Fuqua can't be bothered

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010


City commissioner Brett Fuqua came out pretty strong against fired police Chief Kim Nuesse after she filed a lawsuit last week in federal court. He said he doesn’t he believe Nuesse because she didn’t make the claims of sexual harassment until March, after she was placed on administrative leave.

“If she would have done this immediately, I would have been the first one to say ‘let’s take action,’” Fuqua said.

Sure you would have, Brett. Sure.

Had he read the lawsuit, he would have known she contends she was trying to do just that before she was placed on administrative leave, and before the infamous Feb. 26, 2008, "ambush meeting" led by the ever-loving former city commissioner Brian "Shut Up Already" Crandall.

It's interesting that Fuqua can form an opinion so quickly without reading the material that was available. He didn't seem to mind it, at the beginning of this fiasco, when there were no written complaints against Nuesse that led to her suspension.

Get real Brett.

Try to be fair. Just try, big guy. Just try. You can never be a Good Old Boy. They won't let you in the club, but they will let you do their dirty work.

Same goes for city commissioner Julie Farrar.

The best reforms inside the Sandusky Police Department in a generation occurred between August 2006 and March 2008. That's what this is all about. Change is hard, and the "elite commanders" inside the SPD, and Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter, hoped they would be much more comfortable after they forced Nuesse out.

If they are ultimately successful in that effort then they win and RESIDENTS LOSE.




I appreciate the SR being on top of this circus. I am wondering how corrupt the SPD and City Government would be without this oversight. I think we are only seeing the tip of this iceburg. Good job and thanks to the SR.

Matt Damon

she is going to get laughed out of federal court... if you want to accuse someone of sexual harassment, do it right after the fact, not months after.. especially such minor stuff like this... only in sandusky could such a meaningless story become the highlight of the newspaper, but hey i cant knock on Matt too much, he's doing what he has to do to keep the views high on here..


Re: Matt Damon You obviously know nothing about how the federal court handles this kind of complaint! Unlike Sandusky Officials, the Feds will be all over this! And FYI, there are times when a situation is at a point when you can't immediately DO anything, but people do know and see! From the beginning, before Kim even got here these CLOWNS were making comments about her! Go for it Kim, you can't buy your good name or your work ethics back, but it's sure nice to vacation in say Hawaii to get a new perspective!!

sandusky neighb...

Like u said brett just wants to fit in, i have been harrased at work and u hold it in for awhile hoping it will stop before u come forward and let the boss know whats going on. If it was his wife he wouldnt say she waited until March would u brett


Here we go again, eh Matt. I was wondering how long it would take you to pull the Nuesse card again. First off I would like to know what you mean by Brett Fuqua not being allowed to be a "Good Ole' Boy" but he can do their dirty work??? Is that a racial comment Matt?? Are you going to not only play the "Sexism" card in regards to Kim Nuesse, but now you're entering the "Race" arena as well?? You just dont know when to shut that big fat mouth of yours do you Matt. Were your last few editorials not giving you the hate mail that you so love? So you had to come back out with something about Kim Nuesse and add a little "Racism" to it as well Matt?

This "game" Nuesse is playing is a sad attempt at trying to squeeze more money out of the city and then turn around and say THAT is what she is most concerned about, the City. You called this trial a "Dog and Pony Show", well why have you not mentioned that it is Kim who started the show?? As Matt Kline said this is her right to "Due Process" and yes she has the right, but SHE is the one who initiated it, thus she is the one who is allowing it to drag on. So now there's this other lawsuit, what will you call this trial Matt?? Will you have a cool little name for it as well?? There is a reason Matt that the Lorain Journal's subscriptions have sky rocketed and the SR's have plummeted, it is you. How proud your employers must be. You will never be anything more than a two bit "Editor" of the Sandumpsky Register and because the only thing you can write about that doesnt make people want to fall asleep is this. When this is over Matt and sooner or later it will be, then what?? What will you write about then?? This seems to be your "go to" story when you see that the page that has your "editorials" is only good for lining the bottom of someone's hampster cage, so I cant wait to see....you are so pathetic Matt.


One more thing Matt, Brett Fuqua is a good man and has always been looked at as a stand up citizen in this community. Why do you continue attacking good people Matt??


" The comments made by Mr. Westerhold regarding the sequence of events as claimed by the lawsuit regarding Ms. Nuesse actions are 100% correct. The suit claims she tried to notify the proper city official, the legal director, that she found Mr. Kleins behavior to be inappropriate and casuing her discomfort. The timing in the suit of the events is clear and will either be supported in court or not.

We should hold our city leaders, accountanble for their comments and public statements. Obviously he had his mind made up and did not want to look into the details of both sides allegations.

How can we trust these leaders to make unbiased decisions on anything when comments like this are being made about a lawsuit that was published in the paper and the allegations are ignored. Whether the claims and the sequence of events in the suit are correct remain to be determined, but it was obvious that our city leaders have a tendency to "shoot first" and ask questions later. "

Julie R.

To joecitizen1: Why do YOU continue attacking people that tell the TRUTH?

Julie R.

I think the good old days of the GOBs is finally on a decline----thanks to Matt Westerhold and the SR. No more hiding behind closed doors, boys............


ODNR1 Thank you for educating joecitizen1. His (or her) comments were so ignorant it was torurous to read. It made me wonder if that was Fuqua's wife writing those remarks, but I beleive she is much smarter than that.

TO JOECITIZEN1... Entering the "race areana"? That is laughable! The "dirty work" Matt is referring to is getting Fuqua to say things and do things that further "Murray & Stahl's cause".

Let me give you an example: Murray & Stahl conveniently omit Fuqua from the "Firehouse Meeting". Now that's odd, seeing as Fuqua was the Police Dept. Liason. And Fuqua was fine with not being told about the meeting and intiionally being excluded (Huh???).

Another example: Getting Fuqua to take the stand and say he doesn't trust Nuesse. (Huh???) He shouldn't be trusting Stahl. That is what is meant by "dirty work". When all of this backfires... Don't think that Mr. Fuqua won't be hung out to dry. He's not in the "Good Old Boys" Club... but they're leading him beleive he is.

Oh what a tangled web we weave.....!!!

sandusky neighb...

GULLIVER Im with u it sound like his wife did write JOE CITIZEN, u might think she is smarter than that, but I dont think she is. Remember she thinks Matt is attacking her husband when u really look at it he is telling the truth. There is NO RACE ISSUE HERE!!!where did that come from JOECITIZEN, Matt is letting Brett know what every he does who every he s@cks up to he will never be one of the GOOD OLE BOYS, and he should know that his self. I agree Brett is a good person, but stop taking the fall for these men, Mr. Brown just joined the table, and he told what he felt no matter what!!!! Like I said before just think if it was your wife being harrassed at her place of employment, your first reaction is shock. So watch what u say, Kims day will come and I will be glad when all this mess is over we have been hearing about this for awhile now. And to Brett never forget where u came from ok never forget.


I wonder at times, why one of our elected judges doesn't step in and put Mr. Kline on administrative leave. Perhaps they are powerless to come out against the citys law director, or this so-called city commission. It has been mentioned time and again that had a city official or city manager pulled some of the same stunts, or was accused of what Kline has been accused of, in any other municipality they would be out the door until an investigation was completed.
Just exactly what is going on in this town? It was real noble for Kline to get up in front of the Rotary Club and deny any of this happened.............What did we expect he would say? Most of the accused that are on trial for a crime or have been accused of some type of wrongdoing "Didn't do it" according to them. Why, even Mr. Klines own office investigated this and found that "He didn't do it. Didn't happen."
The charges have been made, all the timelines have ben met. Why won't the state step in or the feds step in and suspend Kline? I'm really surprised that they haven't yet at least made a statement on this matter. It's like this city and it's registered voters do not exist. I am more confused than ever about this whole Nuesse saga. Not confused enough not to have formed my own opinion though. I feel that it did happen and Kim was fired for more personal reasons than professional reasons.
The Good Ole Boys in this town are held to a different set of standards than the average citizen, or any other elected or hired official in any other city in the state, or the country for that matter.
This eventually will make it to Federal Court, and the supervisors that witnessed what happened will have to testify under oath. If the Feds don't find that this was harrassment of a sexual nature, they certainly will find that it was at least sexual intimidation.
The city of Sandusky is facing many roadblocks standing in the way of progress. Kline is one of them. City commission is another. In my eyes, they both have to go. We need a different form of government in this town. An honest one. Even some of the commissioners feel that Kline is not honest. Isn't that what Kim was fired for?


I COULDN'T AGREE WITH YOU MORE, NINEMM!!! Well said! Well said!!


first off There is almost no politicion that can be trusted. Matt has this one correct, in my opinion she was railroaded and I am sorry but timing of the lawsuit seams correct to me, this is about over so it is time to start on the next front. To me it is smart for an attorny to deal with one legal battle at a time.


Although I want Nuesse gone, I do not trust Fuqua. I worked with him at Ford and he was the worst Union Rep there. When he was suppose to be on duty, he was seen riding around town with his convertables' top down.


Mr. Westerhold, I've been waiting for someone to kick the rocks over and expose what is really hiding there. You've got exactly what Sandusky needs, the editorial integrity to write about what the majority of us have know for years. Anyone that has half-a-brain should be disgusted with Cirigliano. Disgusted with the Prosecutor. Disgusted with the spineless members that take up about 3 seats on the city commission. Thank you Matt for doing just what Fuqua wanted. He always wanted to be in the limelight. But that pretty face has an empty space behind it. We need people in this town leadership with principals. Strong ones like Kim Nuesse. Keep writing Matt. Keep Cirigliano nervous. You have a strong quiet majority cheering you on. This is just the tip of the iceburg.


I think the commissioners are used to 'rallying' behind their sisters and brothers on the council. When it comes to right and wrong behaviour, they need to dig deep on facts before they speak.

I sincerely hope that the people on the commission look at what they have done, and their contribution to this mess and answer some direct questions.

Who knew in advance that this 'meeting' was being called? (and violated the sunshine law?)
Who knew that Nussee had complaints about Kline?
Who REALLY examined those complaints and didn't just accept them or dismiss them.
Who on that commission can say they work at representing this city beside Dave Waddington?
Who is willing to stand up for what is right and just on that commission and admit they made a BIG mistake?

I don't expect to get answers to these question, it would just be tabled until it hopefully went away.

That is how Sandusky is run, now, and before. How sad that is.