Live from the Erie County Fair

Aug 7, 2014


From the beautiful baby contest to the demolition derby, the Erie County fair board has been working for more than a year planning this year's Erie County Fair.

The fair opened Tuesday and runs through Aug. 10.

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Fair board president Bob McDowell and board treasurer Ned Faust  will be the guests at noon Today on "Between the Lines Live" from the Erie County fairgrounds. 

Faust promised there also will be some surprise guests on the program. 

Watch the program in the player below or live at



Was there today, very disappointed. I highly doubt I will be going back anytime in the near future. Seems this fair is all about obese america, more food vendors than anything else

Good 2 B Me

Worst County Fair that I have ever attended. ECF makes our community look even worse.


The Erie County Fair is NOT just about tractor pulls and demo derbies and fair food, It is about the young men and women who raise animals to show in contests. These 4H members and FFA members work hard all summer and compete. This is why it's called a JUNIOR FAIR.


Thats why its all judged in the back? Agreed it's for the children, but you can't expect people to show up to watch a cow graze in its cage.