Moms talk drug abuse on ‘BTL Live’

Matt Westerhold
May 2, 2014


Susan Prentice and Melva Sherwood were are guests Thursday on “Between the Lines Live” at  .

They organized a march next month designed to spotlight the heroin epidemic and the recovery movement.

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The Steps of Hope for Recovery march is Saturday, May 17.

Want to go?
•WHAT: Steps of Hope for Recovery, awareness march to recognize addiction issues 
•WHERE: In Sandusky, from Washington Park gazebo to Erie County Courthouse lawn 
•WHEN: 9:30 a.m. May 17 
•WHO: All community members can participate. Those impacted by an addiction issue in any way are encouraged to attend. Community resources and agencies that help people deal with substance abuse issues will also attend.

“We need change in the recovery process right now,” said Sherwood, of Vermilion, whose son Andrew Weaver died a little more than a year ago from a heroin overdose. “People are getting thrown into jail instead of going to rehab.    “They are being treated as criminals, and we want to try to get some awareness about the need for change”

Prentice also lost a son to a drug-related incident.

“The main reason we decided to get involved is to try to spare other families from going through the pain and anguish of losing a loved one to an overdose” she said. “It is by far the most painful experience of our lives. If more people are open and talk about addiction, maybe we can truly start to fix the problem”



My condolences to those whom have lost their loved ones to such tragedy. I for one had a family member with addiction and trying to find a rehab center for an individual without health insurance is next to impossible! (Unless it's changed in the past 3 years) Also there is a known drug Vivatrol (not sure of the spelling) that is taken monthly and that helps with addiction to heroin once again NO INSURANCE your more then likely not getting it as it's over $600 a shot. I sure hope something positive happens soon as we are losing entirely to many people to this awful addiction. Good Luck ladies


I grew up in the era where heroin was the worst drug you could do. Now my children in their 30s say that their graduating class (2001)had several young girls hooked on herion