VIDEO: Watch the Shenigo/Artino debate on Between the Lines

Matt Westerhold
Feb 8, 2012


Erie County commissioner Pat Shenigo and Huron city commissioner Sam Artino were our guests for a debate on Between the Lines this afternoon.

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                       Pat Shenigo  is all about the money!!!!   He is all talk and no action.......


 Well....... A vote for Mr. Sam Artino will BE for the ACTION that Erie County,Ohio USA needs to get back on the right track!!!!!


 Sam has the hard working integrity that this county needs!!!

Sam is currently serving his 2nd term as Huron City Councilman. He has been very instrumental in helping the City of Huron earn a AA bond rating!!!!! Thats rock soild proof and evidence that Sam Artino has what it takes to get Erie County,Ohio on the right track to help re-build Erie County,Ohio!!!!!


Sam Artino also reduced health car costs by 11% !!!!!!! That's a huge savings to taxpayers!!!!


Sam also HONORABLY served in The United States Marine Corp. That's trust you can count on!!!!


He also worked for GM for 37 YEARS!!!!!! Now that's dedication!!!!!!  


Please vote along with me for Mr. Sam Artino on March 6th,2012!!!!





Darwin's choice

Sam's 37 years of union work has given him the sense of union mentality. He has blindly followed the city manager of Huron, and voted with him accordingly. The health care savings have came at what costs, and who's insurance was cut cut to get these "savings"? I feel his city council actions have been questionable, many of his actions have been just status quo. All these "savings" have cost  other employee's something. Only when a canidates own livelyhood or paycheck is threatened do they take "progressive action". Sam hasn't shown that yet. When you have a union pension to back you, it's easier to make decisions changing someone else's life.


What an even unbaised debate.  The Register strikes again.  Perhaps there should be 4 seats on the Commission.  But, no need.  The Register is already in Shenigo's back pocket.  Do you like it there?  Has he given you enough winks and nods from his Commission seat throne.  He made 4 misrepresentations and the truth was unbelievable.  The plumber turned Engineer.  He put a sewer stub to the Enterprise/Technology land.  What a waste of money.  This land is total rock and no one can build on it.  Brillant!  He is trying to charge a good new local business for a sewer meter, when they already pay a fortune to the County in sewer fees.  Do you pay for your sewer meter?  Then he tried to hit another new local business over a traffic light.  Welcome to Erie County!!  He redesigned the 250 sewer system.  Does this mean he will take the liability if anything goes wrong.  Yeah!!  I can see him digging into his very deep pockets.  Common Register, you know we can do better.  There are many dedicated local citizens who are brighter.