FitzGerald on BTL

Jul 15, 2014


Watch FitzGerald interview below

Ed FitzGerald, the Democratic Party's nominee for governor, appeared today on "Between the Lines," the public affairs show at

He appeared before traveling on to a campaign event in Fremont, a spokesman said. Viewers who miss his live appearance can watch the program below.

FitzGerald is challenging the incumbent governor, John Kasich, who is a Republican. 

FitzGerald, 46, is the executive of Cuyahoga County. He took office at the beginning of 2011, and is the first person to hold the job since voters got rid of the previous county commission form of government.

He's a former FBI agent who worked on an organized crime task force in Chicago, Ill. He began his career in elective office as a member of the Lakewood City Council and later became Lakewood's mayor. 

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Please be courteous enough to spell the man's name correctly.

Matt Westerhold

No discourteousness intended, WhatTheHeck, but thanks for the heads up. 


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Fitzgerald is another corrupt , lying, Cleveland Democrat. He was in cahoots with Demora and friends. Anyone who would support this garbage is nuts. This state has had enough of democrats losing, destructive, divisive policies.
Kasich may have ticked off the unions, but he has brought this state out of the darkness. Oh and by the way SB5 was great, I hope it comes round again.

Bottom Line

Yeah that's fairly common knowledge. That's why Matt and this newspaper want to do anything they can to promote his agenda. This guy flip flops more than John Kerry too, depending on who's in the room.

Erie County Resident

His bio says: "He's a former FBI agent who worked on an organized crime task force in Chicago, Ill."
That says enough right there, typical Democrat.
That was his job in Chicago then we already know he did not do his job right. Organized crime in Chicago runs amuck just looking at the current political heads in charge now and in the past.

The Big Dog's back

Well we know the right wingnuts hate anyone who either worked or works in law enforcement. Which would you rather have, a lying S O B fux news reject or a former FBI agent?

MI Smooth

As a former LEO with over 30 years experience and as a republican, I disagree totally with you. Us "right wing nuts" actually want a true leader with real experience, stability and dedication to the job. Mr FitzGerald has little to no experience at anything. His bio touts FBI agent, attorney, council person, mayor, prosecutor, county executive and now he wants to be governor. He just doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up. When he loses in the fall you can bet he'll decide to run for something else because he has never finished anything.

The Big Dog's back

kassick's bio, House of Representatives, fux news and Lehman brothers. I fail to see where he was/is a true leader. fux news, true leader? Lehman brothers, bankruptcy and collapsed while he was there. True leader? Really? You should really research someone before you make lame comments.

Darwin's choice

Porch cootie, " make lame statements."

You really should read your own crap.


The Big Dog's back

What did I get wrong on kassick's bio?

The Big Dog's back

You know it's bad enough you do little to no research, but to outright lie about someone? Oh wait, kassick has a "R" behind his name.


He he, guess dog didn't see the black female rant in New Jersey today where she says her cop killing husband should have taken out all the cops.

The Big Dog's back

What does that have to do with this story?


You really can't spell the governors name correctly? Just another coconut head.


He's a jack of all trades and master of none

Fitz wants to be critical of what's happening in Ohio under Kasick, but offers nothing to do the job better, just criticism

The Big Dog's back

What has kassick done other than make his buddies rich?


Boy the liberals are getting nasty, foul words, accusations of lies. Desperation does being out the ugly, does it not? Lol

The New World Czar

Typical Big Dog- when you don't have a valid argument, then name-call.

The Big Dog's back

Why isn't the truth valid?


Not to worry, Mr. FitzGerald is goin' down to defeat.

Voters tend to vote with their wallet.

The State's in MUCH better shape economically than when he achieved the office of Gov.

AJ Oliver

Ohio's recovery from the Bush recession lags well behind neighboring states; and, oh year, as a Managing Director of Lehman Bros. Kasich personally peddled toxic paper to Ohio pension funds. They lost hundreds of millions in the scam. Here are the gory details . .


Re: "They lost hundreds of millions in the scam,"

Obviously the public employee pension trusts didn't perform the proper due diligence.

When the stock & bond mkts. become 'sure things,' let me know.

AJ Oliver

Should be "oh yeah". Sorry for the typo.


"Poll Chart

2014 Ohio Governor: Kasich vs. FitzGerald":

47% to 41% - Kasich.