Halliday informs public about levy

Aug 21, 2014


A mental health levy on the ballot in November supports mental health initiatives in both Erie and Ottawa counties, and Dr. Kirk Halliday wants to make sure voters are fully informed.

The November ballot issue is a replacement levy with a slight increase — about $7 per year — that has been supported by voters in both counties in the past.

Halliday, the executive director of the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Erie and Ottawa Counties was our guest at noon Thursday on "Between the Lines Live."

The program will be broadcast live at sanduskyregister.com and available for demand viewing now at our site. 

Other "Between the Lines" programs scheduled soon include Stein Hospice on Friday; Sandusky police Chief John Orzech on Aug. 28, and possibly George Spadaro Aug. 29.

Watch the program with Kirk Halliday in the player below


jibber jabber

-- WAIT one minute here. The United States had a very good plan before REPUBLICAN President Ronald Reagan that RE-did the Budget, and all them mental health cases was kicked out of the hospitals to roam the streets, because he needed more money to spend AND kept all our MONEY, never returned it, AND Fired all the Air traffic controllers. WHY does this person want us to pay Twice??


Everyone has insurance, Even the mentally ill. Its the new tax law the mentally ill support and defend. Liberalism is a disease but there is no reason to double pay to help them out.


what is the salary Mr. Halliday receives now and the staff under him?


VOTE NO. By Jan 1 2015 everyone is required to have coverage, we've expanded Medicaid, we have obamacare, there is no reason anyone should need sliding scale coverage. Thank The Lord our nation finally has healthcare!!!!


I believe Mr. Halliday is the highest paid public official in Erie County.


2012 figures:


BONUS 2,500.00


So, he can afford a haircut.


LOL. I would say yes, he probably could. Maybe they could start a contest and if the levy passes he shaves his head!


It would like to see a detailed breakdown as to how specifically the money would be spent. He talks about a number of "new programs" he plans to start, how will the current programs be funded ? Will we be reducing funding in some of these areas ?


Dr. Halliday, my question for you is this. What does the Erie Shore Network, provide that can't be provided from the other organizations? I have an issue with paying for the services of Erie Shore, when in fact there are NO trained, educated or mental health professionals within Erie Shore Network. So how can Erie Shore continue to operate as something it is not? Why does the place even exist? Take all the funding and grants that are being wasted there and put them into one of the places that can truly help. Somewhere that's more than just a "hangout", somewhere that has educated, trained mental health professionals. The people with mental illnesses deserve to be able to get the help they need. Erie Shore Network can not provide these services.


Yeah, what are the qualifications that your staff have ? you could council addicts as they sit in jail, at the jail. What is the salary of your staff? You could council folks in there own homes,, peer groups could meet at the Y or schools after hours, you could take a pay cut to help out.