Nuesse's back on the job

Matt Westerhold
Apr 9, 2010


After an agonizing and expensive 20 months, the Civil Service Commission did the right thing Wednesday: It voted to reinstate police Chief Kim Nuesse, effective immediately. 

"We will look at what our next steps will be," said attorney Margaret Cannon, who was hired by the city at $300 per hour to prosecute the case against Nuesse. Cannon and Sue Porter, another out-of-town attorney hired by the city, scurried to an upstairs office at City Hall immediately after the vote. 

Here's my suggestion Margaret: Go away. 



...............To Cannon and Porter...................Rt.2 east to I90 east and back to Cleveland or Lorain or where ever you came from. Don't try to extort any more money from Sandusky. 300 bones an hour! Give us a break and give it back!

Julie R.

Excellent suggestion. And that goes for all of them from Lorain and Cuyahoga County!

here in ohio

sounds good to me, !!!!

dorothy gale

And take Matt Kline with you!!


Kline.  But will probably be hard to understand him with that big crow he is trying to swallow.

five star

Mr. Westerhold-

I have been a supporter of you, since day one, and I am thrilled Chief Nuesse was reinstated.  However, the amount of money spent by the city over this whole ordeal, concerns me.  Is there any way to recoup?



hey matt, i have a much better idea.  why dont you go away.  and as you can tell i dont hide behind my screen name, you can tell who i am.  so call me sometime, would love to chat with you more about this if you can get away from your girlfriend long enough.......



I see Westerhold has his BIG BOY pants on.!      {{gag}}


Celebrate this victory Mr Westerhold. You deserve as much credit as anyone for standing by the truth and giving Neusse fair treatment. Thank You very much.

Julie R.

Matt's suggestion to Margaret was: Go away. 

A better suggestion would be: Go to.




This is not over until I actually see her back on the job physically.  We still don't know how much this has cost the taxpayer because the city will not hand over the billing receipts and keeps stating that the insurance is covering all the billing.  If the insurance is covering all of it, then what is the problem with the taxpayers seeing the receipts of payments.  We need a full accounting whether the insurance is paying it or not.  Maybe, this is why they need more money in the way of a tax increase.  Widman needs to be fired for all the stuff he has withheld from the public.  Shame on the city for not requesting a full accounting.  I can't imagine the city not getting copies of the billing.  The city is constantly covering up things the public has a right to know.


are BIG BOY pants???


My faith in humanity is restored!  Chief Nuesse, you are symbol of strength and womanhood and I salute your character and resoluteness and congratulate you on your victory!!!  Matt and Tom, you also are my heroes for seeking and reporting the truth at all times.  You have not been afraid, nor detered from reporting the unimaginable, ugly, and invisible to so many truths and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the courage that you have shown to continue the fight for good.  I had almost given up my childhood belief that goodness would prevail, but now I am clinging to the hope that maybe someday in some small ways.....justice will prevail.


 I just wish this negativity would stop.  I think westerhold is doing too much here.  Ok, Cheif gets her job back, good for her. But to say that she is the hammer craking the foundation of the GOB is stupid.  There is no GOB in this town.  The only thing close to the GOB is the filth printed in the Sandusky Vomiter.  The spin put on all of their stories stops people from wanting to live and work here. 


From what I saw last night the GOB's are strong as ever.  Warner is working in the background to make sure they stay strong .  Warner said he will let it play out, yeah right.  What better person to have in your corner but a union guy.   I would say Warner is lending some of union talent, expertise and advice to the big blue. As much as I would like Nuesse in the Chief's position once again, I don't think it will happen that she will physically take the Chief's position.  I rather see her as a commissioner.  Either way, the lady is going to win a seat in the city.    


I just find it soooo interesting that Law Director (Legal Counsel to the City Manger/City Commission) remains in the shadows and the public actually beleives that this is the City Manager's (Matt Kline's) decision.   Now do we all really thing that the City Manger made this decsion without any direction from the City's Law Director.  (By the way... The Law Director answers directly to the City Commissioner according to the City Charter).  Yet everyone is pretending that there is no "Wizard behind the Curtain".  HHHHmmmmmmm...  Com'on public wake up!!!  It' time to replace the 3 current commissioners, who will then have enough power to replace the City Manager and the Law Director.


I agree with Brutusthedog. The negativity that this newspaper spreads everyday about this area would drive any perspective business away.  You put out a few feel good stories here and there but anything that involves the area leaders gets hammered. The so called GOB's, if you believe that there is such a thing then you do deserve to live in a ghost town. You vote new commissioners in then complain about them and call them GOB's. Or you get a couple that want everyone to like them but don't have any solution of what needs to be done to make this a better place to live . The same thing will happen when you vote this time, after a while they won't be doing the job you think they should and you'll rake them over the coals.  


Lets break all the HOURS down for all involoved and wages for this Kline Blunder?

What working class person in the City can afford Kline's wage and blunders? Should'nt these elected officals be more concerned about the people and city than there HUGE PAYCHECK?

If the Elected officals would NOT screew up, then the register would have nothing to print.


Anyone who believes that Kim Nuesse will ever see the inside of that Chiefs Office at the Sandusky Police Department, you are as dillusional as Matt Westerhold is when he feels he won some battle here.  All you did is get Kim a few more paychecks so that she can help pay Baily's bill.  I am not saying that the current administration at the SPD is much better, but their qualifications are much more......oh I dunno.....more attractive on paper.  There are AT LEAST 20 road cops who work those streets right now, who have better qualifications than Nuesse does right now.  The one glaring difference that separates Kim Nuesse from those who are MUCH more qualified, is the fact that she is female, petite little blonde female, a cute little blonde female who was seemingly ganged up on by the big mean Good Ole' Boys as Matt has labeled them.  Also, we all know Kim has gained so much support for playing this "innocent victim" role that she will easily win a commission seat.  When she does she should in NO way be allowed to vote or give any opinions on the PD.  That city is SOOO messed up!! It really is no wonder it has the problems it does......some people are so easily influenced by ridiculous story lines and in that city, thanks to this idiot Matt Westerhold, this was the biggest one.....SAD!!! LOL!!!

Julie R.

I don't believe Kim will ever see the inside of the Chief's Office at the SPD, either, but not because she isn't qualified. She won't see it because Baxter, Iscman and their merry bunch of dirty attorneys, judges, not to mention all their shady "connections" will make sure of it!

I also believe that the citizens of Sandusky lost out big time when she was fired-----and I'm not just talking about all the money that has been wasted on this circus, either. As for Matt Westerhold being the cause of this messed up city.....come on already. I believe Matt is trying to show people WHY it's so MESSED UP and I commend him for it. It's way past time that somebody did!



Well if I were a bettin' man I would say that in one years time Sandusky will be a wasteland with nothing but empty dump apartment buildings, drug dealers, thieves and ...oh wait, that is Sandusky today!!!  In one years time, you will not have enough cops to keep up with the crime and not enough firemen to put out fires or care for sick people, which that city is full of, none more sick than the Managing Editor Matt Westerhold.  Issue 5 went down in flames and the new commissioner was opposed to it, which means people will lose their jobs......I GUARANTEE that city folds and breaks off into the lake.  Maybe Nuesse will get into a cruiser and answer would be a first, but it could happen.  City Residents can look forward to losing the School Resource Officer, the narcotics unit and not being able to have a Police Officer or Fire Fighter at your house for EVERY little problem you have.  That city is a JOKE and soon you will lose all the decent people , the mass exidous has already started, look around, with the exception of a few high priced neighborhoods, that city is already a wasteland.....the ONLY thing keeping that city from floating away is Cedar Point and half of them complain about that too.  So maybe we can do this..make it so that all the wastes that live in metro housing and raise 8 kids from 7 different "daddies" can just continue to live off the government.  Matt Westerhold is the king of the losers and he is a PERFECT fit in that city!!! LOL

Its no wonder Huron and Perkins are flourishing, they get the good people from the city and believe it or not there are some decent people left...well for now anyway..



I think the Register should look at it's self first. Nice paper today 11/10/2009 pagers are all out of order but that is what we get for a local paper that has no competition in town and I advertise in this junky paper!


Over a month has passed and no local events have stirred you enough to add something new to your blog?


For you and Mr. Shawn Foucher, please refer to the Cleveland Plain Dealer today, Thursday, November 19th, the Business Section.  The article is "Oberlin plans "clean" electricity.  This is the proper way to report landfil gas to electricity.  I know it lacks the innuendo and the negativity that is rampant is this community, but this article in the Plain Dealer is the norm for anyplace else "in the world!"