6:00 AM Aug 29, 2014

How do you end a great career that was everything you hoped for when you started 37 1/2 years ago? 

With grace, if you're Sandusky Library director Julie Brooks.

"I was 23 (when she started). You can do the math. I'm 60."

3:56 PM Aug 22, 2014

Amy Skolnik, Tamara Zuilhof and Angie Esposito from Stein Hospice were guests Friday on Between the Lines. 

12:46 PM Aug 21, 2014

A mental health levy on the ballot in November supports mental health initiatives in both Erie and Ottawa counties, and Dr. Kirk Halliday wants to make sure voters are fully informed.

7:36 PM Aug 15, 2014

Organizers of a "Recovery March" next month in Sandusky sent a clear message Friday: Overcoming addiction is possible for anyone. 

3:39 PM Aug 13, 2014

The Great Brad, a magician, was featured at the Erie County Fair last week

Watch his interview with Matt Westerhold in the player below

3:53 PM Aug 7, 2014

From the beautiful baby contest to the demolition derby, the Erie County fair board has been working for more than a year planning this year's Erie County Fair.

The fair opened Tuesday and runs through Aug. 10.

3:45 PM Jul 28, 2014

It was a blast from the past Monday when former Sandusky beat reporter Jason Singer and former education reporter Susan McMillan visited the Register three years after they left Sandusky for jobs in Maine. 

1:03 PM Jul 28, 2014
Brad Miller is a Perkins Township native who lives in Kiev, Ukraine.
3:00 PM Jul 24, 2014

In just a couple weeks it will be seven years since Jess Burdine's son Craig died while in the custody at the Sandusky County Jail. 

6:06 PM Jul 15, 2014

Watch FitzGerald interview below

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