becoming victims of financial abuse. The luncheon includes live entertainment and other programs. Tickets are $15 and reservations must be made by Wednesday by calling SOS at 419-624-1856.



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dig this

   Nice job Sue!   We love Matt though on Kelly's Island. How about doing a show over here on the Rock?

Kottage Kat

Did not watch the show (no sound) on my computer. Just know the passion that Sue has for the Seniors of Erie county, and her work ethic and dedication. Hope all will support the fundraiser for SOS.


Thank you       Kat


Come on Matt!! You love to report the personal lives of MANY people!! Give it up!! LOL!!!!! SO what is legitmate for YOU to withhold??? Have a document??  Seriously?? Have a hard time writing Sundays forum????  Specifically I would LOVE to KNOW WHY YOU hate the SPD??  Good job remembering your publishers name btw!!  You are HILARIOUS!! You report what YOU consider news, but can't stand up for your own integrity!! I've seen it all NOW!!

And btw..nice job Sue!! You made it all happen...thank the periodical world for your presence on this one!!