City manager live today on BTL

Jun 16, 2014


Eric Wobser, Sandusky's new city manager, was our guest Tuesday on "Between the Lines" on the road.

The program was live from the Red Wagon at Columbus Avenue and Washington Row, and guests included ex officio mayor Dennis Murray Jr., Mark Norman and Sandusky police chief John Orzech.

Watch the program in the player below

Wobser was selected by unanimous vote of city commission in May. A 1997 Edison High School graduate who grew up in Sandusky and Perkins Township,  Wobser served as executive director of Ohio City Inc., a nonprofit organization overseeing community and economic development along with neighborhood revitalization in Ohio City, in Cleveland, since 2009.

He officially starts work as city manager next month.

The program will be available for demand viewing Tuesday afternoon. 


Whiskey Tango F...

Dear Sandusky City,
Please look at your situation as a married couple... After five divorces, maybe it really is your fault. Sure some were crazy, some cheated, some has other issues, but all of them left YOU! Give this guy a chance! Even if you don't agree, focus on the product not the process. Good luck Eric... The odds are very much not in your favor.


I found it interesting that Mr. Murray would comment about not cutting off water as it is a safety service, but didn't hesitate to shut down the west side fire station almost half the days since May 1st.


Wishing Mr. Wobser all the best as he begins his new position as City Manager! So glad to hear him address the need to improve the city's housing stock. When I moved to the area 40 years ago I read and heard about Sandusky being land-locked. When couples were ready to buy a "new" home, there just weren't many options in town, which caused many to move "out" to the township. Certainly there is a need to clean-up or raze abandoned houses and the city has begun to address it, but there is also a need for new housing developments which might help move middle and upper-middle class families back in town.
Thanks for believing in the City of Sandusky! Welcome back home!