VIDEO: Watch Between the Lines with guests Bob Haag and Tim Schwanger

Feb 1, 2012


This week on Between the Lines Matt Westerhold interviews Bob Haag and Tim Schwanger about the ballot issue to make the Sandusky city manager an elected position. 

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I would like to say Thank You to Mary Bakewell for today's letter to the editor. It was spot on, and frankly it was the only thing in the paper today worth reading. THANK YOU MARY!


So if Ruth Haag had been hired as city manager, this effort would never have started ?


Can we get it on the ballot......if this FAILS, Bob, Ruth and Tim ride out of town?


Fireside i agree but include in the ballot that they be hog tied and never allowed to return to the city.


I probably would have voted for it if not for the fact that they wouldn't need any experience or training. We don't need any more inexperienced people running this city. This could be a disaster if someone got elected in a popularity contest and had no experience. Some of the people who have been appointed to the commission scared me enough that I want a city manager with education, experience and training. Sorry Tim, I usually agree with you, but not on this one.


Haag and his croney schwanger are doing this because bob haag's wife didnt get the city manager job. Did he every think she is not qualified to do the job. I think this whole change is sour grapes and bob haag and his  croney tim schwanger are just trying to get their way.