Rev. Darden on ‘BTL Live’

Matt Westerhold
Apr 24, 2014


He made news years ago when he was a commissioner and one-time ex officio mayor of Sandusky.

The Rev. Thomas Darden made news again last week when he and a group of residents shared their unhappiness with the Sandusky city commission’s decision to fire city manager Nicole Ard last month.

Darden was our guest Thursday on “Between the Lines Live” to talk about that, and talk about returning to Sandusky fulltime as pastor at St. Stephen AME Church on Neil Street.
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whatever SR there was nothing wrong with that statement.

T. A. Schwanger


Aside from City Manager Ard being fired, the direction the current City Commission is heading us is in indeed concerning.

Legislation will be introduced as soon as this coming Monday to eliminate 2 positions from the commission. The problem is not with the number of commissioners sitting at the table. The problem is with representation.

Future legislation will be to eliminate term limits. Past attempts against term limits have failed miserably.

Is the IMA and NAACP ready to team with residents, especially in the west end, to head off the City Commission's attempt at degrading representation by forming a citizen group to explore a "ward form of government" (minus a Mayor) to create a more representative form of government?

The Bizness

I see this commission as moving in the right direction.


In what way? Both the issues Tim raises are problematic.


Is it really a representation issue, whether five or seven if they can't agree the city WILL NOT move forward. Maybe the good REV just wants to cause a chaos and seeks to become relevant, he is way off base. A long term, neutral, strong city Manager is the only solution, an enforcer who will bring consistency no matter who or how many commissioners Sandusky has. Race is not in this equation, would hope anyone who is considered a REV would want to build not tear down, have to ask? What's his agenda I am sure he has at least one.

Julie R.

I watched a replay of that commissioners meeting in which Rev. Darden spoke and I was impressed. He certainly acts like a professional. Very articulate in his speech, too. I also believe what he said was true --- they were deceived by the commissioners before the election. The only thing I don't agree with --- I don't believe Ms. Ard was fired because she was black. It's more like discrimination against females. Sandusky seems to have a problem with females in authority.


How about asking the Rev. if there is a connection between the gasoline price gauging that we have around here (up $.35 again today), and prejudice. After all, it is the rich man beating down the poor man. If the Rev. can't answer this, how about the SR putting some heat on the oil companies. Or is that out of their league.


Sandusky should always side on the very best people to run this city. The City manager is going to get a nice paycheck, for doing an exceptional job. Finding that person seems to be the problem, not race.


So the two black commissioners are racest? I didn't think that was possible!


clayton bigsby is our man!


This is one man's opinion and he is entitled to it. Every time anyone mentions race they are automatically labeled a race baiter. That's bull. I don't necessarily agree with the Rev but I do respect his right to voice his opinion. The fact that Blacks have their own minds and may have different opinions is a good thing. The Cons should try it.

This is a good and honorable man with an opinion. Period!


If you notice all the ones who yell race baiting are all the ones who no matter what bashes blacks no matter what the article is about.

JMOP's picture

I'm glad and respect that you don't label a person by a deference of an opinion as yours. I as a "con" don't either.

When the black "cons" do try it, they are labeled as Uncle Tom's or a Black "Token". I find that very sad.


What? Having a meeting before a meeting to go over agenda items before going into the city commission meeting session? Unbelievable.

Brick Hamland

I have tremendous respect for Rev. Darden. I feel he has really missed the boat on throwing the race card out in this situation. If I understood the voting those that share the same race as Ard voted to oust her, while the 3 votes to keep her were White. Not sure if I am missing something. I would love to see them hire a younger forward looking professional that has some idea on how to generate good paying professional jobs because currently this area has a hard time drawing young people back to the area. If that trend continues the city will never move forward

T. A. Schwanger


I'm watching this video after the fact.

Mr. Darden is exactly right about a "ward" form of government should not be used as a minority election tool.

The driving force behind a ward system would be to positively influence representation. Under the current system, the 7 commissioners could live in one area of town.

Taking the issues of the west end as one example--the overpass, fire station closure and street conditions--who would better represent that area than a guaranteed commission seat representing the west end?

As an aside, the ward system once voted in by residents was quickly voted out by an anti-ward campaign by the powers that be. The 70s and 80s saw City Commission privately meeting upstairs prior to the actual meeting, making decisions, then voting at the public meeting.


I wondered how the commission back then could pass all that legislation and never discuss it at the table and now I know how they did it;they deliberated in a conference room upstairs before the meeting. Shame on those commissioners. They didn't have e-mail back then like the commissioners have now.


Did anyone see Pool's comment on removing 2 commissioners to 5 and splitting the money between the five I thought we were trying to save money


What a boring between the lines