Ohio Bike Week's Steve Ernst on BTL today

Matt Westerhold
Jun 4, 2014


The promoter of Bike Week Ohio dropped by the Register today, just as the 10-day celebration begins to shift into high gear. 

Steve Ernst, who's been the main man organizing the festival for the better part of a decade never stops during Bike Week as what he works on all year unfolds in a massive celebration that grows every year.

Watch the program in the player below

With literally hundreds of vendors, and hundreds of events scheduled, Ernst has been one busy man. 



looking around

If you really want to see how an event is run, go to the EAA Experimental Aircraft convention in Oshkosh, Wis. last weekend in July thru the first weekend in August or its counterpart Sun N Fun held in Lakeland Florida in April. Pilots and those with aviation interests from all over the world attend, generally near a million people attend throughout the week long events camping under the wing or staying at area hotels, motels and private residences. More landings and takeoffs than any airport in the world are handled without a hitch, and attendees arriving by car or public transportation are not a problem either. Never has an arrest been made, or a recorded crime committed against another attendee. You could eat off the ground and never see so much as a scrap of paper discarded. I've personally seen attendees who spot something on the ground pick it up and carry it until they see a trash can. There are never rival "gangs", weapons, or vulgarities spewed at one another. Camaraderie is at its finest and the utmost respect is given to the local communities, who love hosting the events and have been doing so for over thirty years. The type of individuals and their mentality that share common interests is key to having an event that can coincide with community interests, therein is the problem with bike week, if for only but a few.

The other aspect of bike week that needs addressed is standard pricing. I've heard that a beer at its inflated price for the week is supposed to be $4 however I've spoken with those that have paid anywhere from $5 to $5.50 and up to $8 for a mixed drink! Perhaps the help that is working for tips found that the inflated prices left little meat on the bone for a decent tip so they began factoring in a tip for themselves? Why not clearly post the drink prices in large letters for all to see so that a mistaken bartender may be corrected.


All true! I vouch for this.


Top shelf mixed drinks you pay for sorry! Different bars have different prices. Many up price so the help gets tips. Many ppl don't realize that the $5 shot girl really only has to pay $4 and keeps $1 out of every sale for herself because they think ahead of crappy tippers!

looking around

we are talking well drinks here and a beer that one bartender sells for four bucks another at the same bar squeezes five or five fifty for. Management needs to watch their help. "many up their prices so the help gets tips" ????? what are you talking about the price is raised because it's bike week and the bar owners are getting every nickle they can get out of it. The inflated price charged goes right in their till and the help hopes the customer doesn't hold it against them when they get tipped. So if the shot girl has already factored in her tip then I guess she doesn't need another!


Wow you are so smart!


One this is a BIKER event. Not an airplane show. So wit that said. Bikers and airplane yuppies our different BREADS! I think the should move bike week to Norwalk Ohio. Cuz u Sandusky folks arguing over a money making event. Ur town is BROKE enjoy the bikers comin to town and spending money.


I know a lot of yuppies who like to play dress up and ride their motorcycles. You know, work boots, dirty jeans, Harley shirt, and the must... The bandanna.

looking around

RE: different breads (breeds)

Exactly what I was pointing out in comparison, and as the main reason that the community may be divided somewhat in welcoming them with open arms, full wallets or not. The only ones who can spoil this event for themselves are a few hardcore bikers (breeds) that have a different slant on what this event is all about. And a few working at various venues letting self greed spoil the reputation of a business.


Not going to herionville for bike week. Sandusky is bad enough! Its 10 days ppl! You will make it Sandusky, hang in there!


These people think that their bike being loud is cool. I would guess that the people revving their engines as loud as possible have a lot to make up for in other departments.

red white and blue

Bike in ohio is a joke it use to be so good before the promoter stop doing his job.Now no fairgrounds events are in toledo sandusky norwalk Avon lake you can't find out were anything's at IF WANT TO SEE A REAL BIKE WEEK GO TO FLARES.OR STURGIS OR SOUTHERN OHIO REAL PROMOTION AND PEOPLE THAT KNOW HOW TO RUN IT

Ben Crazy

W Jones you're an idiot !


Ben, are you also chubby and balding under your bandanna?

Ben Crazy

minus the bandana


You need the bandanna. You must wear the bandanna. Long live Brett Michaels!


I hear the hard rock/metal band Vatican from Sandusky has a CD coming out worldwide and is playing Festivals in Germany, Sweden, Greece, Chicago next year. I remember they were quite popular in the area back in the late 80's and early 90's. My question is why are they not part of Bike Week? They fit right in with Warrant, Kix, L.A. Guns and would be an excellent opener at the least. Alot of these local bands that are playing we can see locally many times through out the year. I think you need to investigate Steve and hopefully make them part next year.

HS Sports Fan

I Agree! I had no idea they were still around. Just checked out their FB page and their old video. Sounds like the band is still in the planning stages if their shows are not till next year. I would guess they will be part of Bike Week next year as well.


Next year definitely sounds like the right idea! I've heard of them, but haven't heard them. Everything's been positive. I think by then the hype will be built up and it would possibly be their only local appearance. I'm not shooting down the entertainment they brought to our town so far, though. Vatican would be a great addition to the performances we've had over the years from Buck Cherry, Steven Pearcy of Ratt, Vince Neal of Motley Crue, and the others. As far as the local bands, we can see them anytime. The out of towners might not have seen them before, but change it up once in awhile don't put the same ones on year after year. I'm sure the locals are still going to attend.