VIDEO: Waddington and Schwanger

Matt Westerhold
Jul 4, 2014


Volunteers needed: Former Sandusky city commissioner Dave Waddington, and waterfront watchdog Tim Schwanger talk about scheduled citywide cleanup dates every Saturday beginning July 12.

For information email or Rejuvinate Sandusky Facebook page, or call Waddington at 419-271-4736; Schwanger at 419-975-4413. 

Watch the program in the player below


T. A. Schwanger


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Why don't you use the welfare people to pick up their own mess. I'm tired of the tax payers having to volunteers their time to pick up after them. Next thing Waddington will want volunteers for mowing their grass. What happen to Code Enforcement office? Is this another set on your A-- and do nothing job?
I think the new City manager is going to have his hands full with this town.