Watch Between the Lines with guest John Majoy

Matt Westerhold
Jan 11, 2012


We have kicked off our 2012 election coverage with two candidates for the democratic primary in the race for Erie County Sheriff. Candidate John Majoy joined us for Between the Lines this week.

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I pray that John gets elected. Sigsworth's whole career was based on getting his picture in the paper rather than actually fighting crime. Majoy is the man Erie county needs. Lets go take this county back.


I have no doubt that John will make a great Sheriff.  He is a man of integrity, dedication and vision!  His knowledge and experience will benefit Erie county!   

yea right

I Can NOT and will NoT trust a Majoy


   I understand the popularity of most of the Majoys, just leave them in Huron, I'll vote for Paul.   He has done nothing to discredit himself.  We know what we are getting from him, 100% honesty.

Fibber Mcgee

 Agree with EZOB,, have worked on several occasions with Paul,  he has my vote.


I agree with yea right and EZOB.


Still like to know why he isn't Chief in Huron anymore?


Majoy needs to explain why he is no longer the huron police chief. by being open about it will help his chances. by being quiet about it will hurt his chances. majoy, please explain in detail why you are no longer the huron police chief.


 Know both men personally and professionally....Erie County can't lose either way. Both are professional, men of integrity, extremely dedicated and involved in law enforcement, very qualifiied and able to execute the office. I would trust either of them, but I don't endorse candidates, so I'll let my comments stand as they are. I just think it is great to have this calibre of men to choose from!


 Seems like a nice guy and very educated.  I would like them to do the same with Sigsworth.  I'm sure he has done good things, too.   

Darwin's choice

@FruGalSpender, John says "The city wanted to go in a different direction". Sound like an answer to me!  Seems to me your looking for a smoking gun thats non-existant! Maybe you have an axe to grind with him? Looks like anymore the police are under a microscope for everything. Even when there is no drama, someone wants to invent some. Maybe the Huron city manager can help rest your fears, he's available at the city offices daily.

Julie R.

I STILL would be curious to know why Majoy resigned as the Huron police chief.  Why is such a big, deep dark secret, anyway? Sure wasn't a secret when Kim Nuesse resigned............I mean, got fired for "failure to show absolute honesty." (choke)

Darwin's choice

@Julie R..........."big,deep dark secret......really???????  Wow!!!  I think you have John leaving the City of Huron confused with the Warren Commision Report on the death of John Kennedy.  Also, the only thing John has in common with Kim Nuesse's case is they are both in Ohio..........

Julie R.

@ Darwin's choice: Sorry, but I was just being sarcastic when I brought Kim Nuesse into it...............

That said, I have nothing against John Majoy. I just found it odd that he up and resigned for no reason. I was under the assumption that he liked being the police chief in his home town of Huron. Guess not.


@FruGalSpender, John says "The city wanted to go in a different direction". Sound like an answer to me!  darwin, that is a general 9 word statement. you took my comment the wrong way. between sigsworth and majoy, i feel that majoy is the better candidate. look at this negative news about majoy.


Very educated,Very Dedicated,Very Experienced. He is the man to be the next Erie County Sheriff