VIDEO: Watch Between the Lines with guest Dennis Kucinich

Feb 15, 2012


Watch this week's episode of Between the Lines with guest Dennis Kucinich.

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it is a real shame that only about 10 people bothered to watch kucinich on between the lines with matt westerhold. he gave a really great presentation. he also mentioned how that bank in cleveland came after him because he refused to sell muni light to the bank. then the bank caused cleveland to default. people found out years later that kucinich was right not to sell to the bank. only 10 people bothered to watch kucinich and of those 10 included known republicans and some idoits who tried to ask kucinich what it was like to be abducted by aliens. i watched the last half and i am going to watch the entire presentation later. i am going to watch the kaptur presentation also but my belief is that kucinich is the best candidate. kucinich makes too much sense to ignore. if kucinich ran for president, i would vote for him.

emma 57

Very informative presentation. I think Dennis Kucinich means what he says and he is interested in helping people. 

He was very interested in trying to help us strikers get something underway to getting us back to work when he came to the Tsubaki picket lines.

He understands we only wanted a fair contract, but instead the company hired the younger scab workers and have been losing money on scrap chain. We knew how to make the chain the right way and we worked overtime to produce the chain the company could be proud to sell.

This company manager said he would get us back for going on strike in 2000, that this time we wouldn't screw him over like we did then. So he knew from the 1st meeting with the union he was not going to settle anything in good faith as far as giving us a new contract.

So here we are 1 year later still on the picket lines. But I'm very proud we have all stayed strong.

Mr. Kucinich said Sandusky should give us all their support for stranding up for our rights, but instead the bloggers get on here and put us down. We do have a lot of support from many good people in town though, and we thank them for the beeps on their horns as they pass by.

Thank you Dennis Kucinich for the thumbs up. I know for sure you have my vote come March 6th.

Truth or Dare

Hey Frugal;  Yes he did give a great presentation, and made way too much sense.  But then again we know many have zero intentions of listening.   Personally, I don't participate in the online chats.  I would rather pay attention to what the candidates have  to say.  Wondering if the other 2 Candidates will be on Between the Lines.   Even moreso, am  looking forward to the debate @ BG.

Hey Emma;  Sending ya all a big HONK, HONK!!!!! 

Penny 4 ur Thoughts


Thank you so much for speaking of us the strike workers of u.s. tsubaki, this has been the nicest thing that has been said about us and the truth. You sir have my famliy's and my vote for election time. Marcey Kaptnur has done nothing for us in fact she only came that day because you were there in my eyes. Our noses have been rubbed in the dirt since this started people don't understand what it is like out there for the company to take away what you had and make you take less working all the hours and putting your life into the company and this is what you get,it'a not fair. Things were blowen out of context even by our own local news paper of things that were not true. Running a front page add for the company. All we wanted was what was fair most of us relied on overtime to make a liveing to try to make ends meet so we did not make that good of money just depends on were you worked. But we had a lot of drive buys that told us to get a job we were greede and lazey. All we wanted was a fair contract but we were kicked to the curb. And thing still don't look good for us we can't even get what jobs that are in our town because are resume's say u.s. tsubaki. Im one who is on the edge of looseing everything will have to drive 100 miles to get a job. This is sad and it's only the beggning you are going to see more lockouts from companys if you don't take what they offer then get out.




As a former strong supporter and campaign worker for Congressman Dennis
Kucinich I must state why I am no longer supporting him and why I am
supporting Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur.

I worked on the 1994 Kucinich State Senate campaign against Anthony Sinagra
and the 1996 Kucinich Congressional campaign against Martin Hoke.  During
those campaigns I came to know Dennis quite well.  I had just completed a
run for Cleveland City council in Slavic Village and wanted to continue in
politics.  In fact, I still hold the record for most yard signs placed
during a State Senate campaign.

What concerned me then and concerns me now is why Kucinich failed as Mayor
of Cleveland and still fails to succeed as a Congressman.  The only common
denominator is his lack of people skills.  He does not now {nor did he then}
have the critical ability to communicate properly with constituents, fellow
lawmakers and the media in general.  Some politicians are able to "re-make"
themselves.  Sadly, Kucinich has chosen not to and look what this has
resulted in for the previous 10th Congressional District.

On the other hand, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur reminds me of the type of
congressperson we desperately need during these troubling economic times.
She truly cares about her constituents.  From the moment you meet her you
can't help but be struck by her well-honed people skills.    She has
utilized these skills very effectively and look at the difference it has
made in Toledo and the surrounding area.  On Tuesday, March 6, please
support Marcy Kaptur for Congress and help give the new 9th Congressional
district a start on the right track.