Jess Burdine was our guest on BTL

Matt Westerhold
May 2, 2014


Jess Burdine, whose son died in August 2007 at the Sandusky County jail, was our guest on Thursday's BTL program.

Burdine and his family have fought for more than six years for a criminal investigation of Craig Burdine’s death. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine agreed last year to conduct one and he plans to begin presenting evidence to a Sandusky County grand jury next week.

Watch the program in the player below

Jess Burdine believes a jail guard caused his son’s death, and he’s not confident DeWine will seek any criminal indictments when he presents the evidence, even though the evidence his son was mistreated at the jail is “overwhelming”

“If they can’t return with an indictment they will have failed to do their jobs,” Burdine said recently.

The grand jury will begin hearing evidence on Tuesday.



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