I have been released

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010


Ever since the election in November my interest in national politics has disappeared. Not there. First time since Nixon. Some kind of blind faith has taken over.

I wanted to write columns during the past six months with thoughts about Barack Obama, but that never worked out. Now I stop listening to national news broadcasters from Washington after I hear the words "President Obama." He's the guy trying the hardest to tell the truth. That's good enough for me.

God Bless America.



I 2nd that thought.


Not my choice but he is our president. I will support him. I won't let politics replace my first responsibility as an American.


For those of you who liked what "Outsider" said... not letting "politics replace my first responsibility as an American" (I'm interpreting that to mean civic engagment -- is that what you meant, Outsider?) Here's a good link if you truly want to know more/do more to engage yourself in our country's economic recovery. Go to this link to learn a little more...


Let me put your fears to rest... The pledge is not for money -- it's for your personal involvement. (Also known as "civic engagement)

A Sovereign American

A new documentary will be out on Sunday, "The Obama Deception" will probably be on Youtube in a few days as well. You should watch it.


Obama is going to drag this country even lower into the depths of recession and will soon be an all out depression. This Robin Hood approach he is taking, buy taking from the rich to give to the poor will destroy us. My insurance rates will go up to help pay for those who dont have insurance. I have worked hard to get what I have and I already have WAY too much of my money coming out of my check to help people who refuse to work and just sit around having babies. If you are someone who worked hard, who HAD a great job but got fired, you deserve help. But lets face it, a lot of these people just dont have the ambition to do for themselves, especially when we now have a president who is more than willing to take more of my money to give to those who are "less fortunate". God help us all!!


Why did the people speak so loudly last election? Because after 8years of failure (Bush), we the people were tired of it.