Get stimulus money

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010


Get stimulus money

U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur led a meeting of local public officials last week, where the turnout was amazing and Kaptur was direct.

“We have to do an incredible job,” Kaptur told the captive audience, as she reviewed the opportunities and the challenges local officials have to meet to get the biggest share of stimulus money possible.

“The question is how much will Ohio yield, how much will Erie County and Lorain County, and all of Ohio’s counties yield,” Kaptur said.

The answer would be up to the diligence and perseverance local officials put into it, she said.

It’s obvious Kaptur and her staff put a lot of hours in to trying to get the best and most important issues out in front, providing specific instructions in a variety of areas covered by the stimulus bill. And the bureaucratic map to obtain stimulus money has many roadblocks and detours along the way.

I didn’t have much of clue where I could get some cash from the biggest spending bill in the history of the universe, but I’m fairly confident some of those public officials at Kaptur’s meeting have a better shot at it than they did before that meeting.

Here’s hoping.



matt, matt, matt. what happened to you? where are the stories about all of the corruption? i wondered when they would get to you and it appears that they have. what gives, dude?i have razzed you over the last couple of years, but i stand behind you. this corruption disgusts me and so much has been brought to light. i hope you are still here and just lying in wait to pounce. they are in need of keeping the checks and balances. i hope you are still here. i know you are watching. just a matter of time now. why is no one from a much higher level looking into this though? more than state level. this is a scary situation and even more so if they have indeed silenced you. i hope not. good luck Matt...


I agree with you Crackhead, obviously after Matt wrote the article (WAKE UP AND SNORT THE COCAINE)it appears Baxter must have whined to Phares about Matt and the Nuesse scandal. It would appear with Matt's aggressive behavior, which I commend, the GOOD OLE BOYS were starting to feel a lil exposed to the general public. I hope in the near future when the lid blows completely off the GOOD OLE BOYS lil club that runs Sandusky that Matt indeed gets credit for it as he has done 90% of the ground work exposing these cancer's of the city. Go get em Matt!!!