Huron Playhouse guests on BTL

Matt Westerhold
Jun 27, 2014


Director Nancy Gibbons and three actors from the Producers, the Huron Playhouse's current production, were our guests along with Jackie Mayer today on Between the Lines.

Actors Evan LaChance, Bradley Farmer, Krysta Bartman are performing in The Producers tonight and tomorrow night in Huron.

The Huron Playhouse, Ohio's oldest continuing summer theatre, has a full slate of programming for this summer and would like to let you know where and when you can see their upcoming productions.

Click HERE for a full summer schedule and watch the interview in the player below


There you go again

Sorry, but it's not the same without Jann Graham-Glann as the director.


agreed. taken a sad nose-dive into community-theatre-land (nothing wrong with community theatre...but production quality of HP used to be at the professional level).

Fibber Mcgee

You are right, it's not the same, however let's give the newbies a chance.
This is only their second season.

New Junkie

While I do agree that it is not the same without Jann, that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. The shows for the past two years have been phenomenal and many people have commented saying that the next level is Broadway. I think the theatre is moving forward in the right direction. New doesn't equal bad. I can't understand how someone can say that they are moving in the direction of community theatre when they are now bringing in directors from New York to take the productions to a new professional level. I will continue to come back and support the playhouse no matter who is running that place.